Ganesha Kratom Round-Up Review: Which Ganesha is the Real Deal?

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The public image of kratom is increasingly murky and getting a clear picture of which brands to trust is often difficult. Ascertaining which forms of kratom are of genuine quality is something that is made that much more difficult by the court of public opinion.

While sites like Reddit and I Love Kratom can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding a trusted kratom vendor, they can also be rather divisive on the subject. Case in point: This post about Ganesha kratom which warns that it is bad business.

It is unclear which form of Ganesha kratom they are talking about. The fact of the matter is, there are two forms of Ganesha kratom—Online Kratom’s Ganesha Fusion and Ganesha MD from the people at MitraGaia, formerly GAIA Ethnobotanical.


Online Kratom’s Ganesa kratom powder comes in three distinct strains—Green Borneo, Red Borneo and White Borneo, respectively. They are a wildly overpriced brand with a mere 15 grams selling for $17 and 200 grams selling for an astronomical $274.50.

Each of their kratom powders contains 30% Sakti Full Spectrum Kratom Extract. As our regular readers already know, I’m not big on recommending kratom extracts because so many of them are totally bogus.

The problem with buying kratom extract from a vendor you’ve never dealt with before is that you have no real way of knowing what’s in it. When you’re purchasing kratom online the last thing you want to think about it is spending more money to have it tested for potency or purity.

On the other hand, Mitragaia is a long-time vendor with a solid reputation who has frequently landed on our top kratom vendors list. They are renowned for the quality and consistency of their strains.

This is true of Ganesha Maeng Da as it is of all other strains. Ganesha MD is a proprietary blend of Red Maeng Da and Elephant kratom.

Most interestingly, their fair market pricing starts at just !five bucks! That’s five dollars for an ounce and an industry average $120 for a kratom kilo. This vendor’s Ganesha kratom is both stimulating and exhilarating, making for a restorative and joyous aroma.

All of MitraGaia’s kratom products are lab tested for quality control and come with a money back guarantee. Customers who pay with Bitcoin get a 20% rebate on all orders.


There has been very little chatter about Online Kratom’s Ganesha Fusion online, but those who have talked about it seem skeptical of its quality or efficacy. Anyone who’s looked up a MitraGaia review knows that consumer opinion is polar opposite where they’re concerned.

They have been called awesome and generous with users reporting that they received double what they paid for at no additional cost. This vendor is infamous for their safe and secure transactions and fast shipping.

One user writes: “Gaia is nearly half my stock, I haven’t purchased recently but the Plantaion red MD was [fire] for me a few months ago, also the red Bali and red Borneo are my nightly doses still.”

Naturally, consumer opinions vary and not everyone has stuck with this vendor. In fact, more than one user has complained that select strains did nothing for them, but this is something that is true of nearly any kratom brand.


MitraGaia is the only choice for true Ganesha kratom. They have been stocking Elephant kratom for years and have only grown as a company thanks to their commitment to sourcing premium kratom powder and their investment in ethical R & D.

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