Serenity Botanicals Review: The Cheapest Brand on the Market

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All you noobs need to listen up because what I’m preachin’ is pure teachin’. Anyone who’s a beginner to the world of kratom should do well to pay attention to this review because it will save you a lot of time and money.

The price of kratom fluctuates dramatically from vendor to vendor. A visit to a smoke shop can all but bankrupt the first-time buyer and don’t get me started on all the upselling that’s typical of online kratom companies.

That’s why Serenity Botanicals seemed like a godsend when I first discovered them. And I trust that you’ll agree with that initial assessment once you read this breakdown.

Let’s jump into it!


This Ohio-based operation is the internet’s one-stop shop for all things botanical. You’ve got CBD. You’ve got ashwagandha. You’ve got Gotu Kola herb powder. You’ve got Yerba Mate. And yes…you’ve got kratom and a whole helluva lot of it.

Serenity Botanicals is a family-owned business with a strong focus on customer support and a commitment to quality and generosity.


This vendor offers everything a kratom enthusiast could want from Bentuangie Red and Cambodian Green to Red Thai and White Kapuas. Where they genuinely score points is in the area of blends.

Serenity Botanicals’ proprietary blends include Serenity Relief Tea, Sweet Dreams Blend and Serenity Holiday Borneo Blend.


This is where things get truly exciting, particularly for the newcomer to the kratom community. Serenity Botanicals sells 10 gram samplers for just $2.99. That’s three dollars for what would normally go for around ten bucks in the nationwide marketplace.

This is an excellent option for the neophytes among us because they can safely and affordably try out a strain without fear of getting stuck with tons of powder that they may not like.

One ounce of kratom powder goes for $6.99 which is still below market value. Six ounces sell for $29.99 which is also pretty incredible given the average pricing in the industry. Although their kilos aren’t exactly on the cheap end of the spectrum at $129.99, they are certainly low compared to most online vendors.


This vendor provides their customers with a multitude of options when it comes to paying for their order. This includes e-check, credit card, Google Pay and Zelle’s mobile banking app.


Serenity Botanicals offers first class shipping on all orders. Priority and Priority Express options are available via USPS. Tracking information is provided when your transaction has been completed.


Coupon codes for this vendor are available from a number of different deal sites. Not that you’ll need it…this shit is dirt cheap, folks! Don’t get selfish.


Customers have been vocal about what a terrific experience they’ve had with this vendor. One user had this to say about his first time ordering: “I recently placed an order with Serenity Botanicals, the order was to be delivered within 2-3 days. The tracking indicated it had been delivered.

“To my dismay, it was not. I verified the address with SB and they sent it to the correct location, but I couldn’t locate it. They in turn said they would send me another order. Anyway, I found out what had happened and I found the package. I contacted them to tell them and they said that the additional one is on them. I was totally willing to pay, shocked by the very kind gesture.

“I ordered a blend of white, red and green. It’s a wonderful combination and only 6-9 grams and I feel good for about 5-7 hours.”

A user over on Reddit said, “I’ve used this vendor multiple times. good prices and good product.” This prompted the owner of Serenity Botanicals to remind the community that they give out samples to anyone that wants to try their kratom out.


I recently sampled this vendor’s Cambodian Red and I’ve gotta say that it’s quite a knockout. The experience was a real gas! From what I understand, Cambodian Red is a blend of red and green horned leaf kratom which makes sense because this one exhibits all of the hallmarks of a green with all of the excitement of reds.

The duration of their Cambodian Red was about 5 hours which isn’t the longest, but it was more than adequate. This strain offers a nice balance of clean energy and mental clarity. I was able to plow through work even while ruminating on some pretty complex thoughts.

At the same time, I had an insatiable urge to talk to my colleagues. This is definitely some sociable stuff.


For savings and satisfaction this vendor is a viable option. You’ll get a lot of value for your dollar and you’ll be more than pleased with their service. If you’re anything like me you’ll definitely go back for seconds.

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