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If you live in New York, you know that it’s a hard knock life. The hustle, the bustle, the crazy guy with the box cutter running amok in the subway. It can all get a tad stressful what with dealing with street vendors shoving Gucci knock-offs in your chest and muggers shoving guns in your grill.

Enter LI Herbals, formerly Long Island Herbals, a company that’s committed to bringing New Yorkers (and everyone else who lives in a state where kratom is legal) premium Mitragyna speciosa powder.


LIH Tea Company is a Long Island-based kratom vendor with an assortment of kratom powders that will blow your eyes through the back of your frickin’ head. This is quality Indo kratom at its very best.

LI Herbals has been around since 2015 and in that short period of time they’ve made some big changes to their online store, adding exotic strains never previously available in the Western world. A proud supporter of the AKA (American Kratom Association), they have gone above and beyond to promote scientific knowledge and keep customers apprised of their quality.


This vendor is currently stocking no fewer than 12 unique products including quality kratom tea. They are as follows:

  • Bent Matcha Tea
  • Full Spectrum Blend Matcha Tea
  • Green Elephant Matcha
  • Green and Green Elephant Matcha Tea Split Kilo
  • Green Matcha Tea
  • Green Matcha Tea 500mg Veggie Capsules
  • Red Matcha Tea
  • Red, White, Green and Yellow Matcha Tea Split Kilo
  • Red, White, Green and Yellow 120g Matcha Tea Sample Pack
  • 20x Kratom Extract
  • Yellow Matcha Tea
  • White Matcha Tea


Li Herbals Green Kali has long been regarded as their top strain, easily selling out faster than any of their other powders. This is understandable given its strength and extensive duration. Deeply energizing and very coffee-like in nature, Green Kalimantan kratom may give you a boost when you need it most.


LIH Tea Company’s kratom is insanely cheap! I mean…I really don’t even know what to say. This one has left me speechless. At $3.50 for a mind-boggling 30 grams, they are undoubtedly the least expensive vendor in the online marketplace. You’ll think you’re dealing directly with a native farmer.

$28 gets you 250 grams while $70 earns you a kratom kilo. Compare that to the industry standard of $120-130 for the same and you realize that you’re getting a deal like no other.

Those who want to experiment with what LI Herbals has to offer, the split kilo is an irresistible choice—pick up a split for $75 and you’ll get 250 grams of green vein tea, 250 grams of red vein tea, 250 grams of white vein tea and 250 grams of yellow vein tea. You’ll also earn 750 reward points toward your next order.


This vendor rolls out discounts on the reg which include giveaways and coupon codes. There are currently no promotions running, but sign up today to receive their newsletter and prepare to get deals galore.


Users have been turned off in the past by frequent changes to their website, but this is clearly in the name of improvement. As on user pointed out, “I had used them off and on for the last two years or so and never had any issues.”

In a post on Reddit, a user exclaims, “Welp, you guys weren’t lying about the Li Herbals…I use kratom for hiking and this had everything I look for in a strain. Energy…made me talkative, and lasted a good 2 hrs.”

Of their Green Kali, another user said, “It’s by far the best green I’ve had, maybe the best kratom I’ve had. When I first tried it, I got from a guy who said he didn’t want it because it was to strong for him. I traded for it and have been buying it since. This is the one strain that is always consistent and strong. I’ve had it from multiple different lots as well and it’s always good.tons of energy, good mood lift…”

Elsewhere, a user called them their go-to vendor, saying, “I order from other vendors too, not sure why..but LI is hard to beat. If I had to chose one vendor it would be LI. I’ve had mixed experience with other vendors, but LI is always top shelf stuff.

They have been called a well-respected vendor on social media sites and everyone seems to agree that their Green Kali tea is on point with one user calling it their favorite strain (“simply amazing,” they say).

“Probably the best vendor that ever existed IMO,” another person added.


After ordering one of their 120 gram sample packs, I was eager to dive into their yellow strain as I’ve been slowly coming around to yellows of late. I was not disappointed. It was soothing, enlightening and simply awesome. My sense of visual perception was notably enhanced and I felt like a fog had lifted. The mental clarity that attended my day time research was staggering, to say the very least.

Their green tea was equally impressive, offering a similar level of attentiveness with a definite boost and a warmth of sorts.

I wasn’t blown away by their red powder, but I can say with confidence that their white tea was among the greatest I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. It provided a well-balanced aroma with minimal bitterness.

The white was both exhilarating and sociable, making for a well-rounded good time with absolutely no wobbles or comedown. Easily one of the finest mood enhancing strains I’ve had in awhile. My experience was positive all around.


With prices rising every day and a growing number of bad actors poisoning the well, it only makes sense to get your hands on LI Herbals’ quality and affordable kratom while you can. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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