DGBotanicals.com Review: A Vendor On Their Way Out

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There are many red flags that point to a vendor being less than desirable, not least of which is a penchant for gimmicks. Over the years we’ve seen a dirty dozen different vendors come and go because they were all about style over substance.

DG Botanicals seems to be one such vendor and today we’ll talk about why they rub us the wrong way and what you need to know before considering a purchase from their online store.


Let’s start with the basics. What is DG Botanicals, you ask? They’re an online kratom supplier that are supposedly owned by DGB, Inc.

There’s only one problem with that claim and it’s a doozy! DGB, Inc. is, in fact, a Colorado-based company that installs and services home appliances. To make matters murkier, the Better Business Bureau has them listed as a non-accredited trucking company.

Can more than one company register the same name? It’s certainly possible, though not entirely legal, for this to happen…but there is no paper trail for a DGB, Inc. doing business as a health and wellness supplement distributor or manufacturer.

Stranger still is the fact that their official website, the home to their online shop, is not accessible. After repeated attempts to open it I was met by a prompt which read, “Oops, something went wrong. What happened? This shop is unavailable.”

Always eager to give small businesses the benefit of the doubt, I carefully clicked on each of their individual product pages, hoping that maybe it was only their homepage which had been affected.

No dice. Each time I received the same error message.

It is unclear at this time why this is the case and whether or not DG Botanicals will be back online soon. What we do know is that DGBotanicals.com has been hosting visitors and servicing customers since 2016.

DG Botanicals 2019 website may differ from what they were using back in the day or they may have finally gone belly-up like so many second-rate vendors before them. But one thing is irrefutable: They have drawn the ire of more than one disappointed kratomite in their time selling speciosa products.

It’s not that DG Botanicals is all bad. On the contrary, I’ve sampled some of their stuff in the past and found it to be more than just a little adequate. It’s just that their product isn’t anywhere near as strong as their competitors in the space.

Here’s a look at some of their lamest strains as well as a fair representation of what their product line has to offer the more discerning enthusiast.


I know I’m bound to get some hate for this, but in my not quite humble opinion…DGB sucks! There, I said it. Let his loyal minions come and troll me for it, but it’s honestly how I feel at this point. The last batch I got had no cajones. It instilled neither energy nor relaxation, and actually left me feeling lethargic.

Another thing that really grinds my gears is the proprietor’s introduction of “commercial” kilos which he offered at bargain basement prices…because he knew they were garbage. What’s worse, today DGB no longer offers kilos or split kilos.

Like so many enterprises, the kratom industry is all about hyperbole. Flashy marketing and fancy wordplay have been a mainstay since Mitragyna speciosa leaves first graced the Western world. An example of this can be found in a Reddit post that called this vendor’s brand “luxury grade kratom.”

It’s pretty much impossible for the average person to know whether this post was written by a company shill, but chances are better than good that it was. After all, the vast majority of users who have burned DG Botanicals kratom have found it to be bitter, mild or otherwise ineffective.

Here’s a short list of their weakest strains:

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone will react differently to a given strain, but for me these strains are some of the slowest and least impressive I’ve come across.

Don’t get me wrong, they have their fair share of variants with mid spec aroma, but none of these get you there.


It wasn’t always like this. Just two years ago the proprietor had a loyal group of followers to whom he gifted free kratom samples for them to test out. At the time users said that they never had a problem with anything they ordered.

Alas, this seems to be no longer true, but casting my mind back to when I last sampled their wares I’d say they had a few decent strains to choose from.

DG Botanicals Green Indo is easily their most popular, owing to its exultant aroma and ability to energize and elate. Without a doubt, this was my favorite and I’d love to try it again in the future…if their site ever recovers.

Here are some other terrific options along with some positive reviews from around the internet:


Unfortunately for all you coupon clippers, these cats do not offer any kind of regular DG Botanicals promo codes, candies, stickers or member rewards despite making it mandatory for prospective customers to sign up for a membership if they want to place an order of any kind.


Although reactions to this vendor have been mixed, one thing that almost everyone agrees on is the ridiculous prices that they charge. One user calls them “OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive” while another says, “…his so-called premiums are way overpriced – He recently jacked up prices on everything…”

However, yet another user points out that this vendor has had good batches and “BAD batches.” It’s obvious at a glance that this is nothing new as users have had these varying experiences from as far back as 2017.

As with most vendors, DGB has its champions, one of whom calls them his go-to brand “cause they got the best plants…”


Regardless of some obvious pros (quality kratom powder, name recognition) there are simply too many cons (high prices, dubious potency, dysfunctional online store) to outweight them. For this reason, I’d advise our readers to stay far away from this one. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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