Hill Country Kratom Review: A Blast from the Past That’s Built to Last

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Back in 2016, you may remember seeing Hill Country Kratom raided, but have no fear. These cats bounced back and they bounced back with a vengeance. You can’t keep a good dog down.

In the ensuing years they have stepped their game up in a big way, introducing new strains like Kalimantan red vein kratom leaf powder and other fine products. Today we’ll take a look at where they’re from, what they’re all about and what you can expect to pay for their premium organic leaf.


HCK Wellness, LLC (aka Hill Country Kratom) is a Central Texas-based company that’s family owned and operated. While it is true that they were raided by officers of Gillespie County who carried out a search warrant, confiscating an assortment of legal CBD oil and kratom, justice prevailed and today they are up and running, offering organic botanicals to all states in which they are legal.

This vendor sells a variety of fresh strains as well as natural supplements such as Moringa Leaf Powder and Tongkat Ali.


This ma and pa company is currently offering two powerful strains—the aforementioned Red Kali and Super Green Borneo, respectively. Although this relative dearth may turn some kratom connoisseurs off, it’s important to note that their product line is regularly updated, so additional options may become available at any given time.

A consistently potent and pleasing Indonesian leaf powder, Super Green Borneo is both revitalizing and exultant, making for a rapturous rockin’ good time.

Red Kali is known for being a deeply restorative and bracing strain that may motivate and galvanize users without a case of the jitters commonly associated with other plants from the coffee family.

Their kratom is dried indoors to prevent against exposure to dirt, insects or other forms of contamination. The result is a fresh, filler-free product that is always pleasurable.


A quarter pound of kratom powder sells for $45 while a ½ lb is offered for $70. That’s more than 226 grams for less than half of what most vendors charge for a kilo. Needless to say, these aren’t the best prices around by any stretch of the imagination.

As a matter of fact, just this week alone I’ve reviewed two online vendors whose prices put these guys to shame. I’m talking about Best Buy Botanicals and Kramart, two brands that are every bit as trusted as Hill Country Kratom.

But you know what they say—you get what you pay for and with HCK Wellness, you know you’re getting organic, home-grown kratom from an independently owned operation that stands by its farmers and their fresh leaf.


Hill Country Kratom is super convenient for just about any consumer as they now accept Bitcoin, digital wallet options, cash, postal money orders, Money Gram wires, Western Union transfers, SKRILL and Amazon gift cards.

Perhaps more interestingly, these cats are willing to barter with you, so if you’ve got something worth trading they’re all ears. Give ’em a shout and see what you can hook up.


USPS Priority Mail shipping is available to all customers and tracking information is provided once your package has been processed.

It’s easy to get in touch with their online contact form along with their 1-800 number and PO Box address. Text messages are accepted as well and are strongly encouraged as the most reliable means by which to discuss your order.


All you patriots will be pleased to know that HCK honors those who have served our country. Veterans and those currently active in military duty can use the HCK Wellness coupon code “vetcode18” to receive 20% off their order at checkout.


There have been mixed opinions where this vendor is concerned. One user on I Love Kratom points out that their high prices and lack of wider variety hold them back from being a genuinely outstanding choice in the current marketplace.

However, this very same user is quick to add that their kratom is of high quality. Over on Reddit, another user says, “HCK donates part of their profits back to the very same village that it sources its Kratom from, helped me justify making my first order with them.

“Think about that for a moment, HCK isn’t sourcing their product from one of the larger exporters/importers, they’re getting it directly from a single village and can tell you precisely whose hands touched the Kratom from the point of harvest to the time it left their Texas shop. How many other vendors can make that claim?”

This user goes on to talk about how Dominick, the owner of HCK, made him feel like part of his family. “…he just has a kindness to him that goes beyond what I’ve experienced elsewhere despite thinking customer service couldn’t get any better.”

Most importantly, they go on to highlight the excellence of their product, writing, “The superstar from HCK was the Red Kalimantan. This Kratom is as good as it gets, at least for my burner. It has the same qualities that a good Red Kali should have, but elevated in each area.”

In a shout out to Hill Country Kratom, yet another user wrote, “I was a little hesitant because of the price, but I had just got my taxes back and wanted to treat myself. And a treat it was, the red kali is some of the best kratom I’ve ever had.

“Very very good…super relaxing, and all in all a classic red strain. I also got samples of the yellow and green kali, and I actually liked the yellow the best out of the three.”


If you’ve got money to burn and you want to invest in Mitragyna speciosa powder of the highest caliber then HCK is here to set you up with the strain that’s right for you. Give Dom a call and let him hook you up. Be safe, be smart and be well. : )

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