Carpo Kratom: A Well-Reviewed Brand with Consistency

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A lot of U.S. Kratom vendors come along and make a name for themselves with powerful product. But not all of them can keep up with demand. In fact, it’s woefully common for a kratom supplier to attract complaints from customers about faltering potency.

As the owner of Carpo’s Botanicals says on their About Us page, “Too many times have I heard stories from people who tried a kratom strain from a vendor and thought it was great, only to get a different kind on their next shipment which lacks the same potency. Then there are stories of how they discovered a wonderful strain that seemed great at first, but after a few days failed to produce results…”

Carpo Kratom is guaranteed to be of high quality because this vendor tests it out before offering it to the public. In the owner’s words, “If I cannot stand behind it, I will not sell it, that simple.”


Carpo’s Botanicals is a Washington-based kratom vendor that specializes in selling a wealth of botanical herbs including mushroom extracts, mind and body herbs, and seeds. They maintain quality by offering free samples to customers and encouraging feedback.

As the owner says on their site, “…if I find a strain not living up to its reputation, I will remove it from my website.”


Carpo’s Botanicals currently stocks Green Kali and Red Kali kratom powder. For some users this will be a turn-off as many of us appreciate a variety of strains, but each of these powders provides a unique aroma. They also sell fungus and resin necklaces.


Carpo kratom is $10 for an ounce with an 1/8th selling for $36 and a ¼ of a kilo selling for $68. Unfortunately this vendor does not currently offer full kratom kilos, but users can pick up a ¼ kilo of one strain and a quarter of another.


Alas, Carpo Kratom is not available to those who wish to pay with cryptocurrency or a major credit card. Instead this old school vendor prefers to accept cash, check or money order.


If you’ve read a Carpos Botanicals review then you already know that people are crazy about this kratom vendor. They are one of the most reviewed brands on YouTube and have generated a lot of buzz among the community at large.

Although reactions to their product have been mixed on sites like Reddit, they have been in business for more than seven years, working in partnership with Herb Research to offer premium kratom powder.


  • Quality product
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free samples
  • Potent strains
  • Ornamental jewelry and accessories


  • Lack of variety
  • Does not accept credit cards
  • Does not accept cryptocurrency
  • Expensive kratom powder


Carpo Kratom is not the best choice for the discerning kratom user who wants diversity of product line. But if you are on the lookout for some quality Kalimantan kratom powder you can’t go wrong with this vendor.

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