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You’ve heard the name, but can you trust the brand? Is Soul Speciosa keepin’ it too legit to quit or are they poised to perish like so many vendors before them? And do they really have soul or are they lackin’ the necessary Wisdom?

In the following review, we’ll tell you all about how Soul Speciosa keeps their kratom safe, secure and super enhanced. Strap in for our exploded view of this vendor’s products, pricing, consumer reputation and more.


Hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, CA, this company strives to provide their patrons with only the freshest organic kratom available.

The Soul Speciosa website re-routes you to Left Coast Kratom’s online store. That’s because Soul Speciosa was forced to change its URL after their products were recalled in during the 2018 kratom salmonella scare.

Like some of the other top kratom vendors, they have since stepped up their game, taking additional measures to ensure that their kratom is unadulterated. Each batch of Left Coast kratom is lab tested for purity.

Vendor is a supporter of the AKA (American Kratom Association), a non-profit organization committed to preserving the legal future of kratom in the United States.


This company offers everything from kratom powder and 100% kratom capsules to kratom extracts and beginner strains. Noobs can knock out one of their free kratom samples to get an idea of which ones they prefer.

Their powders and caps include the following:

  • Green Vein Thai
  • Horn Maeng Da
  • OG Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Kali
  • Red MD
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Borneo
  • White Sumatra
  • Yellow Thai
  • Super Enhanced Indo


Maeng Da, aka Pimp Daddy kratom is easily the most popular form of Mitragyna speciosa powder on the market. That’s because it is naturally stronger than most any other strain.

This vendor takes that strength one step further with their super enhanced Thai kratom powder. This yellow vein fave is affordable and awesome. It packs a punch and gets the job done, requiring far fewer grams to be burned in one sitting than is typical of a Thai strain.


This vendor’s powders start at an industry average $9.55 for 28 grams. 56 grams go for $16.55 while 112 grams sell for $28.95. Obviously, this is not the cheapest option in the current marketplace, but it’s also not the most expensive either.

The one downside is their lack of bulk kratom; this company does not offer kilos or even half kilos. Their capsules start at $14.99 for 28 gram caps. Their liquid kratom extract sells for $19.99 with each containing 90 mgs of Mitragynine per bottle.


Left Coast Kratom offers a range of different discounts to suit their customers’ needs. When you land on their homepage you are greeted by a prompt, urging you to enter your email address to receive special deals on their full product line.


All orders receive automatic free same day shipping via UPS. Orders in excess of $99 are eligible for free UPS Next-Day shipping.

It’s a snap to get in touch with these guys since they provide a contact form, a 1-800 number and an email address where they can be reached. Their customer support staff are prompt and knowledgeable, making for an informative experience every time you inquire about their products.


They give their return customers a 5-tier loyalty program by which users are able to unlock a variety of distinct benefits such as a 5% off discount when they’ve spent $500 or more. Loyalty members are eligible for up to 70% off in weekly promo codes.

Those who follow them on social media automatically receive 10% off their order, and their affiliate program enables influencers to earn points every time they share a Left Coast Kratom link in one of their blog posts or videos.


A reviewer on I Love Kratom raved about their initial experience with them, writing, “Since this is a new vendor for me,im always skeptical, so i only ordered a small amount of their Green malay. And let me just say,WOW! Its definitely the best malay ive ever recieved. Very very potent in my opinion. I definantly look forward to trying some of the other strains. The prices are a little higher for certain strains, but its well worth it!”

Their Super Green Malay has been described as “Really smooth & more on the relaxing…side than energetic side but will depend on how much your Dose is. Great for…any Social Interactions & Mood Lift…Overall a great strain for just about any situation…”


I’ve only sampled their Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) kratom capsules, but I can say they are among the best I’ve ever come across. It was very calming, very smooth, very relieving and extremely subtle.

Most people expect UEI to hit hard and dissipate quickly, but this one creeped up on me like a stalker in the dark…in a good way. Lol. In all seriousness, I was super impressed by the duration of this one’s aroma and the ease with which I was able to choke ’em down.


All things considered, this is a good middle of the road kratom brand with a fair number of fantastic kratom powders and kratom capsules. Definitely worth trying if you’re not trying to tighten your purse strings.

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