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Beware of any company that makes bold claims they can’t possibly back up. As most in the kratom community already know, the FDA has not approved kratom for medicinal use.

That’s why it is more than a little sketchy when you come across a kratom vendor who promises their product will serve a broad range of medicinal needs. Green Harmony ID, aka Green Harmony Indonesia is one such vendor.


This Indonesia-based vendor is located in Kalimantan Barat where kratom grows locally. That might put some users at ease. After all, why buy kratom from some faceless American supplier when you can get it right from the source?


Not necessarily.

In the case of Green Harmony Kratom you may think you are getting quality kratom from a native locale, but consider this: Those who run kratom businesses in other countries are not bound by the same standards or rules imposed on businesses in the Western world.

If an American vendor burns you on an order, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to hunt them down and demand a full refund. The same cannot be said for some bad actor halfway across the globe. Unless you’re some silver spoon sucking globetrotter who can just hop in your private jet and head for the West Kalimantan forest, you probably won’t have much luck straightening things out if something goes wrong.


Green Harmony Kratom products are said to include brown, gold, green, red, yellow and white vein kratom strains, but I couldn’t find any products matching those selections when I visited their online shop.

They currently stock pink himalayan salt, a variety of super foods and herbal tea, but the only kratom listed was their “premium” kratom kilo packs.


This is where things get especially suspicious. Green Harmony offers kratom kilo packs for just $15 for a split kilo. The average market price for a kilo ranges between $90 and $140. Some smoke shops and online vendors charge as much as $150 for a kilo.


Users will likely be pleased to find that Green Harmony ID accepts Bitcoin, Western Union and bank wire transfers. However, one should be careful about such transactions as there is no way for a US citizen to reclaim their monies when using cryptocurrencies to pay for an overseas transaction.


Green Harmony Kratom ships via EMS, Cargo Post Airfreight or DHL Express Worldwide. Those who want to receive their package in a timely manner should be sure to select DHL Express at checkout as this is the only expedited shipping option (packages are estimated to arrive within 3-6 business days).


Surprisingly, Green Harmony Kratom has scored points with some in the community. In fact, they have even been rated on I Love Kratom where one user said that their red strain was very relaxing and was “excellent.”

This same user goes on to champion their green strain, saying that it “will just lift your spirits if you are depressed or just having a bad day.”

They scored middling numbers for their shipping and customer service, but their quality and pricing was highly rated.

Elsewhere a user vouched for Green Harmony, writing that they are “extremely reliable” and noting that they always have the correct paperwork.

Another user said that they are “on part with Gaia,” referring to MitraGaia, the vendor formerly known as Gaia Ethnobotanical.


After looking at several Green Harmony Kratom reviews, I was convinced that I should give them a go. I took a leap of faith and placed an order for one of their kilo packs. The result really surprised me; not only was this not some bogus stuff, it was actually far better than I ever could have anticipated.

Using DHL Express Worldwide, I was able to get their order in just under 3 days and dug into my split kilo of red and green. The red vein powder was deeply aromatic and energizing. It was finely ground to a texture that was easy to burn.

Their green powder was less bitter and much longer lasting than the red. I spent a good six hours in awe of the sophisticated aroma this one unlocked. I was thoroughly relaxed without feeling lethargic and I hadn’t felt so creative in many a moon.


If there’s a lesson to be learned from my encounter with Green Harmony Indonesia it’s this: Do NOT judge a book by its cover. This kratom vendor may seem pretty shoddy at first blush, but their product is pure, potent and very satisfying. Check ’em out today and let us know what YOU think.

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