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If you’re a longtime patron of Kratom Crazy then you probably remember our coverage of Herbal Salvation from back in the day. I’m bringing them back today because they have emerged as one of 2019’s strongest contenders for #1 kratom vendor online.

This Indiana-based company has been blowing up over the last few years thanks to their exceptional quality and devotion to purity. Despite their online store being regulated by interstate commerce laws, they have managed to solidify their presence on social media and make a big difference in the kratom industry.


Herbal Salvation is the product of Viable Solutions, LLC which is based out of Nampa, ID. They made headlines last year when their kratom was recalled due to an industry-wide Salmonella scare. Since then they have doubled down on their commitment to quality control by lab testing all of their products to avoid potential contamination.

To make matters better, they have driven down prices to keep customers happy and have broadened their scope, expanding their product line in keeping with the times.


Herbal Salvation is known for their many unique strains such as Gold Reserve, Mahala Kali Red and White Ketapang. They also regularly stock White Maeng Da, Green and Red Borneo, and Green Vein Sumatra.

Their Maeng Da is among the best around, coming as it does in a red vein powder. It is easily one of the most powerful on the market and reasonably priced to boot.

Their sample packs should be of particular interest to newcomers to the kratom community as they deliver sick deals on every single sampler. These samples start at $6.00! And it’s not just the noobs that should be intrigued—those who like to buy in bulk can snatch up two kilos for under 200 bucks.

Their other bulk kratom deals are equally good with 1,000 grams of Red Borneo selling for just $115 and a kilo of Thai Maeng Da selling for $135. That is definitely on the low end of the industry average for bulk kratom powder.


This vendor accepts checks, money orders and COD (Cash On Delivery), but there’s an added incentive for those willing to pay with privacy coins. Any customer who pays with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple or other cryptocurrency receives 20-30% off their order at checkout.

In other words, you get rewarded for completing a safe and secure transaction that guarantees privacy and discretion. You save buku bucks and you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out what you ordered.


All orders are eligible for USPS Priority shipping which generally arrives within 2-3 business days, meaning you’ll get your hands on quality kratom in only a little longer than it would take for you to hunt down quality kratom locally.


Unfortunately an additional Herbal Salvation coupon code is not available at this time, but you won’t really need it thanks to their crypto incentive program and their many great discounts.


As one of the most talked about kratom vendors on social media, I would imagine that the answer to this should already be clear. For the sake of clarification, let’s walk through this together.

Those who have hooked up with Herbal Salvation in the past normally remain fairly loyal. For instance, this user writes: “…it was fire. Definitely on par with the rest. My favorites were the gold Bali, yellow Vietnam, green horn, plantation maeng da, and then their Thai MD is super hit and miss. But when it hits it’s out of this world so worth getting a little 25g guy.

“If you haven’t tried them yet you need to. I’ve tried 10+ vendors and I stuck with them the longest when I first started.”

One user even weighed their worth against the ever-dependable MitraGaia and said, “…herbal salvation wins.”

Yet another individuals says, “I am very impressed with their quality. Definitely one of my top favorite vendors and the best recent order I’ve made. Not to mention they might have the best bags as far as sturdiness.”

Elsewhere, a user writes: “I just ordered Thai MD and Gold Bali from HS. I’ve not been disappointed in anything I’ve ordered from them.


In the interest of full disclosure I’ve gotta admit that my experience with these cats has been limited. Unlike many other vendors in the current marketplace I have had no personal contact with anyone from the company and can’t really vouch for their legitimacy.

I can, however, say with certainty that their product is bomb! By that, I mean that of the strains I’ve bought from their online store 4 out of 5 of them were, indeed, fire. Looking back at my notes from when I placed the order I see that I tried a 125 gram sample pack of their Green Sumatra, Thai Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Red MD and White Sumatra.

The greens were very energizing with a pleasant warmth about them. The aroma was long-lasting and didn’t leave me unable to sleep. The Red MD was meh…alright, I guess. Nothing to write home about.

But the true mack daddy of the batch was the monstrously effective White Sumatra which really floored me. This is a strain that is notorious for being of the moderate variety, but I can’t say that was the case with Herbal Salvation’s Sumatra powder. It was fast as hell and super uplifting.

I can’t recall much of what played out when I burned 4 grams, but if my notes are any indication…well…just see for yourself: “Whoa daddy, this is the motherload here…buzzing along like a wild bug wearing dark shades and feeling the breeze. I want to make connections, forge deals…mind is very clear right now, but also dense with wisdom.

“Soon I will have to return to work, but for now it’s time to slap some people on the back and share the knowledge. Things are on the upswing here. This is the aroma for unlocking your potential, of that much I am sure.”

If that all sounds crackers to you, I can totally understand. But anyone who has burned some premium “thang” can tell you that this is a sensation that is all too familiar. When it comes to emancipating the human spirit and broadening one’s mental horizons, Mitragyna speciosa is where it’s at.


There you have it! With awesome deals and added incentives, Herbal Salvation has managed to maintain a foothold in the ever-expanding kratom industry. This is a vendor we can get behind and one you should too. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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