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Like the apple left an impression on Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden Herbals kratom has left quite the impression on the community. In the past, they have been banned by I Love Kratom, embraced by return customers and blasted by angry consumers.

Their Fuller Spectrum Mega Mix blend impressed an assortment of reviewers who compared it to a stronger Elephant kratom strain.

Suffice it to say that this one is a divisive vendor who deserves to be explored in some depth. In this review we’ll talk about what they’ve done, how they’ve evolved and what they have to offer the eager kratom enthusiast.


This San Francisco-based company is an online purveyor of pure all-natural botanicals. When they first hit the scene they went by the name Garden of Eden Herbals. That was before they were banished by forum moderators for bad business practices such as failing to pay a farmer and utilizing spam bots.

When you visit you are met by a sign which reads, “We’ll be back soon!” There is no indication of when this was posted or how long they’ve been shuddered, but it looks like they aren’t necessarily gone.

They appear to have rebranded as Garden of Eden Apothecary, a fully operational online store that offers a diverse array of alternative remedies and informational literature…or did they? This is where things get confusing.

Garden of Eden Apothecary has differentiated themselves from other vendors by virtue of their local, organic and bio-dynamic agricultural creations and their commitment to ethically sourced, sustainable wildcrafted botanicals.

But they’re not the only GoE. There is also, the online store of Garden of Eden. These folks say that they were established in 2003 and have evolved into an expansive company that provides everything from CBD and kratom to cannabis, vapes and dabs.


This is difficult to answer as Garden of Eden Apothecary regularly rotate their inventory, adding and subtracting herbs at will. For instance, they have ceased production of tonic and bitters while their “creatrix” attends Chinese medicine school.

They are most famous for their OG kratom strains which have included Green Riau and White Sumatra. Their Green Mystery Madness blend is a favorite among many noot nuts who have sampled it.

Unlike other companies who display the full width and breadth of their product diversity, GoE wisely avoids giving too much away. Ergo, you will not find any flashy pictures of vibrant kratom powders on their website nor will you see a full list of their strains.

Instead, customers are urged to give them a call to discuss a potential order. This makes sense considering the murky waters we’re all now swimming in with pending legislation and increased scrutiny.

If you want to view’s…menu, well, you’ll have to visit this odd URL:


By and large, they have been greeted with much satisfaction by seasoned users. One user posted to say that they were happy to see that GoE was back in the good graces of the community, writing, “They have always had outstanding customer service and decent product on the few orders I have made with them. I recently had gotten an order I was not exactly pleased with…

“No fault of GoE really, was probably just me. They had seen my comments on another post and contacted me wanting to make sure I was happy. I did not ask them for anything, they did this all on their own, just to be sure I was satisfied. They sent me several samples of some of their newer products. Not every day you see a Vendor go WAY ABOVE and BEYOUND for one little customer like me.”

This user goes on to give props to their Grandfather leaf and Premium White Zulu strain as well as their Green Jong Kong, saying that it “hit on most all of what you look for in a green with a nice mellow energy that put me in a much better mood.”

Elsewhere, a user said, “I’ve been using good ol’ GoE for quite some time now (despite them opening, closing, opening, closing… you get the point). Regardless, they’ve never let me down.”

In a Reddit post, a user wrote, “Tried their Green Mystery Madness, great day time blend! First time branching out from Gaia and SoCal and I’m very pleased with the product…”

Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “GOE has had some of the best Kratom I’ve gotten this year. They are one of only a few vendors I use.”

Many in the community have lamented the recurrence of strains being out of stock and the site being down, but one thing is clear: they have been very friendly and receptive to newcomers and are known for carrying quality speciosa powder.


2019 discount codes appear to be available through WikiBuy, although they do not appear to be verified. If you’re looking for a confirmed promo code, you’d do well to contact this vendor directly to find out about any deals they are currently running on their products.


There are a few different companies with similar names such as the aforementioned Garden of Eden Apothecary and Eden Garden Supply, LLC, the latter of which regularly stocks Captain LA Kratom. Always be sure that you are dealing with the real deal before purchasing any products.


It’s been a helluva long time since I’ve sampled their goodies, so my opinion may not carry a lot of water with y’all. What I can tell you is that this was one of the first brands I tried when I discovered Mitragyna speciosa and after burning their OG green, I’d have to say that it was very pleasing for a noob.

Nowadays, I’m used to a different standard of quality, but at the time they seemed more than adequate for the price which, at the time, was $10 per ounce.


With so many similarly named companies operating in 2019, you should definitely do your homework before taking a chance on any site going by the name GOE. Go to Google and do a deep dive before shelling out any cash. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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