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With hundreds upon hundreds of kratom vendors cropping up in the United States alone, the likelihood of getting burned is very high. For every trusted kratom supplier there’s a baker’s dozen of dirty companies just looking to make a quick buck. is the latest in a wave of online stores offering overly expensive kratom extracts. This online supplier is the perfect example of kratom vendors that give the kratom industry a bad name.


Established in 2019, is a U.S.-based kratom wholesaler specializing in liquid kratom extracts, kratom capsules and kratom powder.

Unlike the top kratom vendors in the space, Buy-Kratom-Extracts don’t sell their own branded products, rather they serve as a middle man for those who wish to purchase OPMS, MIT 45, Medicine Man and other well-known smoke shop kratom brands.

WHAT HAVE THEY GOT TO OFFER? sell O.P.M.S. Gold, Medicine Man Phoenix Red Bali, OPMS Silver Maeng Da, Royal Kratom’s Vietnam strain, Super Natural’s Platinum Ultra Premium MD Extract, Kratom Kaps’ Malay kratom powder, Club 13 Red MD powder, Medicine Man Lone Wolf MD powder and Black Jaguar Ultra Enhanced 30x kratom powder, among others.


This is where things get particularly hinky. is not interested in offering the kind of standardized pricing most reputable vendors set on all (or most of) their products. Instead their prices vary from brand to brand.

A single ounce of Medicine Man Black Jaguar UE kratom powder sells for an obscene $44.49! That’s more than $20 over the industry standard for an ounce of kratom powder. Granted, Ultra Enhanced kratom powder can go for even more than this. For instance, Kraken Kratom used to sell just 5 grams of their UEI powder for $50, but few users are willing to pay this much.’s various kratom capsules range from $15.99 for 10 caps to $16.99 for 25 caps. Most mind boggling of all is the price on their Super Natural Platinum Ultra Premium Maeng Da Kratom Extract…$22.99?!


Where select kratom vendors accept major credit cards and cryptocurrency, only accepts e-checks and nothing more. No Venmo, no Google Play, no money orders and no bank transfers.

While this may not bother some customers it presents a real inconvenience for those of us who wish to pay safely, securely and discreetly. Those among us who like to buy kratom with privacy coins are sh*t outta luck.


Nada. Zero. Zilch. We were unable to find a single mention of this kratom supplier on either Reddit or I Love Kratom, to say nothing of more obscure online forums. Users will be hard-pressed to find a single review on the internet.


We always strongly recommend that our readers do their homework before ordering from an online kratom vendor. They are urged to look up the company, its history, its reputation among consumers, its physical location and what they have to say for themselves.

In the case of there is insufficient information available on their website and search results are scarce at best. They do not disclose their location nor do they disclose the source of their kratom products.

In a way this makes sense given that they operate as a wholesale provider of other companies’ kratom products. But for the sake of putting minds at ease, one would think they would at least link to their kratom brands’ pages so that customers will know what they are buying and where it came from.

I always tell friends to demand transparency, integrity and generosity from a vendor. If a kratom supplier cannot offer a money back guarantee, some detailed info about their product and some regular deals on pricing then they’re probably not a vendor that’s worth their weight in gold…certainly not Bali Gold.

BOTTOM LINE is not a kratom supplier in good standing with the kratom community and should, therefore, be avoided by anyone reading this. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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