Apex Kratom: A Vendor with a Wealth of Deals

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It’s truly astounding what some people will do for attention. It’s even more amazing what some people will do to get something for nothing.

I’ll give you an example: As a teenager I once got a mean case of the munchies while hanging out with some friends at a fast food restaurant.

The source of my hunger had depleted any funds I’d had before we arrived at the restaurant. Never one to remain idle, I promptly walked up the the front counter where a friend’s girlfriend was doubling as a cashier and fry cook.

Linda, bum me some onion rings,” I said, counting on my toasted pal’s paramour to hook me up.

I can’t,” she said. “The manager’s here.”

Sensing her hesitation I did the only sensible thing I could think to do. I removed my cargo pants and stood proudly in my underwear for a beat while customers stared on in confused horror. I then proceeded to slap my pants down on the counter top and demand free food.

“If I don’t get some free food STAT I will continue to disrobe.”

Linda laughed, but I could tell she had her doubts. Recognizing her obvious skepticism, I doubled down by removing my shirt and hanging them from the waistband of my undies.

This drew the attention of Linda’s manager who rushed over with a full bag of burgers, fries and onion rings. The boss in the paper hat slid the greasy bag across the counter and said, “Here, take it. Just…just put your pants on, for God’s sake.”

Let this be a lesson to you: Bold behavior can get you thrown in the back of a police cruiser…or it can get you something for nothing. Fortunately for me, my fate was free fries instead of a trip to the local drunk tank.

It’s not uncommon for kratom vendors to make bold claims in order to get attention for their brand. But only the really good ones know the right way to the kratom connoisseur’s heart.

Apex Kratom is one such vendor. In recent years they have managed to attract a ton of attention by offering awesome deals to their prospective customers. Like the manager at my local fast food dive, Apex Kratom are ready to throw free shit at you if you patronize their service.

Not only does this vendor offer free shipping on all orders but they also provide free samples to new customers who wish to sample their wares.

Here’s a more detailed look at why Apex Kratom stands out among the competition. Peep it!


In addition to their free samples and free shipping options, Apex Kratom has also made a mark by rebranding. When you land on the front page of their website you’ll notice that their logo doesn’t immediately scream Apex Kratom. Instead it reads Kratom Theory.

Kratom Theory effectively serves as Apex Kratom’s hub for kratom-related information. Here they discuss everything from kratom news and information to handy kratom guides. They deliver detailed info about other kratom vendors and comprehensive details about how to brew kratom tea.

This Wyoming-based kratom vendor has blazed a trail in the kratom industry by keeping their prices low, their quality high and their discounts deep.


Apex Kratom sells Green Borneo, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Borneo, Red MD, White Borneo and White Maeng Da. Each kratom strain is available in capsule or powder form.

Their free samples include 10 grams of any given kratom powder.


Each form of kratom starts at $9.99 for one ounce of powder and caps off at $32.99 for four ounces. Bulk kratom starts at $49.95 for a half pound. A kilo goes for $129.95 which is fairly standard in terms of industry pricing.


Apex Kratom is one of the most talked about vendors in Reddit posts on the subject. They are commonly listed among vendors who sell via eBay. Additionally they have popped up on at least one list of vendor recommendations.

Elsewhere a user has listed them as one of the vendors with the most exhilarating kratom strains.


With regular deals, low pricing, quality kratom powder and free options there is a lot that points to Apex Kratom as one of the most reliable vendors in the current marketplace. Request a sample today and see what you think for yourself. Happy Kbombing, kids! ; )

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