Liza’s Botanicals: Low Cost Kratom That Doesn’t Skimp on Strength

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Let’s face it, kratom can nearly bankrupt some of us. Anyone who buys the stuff with any kind of regularity can tell you just how much money they burn for the privilege of the “burn.”

Mitragyna speciosa suppliers may be prone to offering minor savings on bulk orders via their limited time promo codes, but by and large, the industry is notorious for price gouging.

Enter Liza’s Botanicals and their peers in the growing botanical apothecary space. These are the types of independent businesses that were founded by family and friends who are truly passionate about kratom leaf and seek to share kratom’s plethora of purported benefits with the general public at a price they can afford.


Liza’s Botanicals is a California-based vendor with headquarters on the outskirts of sunny Los Angeles. Their products are “made with love” by the people at Team Rampage, a local advocacy group located in Vallejo.

As a relatively new company—they were established in 2018—they are slowly growing their business and making a name for themselves. In that short amount of time they’ve managed to garner four star reviews from satisfied consumers who have taken to sites like Double M Herbals and other forms of social media to spread the word.


This vendor regularly stocks specialty blends such as Happy Go Lucky, Super Green Elephant and the amusingly named Red Headed Stepchild.

They also offer $18 sampler packs for newcomers who wish to try out multiple powders before placing a full size order. Sampler packs contain four to eight different strains.

Their bestsellers include Red House, Red Dayak, Yellow Dragon, Yellow Horned Leaf, Yellow Kalis, White Tanjung, White Sumatra, Green Bota and Green Nanga. Their newest arrivals include Red Jambu.

Red Jambu and Green Bota are among their highest rated strains, testing for superior concentrations of alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.


All of Liza’s kratom is of first-grade quality with a fresh fragrance and a fine grind, but some pack more of an aroma than others. Here’s a short list of the top strains in Liza’s store:

  • Green Nanga
  • Premium MD3
  • Red Jambu
  • Red Labai
  • White Dayak

My # 1 pick for best kratom strain would have to be Red Jambu, a Malaysian-grown delight that provides the best of both red and white vein kratom effects.


This vendor is at the vanguard of the movement to reduce and stabilize industry pricing. By offering affordable options at a range of different sizes and price points they have made it possible for Americans on a budget to enjoy the wonders of kratom without emptying their piggy banks.

Each of Liza’s many strains starts at just five dollars for an ounce, making it significantly less expensive than most online brands. With kilos selling for $92 they are well below the industry average.

Most notably, those who wish to buy bulk kratom can order up to $350 worth of any given kratom powder. This includes Liza’s Botanicals enhanced kratom, an option that is available on each and every strain.


Alas, this company does not provide promo codes for in-store discounts, but with low prices sitewide you really won’t need one. This is value kratom that’s always on sale.


Shipping typically takes between 2 and 3 business days to be processed, meaning that you are unlikely to receive your package in less than one work week. However, a tracking number is provided within 24 hours of shipment, so you’re always able to follow up on the status of your order.

If there’s one thing that rubs me the wrong way about this otherwise exceptional vendor it’s the lack of a contact form or 24/7 live chat feature on their website. This makes it difficult for a prospective customer to reach out with any questions about their products.

However, those who place an order receive email confirmation from Liza at: Consumers can reach out to her with queries there as she normally responds promptly.


You’ll find plenty of Liza’s Botanicals reviews online because everyone’s been talking about this intriguing brand. A visit to any Liza’s Botanicals Reddit page will unearth a king’s ransom of comments about their many strains and specialties.

Over on I Love Kratom, one user called Liza’s Premium Maeng Da a “good energy and mood-lifting strain with some…relieving qualities.”

Another user agreed, writing, “She was very nice to me in every email. So A + customer service and shipping (package arrived in 2 days)…Super Green MD was very good. Nice energy, not edgy like White MD can be, felt positive and good…

“I’m a fan of Liza’s Botanicals, I’d definitely order again and get the White Indo and Red MD/Super Green Elephant. She provides excellent customer service and a very good product.”


Their post-harvest blend of white and red vein Jambu kratom is among the best I’ve ever come across. Despite the name the powder is bright green and intensely aromatic. The initial pick up is subtle and slowly creeps up on you in a satisfying way.

My experience was more than copacetic, delivering a pleasant full body sensation and increased sociability. I felt confident, motivated and attentive to those around me.

I couldn’t leave their online store without ordering some greens, I’m just a sucker for greens. With that in mind, I picked up some Green Bota and Green Nanga. The Bota powder hit me within 15 minutes and lasted for about four hours.

This Boyan strain is super potent and fast that mingles both energy enhancement with mental clarity. I felt focused, sharp and capable of multitasking after burning it.

The Green Nanga was not as noteworthy as I’d anticipated. It is often considered an alternative to reds and I can see why. Most of its aroma was coffee-like in nature, but it made me kind of woozy and sleepy, something I don’t look for in a green.

Of course, everyone is different and no two people will have the same experience. I certainly wouldn’t be averse to trying it again in the future, but it certainly isn’t making my top picks list any time soon.


For those who are looking for top shelf kratom powder at a bargain basement price look no further than Liza’s kratom, a brand that can be trusted for consistency, purity and powerful aroma. Try it today and let us know what you think. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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