MindRite Kratom Review: Okalahoma’s Oldest Kratom Supplier

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There are loads of kratom brands available and MindRite Products is just one of them. But there’s something to be said for companies that can withstand the test of time and that’s one thing they’ve most certainly managed to do.

One of the oldest US-based kratom vendors, MindRite Products has been churning out remarkable products for longer than most Americans have even known about kratom and its effects.


MindRite Products LLC is a supplier of herbal supplements that was founded in 2005. With a dispensary in Northwest Portland and headquarters in Oklahoma, MindRite has become a runaway hit among serious noot nuts who like a little variety in their lives.

MindRite sells an assortment of kratom powders, kratom capsules, CBD hemp flower strains, vape oils and a proprietary energy supplement called Super Nova. They have received positive feedback from a plethora of customers thanks to their attentive service and commitment to quality.


MindRite carries various kratom strains including Green Hulu Kapuas, Red Maeng Da, White Horn and Yellow Sumatra. Unfortunately, little information is provided about where they were sourced from or how they were prepared.


As a wholesaler MindRite Products specializes in supplying their MindRite Kratom to retail outlets across the United States. Unfortunately for consumers MindRite does not disclose pricing on their website, but bulk inquiries are encouraged, so you an expect to order a kratom kilo at fair market cost.


MindRite Kratom carries a 4 ½ star rating on Yelp with users saying that it is a pleasure to deal with them. One user called it “amazing stuff” and added that everything was of “highest quality.”

As a smoke shop brand, MindRite Kratom hasn’t gotten a lot of love on Reddit, so it’s hard to tell what the community at large thinks of this particular brand.


After sampling their Yellow Sumatra I have to say that this vendor leaves something to be desired. Their kratom powder was dark and muddy-looking, smelled awful and stuck to the roof of my mouth. I always look for finely ground powder when purchasing kratom and this was anything but.

Yellow Sumatra is advertised as being very euphoric, but I didn’t get that from it at all. On the contrary, I can’t say I got much from this at all. It was mildly mellow, but that’s about it. No stimulation, no pronounced effects and a short duration at that.

After burning MindRite kratom I actually got a headache that lasted longer than any discernible kratom effects. The only thing that got my mind off the headache was the lingering bitterness of the powder.

Since I only sampled this one strain I certainly can’t make any presumptions about MindRite’s other kratom products. To be fair kratom can be pretty hit or miss. Since MindRite Products have been around for almost 14 years I’ve gotta assume they’re doing something right.


  • Long-established company
  • Convenient location
  • Variety of natural supplements


  • No online pricing
  • No MindRite Kratom coupon code
  • Lacks social media presence
  • Clumpy, bitter kratom powder
  • Insufficient information about their strains and sourcing


Considering the lack of info offered by this vendor and the questionable quality of their kratom powder I can’t, in good conscience, recommend it to our readers. But I’ll let you be the judge. Does this supplier deserve to land on a list of trusted vendors? Let us know in the comments.

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