Bula Kafe Kratom: St. Petersburg’s OG Nightlife Spot

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You’ve probably heard about Bula Kafe Kratom and wondered why no wholesalers stock it. There’s a simple answer that should come as no surprise to those of our readers who are up on their kratom news.

Bula Kafe is a kava and kratom bar that doubles as a coffee house. This Saint Petersburg landmark has made waves in the kratom community after they made the national media.

Those who live in the Sunshine State are probably well aware that kratom is legal in Florida. With the exception of Sarasota County which passed legislation banning the Ayurvedic herb in 2014, kratom is unregulated along the Atlantic coast.

Bula Kafe Kratom has long been a favorite drink of choice among locals. Their kratom strains have been described as “eclectic” and customers have come back in droves to sample their kratom tea.

Despite the popularity of their cozy lounge and its South Pacific flare, Bula Kafe came under fire in 2018 after a woman filed a lawsuit against the owners, blaming them for the death of her son.

The suit claims that frequent visits to three neighborhood kava and kratom bars led to her 19-year old daughter suffering hallucinations, psychotic episodes and brain damage that left her confined to a psychiatric facility.

It was this litigious mother’s lawyer’s assertion that bars like Bula Kafe were responsible for the frontal lobe damage 19-year old Brette Tabar developed because, in his words, “[Kratom] is a dangerous product that has certainly caused injury to people, and it has certainly caused injury to our client.”

In the wake of the lawsuit one might think that Bula Kafe Kratom would lose some traction, but nothing could be farther from the truth. On the contrary, this night spot has continued to attract new customers with near-unanimous reviews on sites like Trip Advisor.

Folks have said that Bula Kafe is a great place with nice people and good kratom. One reviewer said his son introduced him to Bula Kafe Kratom, calling it “one of the best of the places that you will find Kratom.”

Another visitor said it was their favorite place to go, adding, “I have been coming here for a while now and love it!!! Not just the…teas, but the people and atmosphere make it such a fun chill place.”

Google reviews have shouted Bula Kafe out for their great prices, quality drinks, awesome service and chill atmosphere. It seems that almost everyone has had a blast visiting one of Bula Kafe’s local haunts.

For kratom crazy Floridians who are looking for a new hangout spot, Bula Kafe is obviously the place to be. As St. Petersburg’s original kratom and kava bar, they are the first and last word in kratom tea. With three locations including Bula on the Beach and Bula Cocoa Beach, it is clear that these cats aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Check ’em out online to see their full menu and learn more about their friendly and knowledgeable team. Happy Kbombing, kids! : )

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