BKB Herbal Review: Prices, Purity and Variety

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When someone told me that BKB Herbal closed, my heart sank. At first, I feared the worst—they had gone out of business for good because of someone putting pressure on them. Or, perhaps, they’d lost the ability to accept payment options such as major credit cards.

Fortunately neither of these wild scenarios proved out to be true. BKB Herbal had simply closed their online store temporarily due to low inventory. They would likely re-open in a week when a new shipment of kratom arrived from their source in Southeast Asia.

This was music to my ears because BKB Herbal happens to be one of the very first vendors I tried when I initially discovered kratom and its fine aroma. I’ve been meaning to review these cats for quite some time and this certainly seems like as good a time as any.

With that in mind, here is our comprehensive review of BKB Herbal, their products, pricing, features and more.


This vendor is a Florida-based company servicing the greater Broward County area. They maintain an online store where people from all over the United States can partake of their premium kratom powders.

BKB Herbal has differentiated itself from the pack by providing the public not only with top shelf kratom but, also, with CBD and accessories. Their store currently stocks bracelets and keychains bearing the phrases “#KratomSavesLives and Keep Calm And Kratom On, a nod to The Chive.


As I mentioned earlier, their online store is temporarily shuttered because of a lack of inventory. Ordinarily they offer a host of green, red and white vein kratom strains along with a mellow green powder they call Crisp.


  • Crisp
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Tawa Indo
  • Plantation Maeng Da
  • Super Green Horn


  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Horned Leaf
  • Red Indo Santai
  • Red Maeng Da


  • Original (OG) Maeng Da
  • Tidak Takut
  • White Horned Leaf
  • White Maeng Da


IMHO the top strain from this vendor is, without a doubt, their Tidak Takut. A smooth, robust powder with a distinguished aroma and a pleasant mouth feel, Tidak Takut is just as exotic as it sounds. When I burned this one I found myself both calm and exhilarated.

Tidak Takut translates as “no fear,” and it’s easy to see why. Like a strong cup of coffee, it served as an effective pick-me-up, but it also helped to break down my inhibitions, making me more sociable, more talkative, more confident and more focused.

BKB Herbal also offers splits so customers can try two different strains at 250 grams each for a total of 500 grams or four disparate strains at 250 grams each with their split kilo. BKB Herbal free samples are also frequently offered, although it is unclear whether this will apply once they open up again.


As if their exotic variety wasn’t reason enough to check them out, their pricing is out of this world. A kilo goes for just $80 while a 500 gram split sells for $45.

All of their kratom powders start at just $25, regardless of how “rare” they are. You can snatch up any one of their strains in a kilo for the standardized price of $80.


Alas, there does not appear to be a verified promo code available for this vendor. However, this is likely to change once their store re-opens. Keep your eyes peeled for their imminent return to the space.


All orders are shipped within 24 hours via Priority Mail. Priority Express is also available as is Next Day shipping for those who live in the Sunshine State.

Packages generally arrive within 2-3 business days, but if there’s any hold up you can contact them via their online contact form or by phone. Their customer support staff are prompt, friendly and informative.


If you’ve visited the BKB Herbal Facebook page then you already know that these cats have established a rock solid presence on social media. BKB Herbal reviews have been cropping up on YouTube channels and forums left, right and center.

A visit to Reddit reveals some legit customer satisfaction. One user writes, “I got some Green Tawa Indo from BKB, and I have to say, its the best kratom I have ever tried. I two grams of it about 2 hours ago to determine the potency, and it is quite strong. Also, its a very fine ground powder so its very easy to injest, with a decent flavor. Overall I give it a 9/10.”

Another user remarked, “Pretty decent prices and some great strains available.”


As I’ve said their Tidak Takut is among the best strains I’ve had, but there are others that I’ve sampled, each of which had its own unique qualities. After burning their Green Tawa Indo I was filled with pep, ready to knock out some reps and get things done.

Their reds are among the most pungent and potent I’ve tried and their White Maeng Da is easily in my top three of all time.

When I first tried these guys I was new to the kratom community and was understandably wary of dealing with out-of-state companies. Andrew (owner of BKB) walked me through each of their powders and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. He was kind, patient and generous.

I was pleasantly surprised when my first order arrived and it contained an extra 25 gram sample free of charge. As I recall, the sample was of their Red Horned Leaf which was both uplifting and invigorating.


With excellent product at an amazing price point, there’s really no good reason why the community shouldn’t try these cats out. For reliability, quality and affordability they are one of the best around.

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