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There are many great vendors on the market that haven’t penetrated the pop consciousness the way your Kraken Kratom or OPMS have. This is due largely to the sheer volume of vendors who are active in the United States and Canada.

One brand that has gone largely overlooked is Re-Leaf LLC, a kratom vendor with a wealth of products to offer the community and some exceptional customer service. These cats are single-handedly changing the game with their potent kratom blends and today we’ll talk about why you should check them out.

WHO ARE THEY? is the online store of Re-Leaf, LLC, a Maine-based company run by a family of passionate individuals who are dedicated to providing the public with quality kratom blends and other natural tonics.

They are building a loyal fan base courtesy of their consistent potency and versatile mixtures. Each of their strains is guaranteed to satisfy a user’s needs or you’ll get a free batch of speciosa.


They currently advertise 9 distinct specialty blends on their site—The Addict, The Energyze, The Exercise, The Focus, The Recreational, The Relax, The Pain, The Work Day and The Stress, respectively.

However, their online store actually contains far more variety as you browse. There’s the Dream Blend, the Green Asia Blend, the Hiroshima Blend, the colorfully named Kim Jong Boom Blend, the festive Candy Cane Blend, the Straight White Blend, the Michael Jackson, the Fat Brain, the Lindsay Lohan, the King Kong, the Last Call Blend and much, much more.

Recently, they introduced CBD to their product line and they are excited to share their top shelf cannaidiol with the public. To this end, they are offering a coupon code redeemable for $109 off their 3,000 mg bottle of CBD.


In my personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with their Maximum Glee # 5 Blend, a balanced mixture that’s bold and exhilarating, instilling a giddy good time and unlocking a chill aroma. Here’s our list of the top 5 Re-Leaf blends:

  • Maximum Glee Blend (Lovely blend that makes for a riotous and sociable experience)
  • Social Justice Blend (One-of-a-kind mixture of white and green that’s bold and energizing)
  • Three Dog White (Powerful white vein blend)
  • Green Fire Blend (Coffee-like green vein kratom, invigorating, jitter-free)
  • Sekadau’s Mint Blend (Green vein, chill AF)


Their smaller buying options are absolutely incredible, starting at $14.95 for a 50 gram package. The only drawback is their wholesale pricing; bulk kratom can get fairly costly at their online store. 5 kilos sell for an astronomical $1,200.

That being said, they are about to roll out a deal that you won’t want to pass up—a custom pre-order of any kratom strain in the world that works out to just $60 per kilo. This is the ideal option for retailers who want to buy in bulk for resale.


Whereas other vendors occasionally offer free samples for a limited time, Re-Leaf is always looking to impress newcomers with what they have to offer. That’s why every Thursday is Try It Thursday. Any patron of Re-Leaf that has ordered from them in the past can get a friend 50 grams of their best all-purpose blend for $7 off their total.

Just punch in the coupon code GIVINGKRATOM and you can have kratom sent as a gift to the recipient of your choosing. What’s more, every time you refer a friend to this vendor you earn savings of up to 35% off your next purchase.

This is just one of the perks of doing business with Re-Leaf LLC. If you’re new to the kratom space and don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, Joe and his team will work with you. Their Choose My Kratom feature enables you to hand the reins over to the professionals who will pick out the strain they think you’ll appreciate.

Unlike other vendors who offer 7-30 day money back guarantees, Re-Leaf doesn’t stop there. They want their customers to be happy and won’t settle for less. That’s why they will replace any kratom product that a customer is dissatisfied with. Users have 70 days

Their Platinum membership program will soon introduce even more incentives, so stay tuned to their site for a full list of future rewards.


Economy shipping takes 3 days to ship and may take as much as 4-11 days to arrive. Priority and Express shipping options are available on all orders and are advisable for most domestic and foreign transactions.

Priority packages generally take one day to fulfill and arrive within 2-7 business days while Express packages take 1-2 business days to arrive, depending on your location.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order this vendor makes it a piece of cake to call them or otherwise get in touch. You can text them, email them or talk to their 24/7 customer support staff.


This is yet another area in which Re-Leaf really shines. They currently accept instant checking, cashier’s checks, COD (Cash On Delivery), money orders, 3rd party apps, Walmart 2 Walmart, Western Union and cryptocurrency by CoinPaymentsEdit.


Over at I Love Kratom, has received a glowing review. In it, the reviewer writes, “I had the choice between green Bentuagie and Yellow Borneo…I did only 1/2 teaspoon of each of these two – and POW! I got a lot accomplished…

“It’s the epitome as to why you hear, repeatedly (from me, among others), less is more. In this case, the rule definitely applies; less is definitely more. Bottom line with this review: both strains are awesome. I preferred the Yellow Borneo because I don’t drink coffee.”

She is quick to add: “The green Bentuagie [sic] was a nice green, mellowing the Yellow Borneo quite nicely (they seem to compliment each other) IF taken in small doses while acclimating yourself.”

On Reddit, a user says, “You’re gonna be blown away by their selections, blends, customizations & outstanding customer service…I have so many of his single strains & blends.”

When pressed about what makes Re-Leaf so great, she writes: “I like them cuz they have over 80 custom blends & they give you the ratios of each plus you get to choose which white, green, red, yellow strain you want in the blend. Or if you already have a favorite blend that you make yourself at home, they will make it for you down to the color, strain & ratio amount exact.”


This vendor is constantly rolling out exciting new products that will really blow your hair back. Give ’em a shot and be sure to refer a friend to receive immediate rewards. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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