Gaia Kratom Review: Gaia Ethnobotanical’s Best Strains in 2019

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Here in the United States kratom has blown up in the last few years with literally hundreds of kratom vendors taking the market by storm and hordes of curious consumers turning to this ancient Ayurvedic herb.

As lawmakers have begun pushing legislation to heavily regulate kratom, demand has only grown, opening up a revolving door for bad actors and bogus brands to crop up. The result can be seen at any neighborhood headshop—innumerable companies have come out of the woodwork with an assortment of bunk kratom products from weak powders and spurious capsules to adulterated kratom extracts and kratom shots.

These shady brands and the shoddy hucksters behind them play an instrumental role in the media’s stigmatization of the Mitragyna speciosa plant and its leaves. That is why it is imperative that consumers get hip to the difference between snake oil salesmen and the true blue botanical supplier.

Kratom powder and kratom capsules that have been embraced by the community are the only ones worth buying. These superior brands are the ones that have been validated by customers and scientists alike.

The only way to ensure that you are purchasing quality product is to find a vendor who submits their kratom leaf to third party laboratory testing. This is a multi-tier process by which the plant matter is tested for heavy metals, bacteria and other contaminants. It is also a surefire way to guarantee that you are receiving 100% pure, potent and organic material.

When it comes to online stores, folks can find out a lot about a potential supplier by reviewing public comment about that supplier. Platforms such as I Love Kratom, Double M Herbals and Reddit are chock-a-block with experience posts by users who have tried various kratom brands.

This is a great place to start when you are vetting a company of any sort, particularly a purveyor of premium “thang.” Another viable option is to seek out a vendor who offers free samples. By burning a few grams of a specific strain you can get a feel for the company’s quality standards and the aroma of the respective strain.

As thousands of Americans flock to this ancient herb for its many restorative qualities, investments have begun to be made in research and development. Consequently, we are beginning to see a number of innovations in the growth and harvesting of live kratom plants.

Methods like grafting and fermentation have changed the global marketplace and vendors have had to step up their game as a result. In 2019, seasoned kratom connoisseurs demand more from the companies whose services they patronize and many of us have had our eyes peeled for a next level provider.

MitraGaia, formerly Gaia Ethnobotanical, remain the #1 site for game-changing kratom and customer service that’s out of this world. There are many bells and whistles to their website, ease of navigation being chief among them.

Whereas many other online botanical stores are vague, minimalist and difficult to load, MitraGaia’s site is ergonomic, informative and full of surprises. In the past, we’ve praised their efforts at expansion, speed, quality and customer care.

But today we’ll be talking more specifically about what they have to offer and what makes each of their top strains so irresistible.


  • Ergonomics

As supply and demand has risen the market has seen a steady decline in usability and coherence. When the greedy rats and cunning foxes come out of their holes and scramble to sink their fangs into trusted vendors’ table scraps they don’t exactly practice any finesse.

This is why we’ve seen a number of low-rent e-commerce sites popping up that ignore readability and easy navigation in favor of flashy pictures of the Mitragyna speciosa plant and high-priced order options.

This vendor is not one of them; they have been supplying the community with top shelf product and dedicated customer support since their relaunch in 2016. Their homepage is gorgeous and all of its features—Abous Us page, online store, FAQ, et al.—are easily accessible and well-worded with plenty of detail.

  • Transparency

Honesty is a virtue in this industry and Gaia Ethnobotanical is aware of this. That’s why they offer every assurance right outta the gate.

The first thing you’ll read when you land on their site is the following statement: “Our kratom powder is harvested for maturity and potency. We make sure to lab test each strain to ensure quality, cleanliness, and strength.”

  • Payment Options

This seller offers multiple payment methods including certified money order, checking and savings account and credit cards. Folks who pay with Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency are encouraged to do so as it earns them a 20% off rebate.

As of this writing, they have issued an alert, informing their patrons that credit and debit transactions are currently unavailable and asking for them to patient while they resolve the issue.

  • Product Line

MitraGaia is easily one of the most expansive brands, having branched out from a single facility in Las Vegas, NV to numerous facilities including a fulfillment center in Florida. They stock a wealth of strains and brands that are ethically sourced from Malaysia, Indonesia and beyond.

You’ve got your pick of the litter here, so you’ll never come away without finding something that’s right for you. The price point on each of their powders is also rather miniscule compared to many of their competitors in the space.

Customers can get a whopping 250 grams for a mere five bucks! Compare that to what you’d pay in any local smoke shop and you realize that you’re in good hands. Kratom kilos are offered at an industry low $120 and what’s more, they have the internet’s single cheapest kratom extract which starts at just $1 for a one gram bag of 20x powdered Maeng Da extract.

  • Affiliate Program

As if they hadn’t offered enough incentives already, Gaia also enables social media influencers and career bloggers to earn money by signing up for their affiliate program. By becoming a marketer, you can earn bucko bucks by sharing links and banners on your blog, website or social media account.

Their affiliate dashboard is easy-to-navigate and assists you in managing how many clicks your media posts receive. Users can also subscribe to their newsletter to get up-to-the-minute info about their incoming products, promotional deals and more. Reward points are also given on qualifying orders.

  • Lightning Fast Shipping

All packages come with USPS shipping with tracking information provided once your order has been processed and shipped. Packages typically arrive within 2-3 business days, but some arrive even earlier, depending on when they were processed.

  • Customer Service

As I said before, these cats are renowned for their remarkable customer support staff and their commitment to keeping their patrons happy. They are prompt, knowledgeable and helpful, providing info about your order, resolving grievances in real time and issuing refunds where applicable. Samples and savings are also not uncommon when customers have an issue with their order.


Let’s take a closer look at the very best strains currently offered by this vendor.

  • Elephant
  • Green Asia
  • Green Batak
  • Green Brunei
  • Plantation Red Maeng Da
  • Red JongKong
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • White Horn
  • 8-In-1 Kratom Blend
  • 50X Black Diamond Extract

Elephant kratom gets its name from the oversize leaves of this particular kind of kratom tree. It has its roots in Southeast Asia where it grows on OG (old grown) trees that grow to heights of as much as 100 feet.

This vendor’s Elephant strain is among the strongest available on the internet. It exhibits qualities of green, red and white vein kratom, making it a full spectrum choice. Those who purchase it get 30 reward points worth $1.50 toward a subsequent transaction.

Green Asia is so named because it, too, comes from Southeast Asia where it is carefully harvested by experienced farmers who are adept at drying and fermentation. Green Asia is similar to Green Malay which is why I can’t get enough of it.

Green Batak is a dark green powder which is akin to Green Sunda except milder and more of a slow strain. It is definitely a natural optimizer insofar as it really brightens up your day with its aroma.

Their Brunei strain is harvested in the wild and consists of a mixture of green and white veins. Grown in a remote region of the Nation of Brunei, the so-called Adobe of Peace, Green Brunei is somewhere between “fast” and “slow” and packs quite the fragrance.

Plantation Red Maeng Da is easily their finest MD strain, delivering a heady aroma and a genuinely impressive palliative burn. Fresh from the plantation, this one is something to behold. When I first purchased it, I didn’t know what to expect, but when I cracked it open I couldn’t believe the powerful, almost floral scent which called to mind magnolias and a cool glass of iced tea.

Reds are rarely my favorites, but their JongKong powder from Kalimantan Barat is up there with my top green and white picks because of how chill it is. This is one I like to keep on hand for those nights where invasive thoughts take hold and I can’t fall asleep. JongKong does the trick.

Their Red Hulu Kapuas has all of the characteristics typical of traditional strains with a little twist. It’s seriously joyous and provides hours of blissful interaction and animation.

White Horn is but one of their Horned Leaf powders, but it’s definitely my fave. For those who don’t already know, horned leaf kratom is so named for the horn-shaped leaves of the related tree. It is quite rare and difficult to source which explains why it’s quickly become a best-seller online.

White Horn powder or capsules is both jubilant and elevating in its aroma, fortifying those who burn it. Many in the community consider this one a sociable lifestyle strain and I have to agree one hundred percent.

MitraGaia is infamous for their specialty products which include premium extracts and proprietary blends. Their 8-In-1 custom blend combines all four of their Maeng Da powders—Green, Red, White and Gold—along with their Bali and Green Malay.

This one provides an all-encompassing experience and gives newcomers to the community a well-rounded view of popular strains.

50x Black Diamond Extract is undoubtedly their most talked about product due to its full spectrum aroma and high concentrations of 7-hydroxymitagynine. A pure isolate that’s both potent and clean, Black Diamond is the most powerful powder available on the web.


By 2018, a lot had changed for this growing business from their name change to their online presence. They earned a four-star rating on social media and became a top verified shop. They got big ups on forums like I Love Kratom with more and more consumers discovering their top shelf brand.

Many in the community have called them the best vendor thus far and it’s easy to see why. Of course, not all buyer feedback has been positive. This is the kratom community we’re talking about and trolling is just as common here as any gaming forum.

One user wrote, “I have been buying Gaia kratom for over a year now and when i find that special strain like the yellow vietnam from 2 months ago its some if the best out there. But every month I get 2-3 bags out of 4-8 each month, that are underwhelming to say the least.

“I understand that all vendors have good batches and bad batches due to many factors. But those bad batches are not supposed to be included every month and maybe I’m extremely unlucky and others have had nothing but decent quality. But how is it that out of a sample pack or split kilo every month I have 1/2-1/4 that is weak as a politicians moral compass?”

Never ones to rest of the laurels of previous success, this vendor has since gone on to update their product line and double down on their commitment to quality and potency.


This has been a very good year for Gaia Kratom with the company expanding their collection and rolling out new deals on the reg. They have attracted a wide cross-section of fans who have reviewed their stuff on YouTube channels, Reddit posts, blogs and more.

Those who have tried them out find that their variety and pricing are nearly unparalleled in the current marketplace, and their generosity has been repeatedly noted. One user ordered a single strain and a bottle of Blue Lotus caps and received double the amount that they ordered with the extras thrown in for free.


With kratom’s popularity ballooning by the day it only makes sense to do business with a company that you can trust. MitraGaia is an excellent platform with a host of perks and an ever-expanding collection. They are honest, fairly priced, committed to customer satisfaction and blazing fast with regard to order fulfillment.

Where myopic vendors have dropped the ball, this vendor picks it up and gets the ball rolling, so to speak. They check off all our boxes—transparency, diversity, affordability, quality and purity. Give ’em a shot and shoot us your thoughts in the comments.

Be safe, be smart and be well.

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