Kratom Veins Explained: A Guide to the Various Strains

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Navigating the seemingly complicated world of kratom can seem daunting. If you’re new to kratom and its effects, it can be a pain in the ass to try and determine what form of kratom suits your needs.

This is something that is made that much more confusing by the amount of hype surrounding various kinds of kratom leaf. No doubt you’ve visited a smoke shop or headshop and seen all the bold claims that certain kratom brands make about their product(s).

A lot of peculiar names are thrown at you, many of which may be completely foreign to Westerners who aren’t exactly world travelers. Whether we’re talking about Green Maeng Da, Red Bentuangie or White Sumatra, there are just so many variations and so much hyperbole involved in the marketing of the same.

Each of these strains possesses its own unique properties which owe to their alkaloid content. However, all of these strains vary wildly from one another due to their individual concentrations of these alkaloids.

Some strains contain more mitragynine, the indole alkaloid that is known for making people feel better. On the other hand, some forms of kratom have small concentrations of mitragynine but higher levels of ajmalicine (aka raubasine), the antihypertensive compound which is also very relaxing.

The effects of kratom depend largely on the color of the veins which run through kratom’s leaves. Kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, an Ayurvedic herb from the coffee family of plants.

The Mitragyna speciosa leaves are used in the production of kratom powder. Kratom powder is micro-grinded so that it is smooth and easy to brew into tea. The veins and stems of the kratom tree are extracted from the kratom leaf throughout the grinding process.

Kratom farmers implement advanced drying and fermentation techniques in order to produce powder with large volumes of the kratom vein’s innate alkaloids.

In the following guide we will break down the differences between each vein color and the effects of each. This is kratom veins explained…


Green vein kratom encompasses the effects of red and white vein kratom strains. Greens tend to be both energizing and restorative. They may ease your stress without knocking you out; they are also known to optimize one’s energy levels.

Greens are generally milder than other forms of kratom, offering subtle qualities that rarely overwhelm those who are “burning” them. Some of the more mild greens include Green Borneo. Examples of stronger greens include Green Maeng Da and Super Green Malay.

Of all the greens out there many have pointed to Hulu Kapuas as being the most effective in terms of its fusion of kratom’s wide spectrum of effects. It is loaded with high levels of numerous alkaloids and is arguably the strongest strain on the market.

The stronger the kratom, the less powder one needs to burn in order to unlock its powerful aroma. This is especially true of Hulu Kapuas and Maeng Da (aka Pimp Kratom).


Red colored kratom powders are bestsellers among the worldwide community. Users enjoy reds for their deeply soothing effects. First-timers flock to red vein kratom because it is calming and fills them with positive sensations.

Those who have burned reds report an increase in optimism, confidence, sociability and motivation. Although it is often regarded as a nighttime strain, many reds can also be brewed in a cup of daytime tea for the purpose of instilling positivity and reducing stress.

Effects of red vein kratom may include the following:

  • Improved mood
  • Increased sociability
  • Stress reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Motivation
  • Restful sleep

Of course all reds are different and much of the aroma depends on how much you burn. Some of the most popular reds include Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Bentuangie and Red Thai.

Red Bali is known to be the most relaxing while Red Borneo is the most effective at reducing stress. Like Red Bali, Bentuangie is significantly relaxing, but it is also quite exhilirating. Red Thai is both anxiolytic and slightly stimulating.


Speaking of stimulation, white vein kratom is infamous for its enhancement of energy levels and improvement of mood. It is substantially stimulating, offering a clean energy boost without the jitters associated with coffee and other caffeine products.

The balanced effects of whites offer the best of both reds and greens. Some of the most popular whites include Borneo, Indo and Sumatra.

White Vein Borneo is both exhilarating and energizing, providing a gentle aroma that induces enhanced focus and increased productivity. White Borneo is a hot ticket item among athletes, laborers and other working professionals.

White Indo offers a full range of alkaloids that work in tandem to deliver some serious get-up-and-go. It is extremely rejuvenating and stimulating, but there are no jitters or wobbles.

Last but not least, White Sumatra is a rare kratom strain that is grown in a remote tropical island where the rugged terrain produces unique soil and stronger veins. Sumatra is ultra-stimulating and provides users with increased attentiveness.


Yellows are less popular than other forms of kratom, but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked or discounted. Yellow vein kratom is similar to Green Malay in terms of its effects.

A high impact strain with an extended duration, Yellow Vietnam is, perhaps, the most well-known. Yellows are highly potent and seldom seen form that comes from leaves that are picked at a later phase of growth.

These highly mature kratom leaves are then fermented by harvesters to produce full spectrum benefits that are notably, to say the least.


Gold kratom is a term for Yellow Borneo. It gets its name from the tawny, almost copper-toned hue of the kratom powder. Its distinct alkaloid profile delivers a mild mixture of effects which are perfectly suitable for novices and seasoned kratomites alike.


If you are new to kratom there is no shortage of information out there that can help you pick a strain. By using this short but comprehensive guide you should be able to find the vein color that’s right for you. When burning kratom for the first time remember to start small and practice moderation. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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