Cajun Kratom: An Organic, Affordable Southern Delight

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Louisiana is known for a lot of things. Mardi Gras, the New Orleans jazz tradition, voodoo and cajun cuisine are just a few of the many cultural touchstones of the state. Now they can add quality kratom to their list of local achievements thanks to Cajun Kratom.


Cajun Direct Kratom is Calcasieu Parish’s premiere kratom apothecary, offering a host of wondrous botanicals for everyone with a green thumb or a green tongue. They offer free shipping on all orders and free kratom samples to anyone who signs up for their newsletter.


Cajun Kratom is the best choice for those who wish you buy bulk kratom powder. They specialize in selling kratom kilos and they sell ’em for a damn good price.

Cajun Direct Kratom currently stocks Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Horn, White Bali, Green Elephant, Green Malay, Gold Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, White Horn and White Maeng Da.

They also offer 50x kratom extract and one gram kratom capsules, although it’s really their bulk kratom powder that’s the superstar here. No one need bother with extracts when they’re getting quality powder for bargain basement pricing.


Every one of Cajun Direct Kratom’s powders sells for $90 per kilo. That’s a lot of kratom for below market average. Not too shabby if you ask me.


Those who have sampled Cajun Kratom’s wares can attest to how potent it is and many of them have. One user on Reddit writes, “DAMN this stuff really packs a punch” while reviews on Facebook have been almost unanimous in their appreciation of this vendor.


After sampling their White Horn I can definitely say that these cats have got it going on. Not only was their microgrind super smooth but it was also pleasantly aromatic and didn’t clump at all.

I’m accustomed to horned leaf kratom being very energizing, but this was beyond stimulating. I was able to get tons of work done in a fraction of the time that I normally do and I felt like a chatterbox the whole day.

Their kratom powder really tuned me into my environs and made me acutely aware of what others have to say. I’m used to some semblance of cognitive enhancement with horned leaf, but not on this level. This was truly next level, offering a sense of deference for others and a genuine desire to learn things from others that I’m not normally aware of.

It might seem a little corny, but I actually made a friend while burning White Horn and I credit Cajun Kratom for that because it loosened my inhibitions and made me more sociable, effectively shaking me out of my habit of keeping to myself.

Best of all, there was no comedown with this one. I did not experience a kratom hangover and I fell asleep with ease and a sense of well-being. This was a terrific experience that I would definitely recommend to others.


If you’ve been on the hunt for a reasonably-priced bulk kratom supplier look no further than Cajun Direct Kratom. They’ve got a diverse product line at a damn good price point. Happy Kbombing, kids!

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