Herbaldom Review: The Cleanest Brand on the Market

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On this blog we’ve covered the good, the lame and the fugly, giving equal time to weeding out the bad actors as we have exalting the very top kratom vendors. It should go without saying that the sheer volume of bogus operations has left us feeling more than a little frustrated.

That’s why it’s always a genuine pleasure when we come across a company that deserves to be heralded as a trustworthy source for Mitragyna speciosa. In the case of Herbaldom, there is plenty of reason to be excited.

As word of mouth has unfurled in the Western world and kratom has become a household name so, too, have reports of kratom hospitalizations and contaminated kratom powder. Just last year the industry took a heavy blow in the wake of a widespread salmonella scare and the FDA’s mandatory recall of related products.

The consequence of this outbreak resulted in a desperate need for accountability and responsibility in the speciosa space. The most legit brands on the market turned to third party laboratory testing in order to ensure that their powders and capsules were uncontaminated.

One of the first vendors to implement such quality control protocols was Herbaldom, thereby securing their place in the hearts and minds of the kratom fandom. Check out what makes them special and why we’re totally fanboying over these West coast giants.

Let’s take a closer look at how they are achieving true herbal domination.


Established by Mr. Andrew, a California-based proprietor with a background in IT as well as M. speciosa, Herbaldom was founded on the notion of swapping out misleading marketing materials in favor of transparency and purity.

Mr. Andrew understood the need for clear labeling, accurate measurements, fast turnaround time and unadulterated powder. As such, Herbaldom utilizes laboratory testing and secure facilities. All of their kratom is packed in a cleanroom, preserving the integrity of the plant matters and its innate alkaloids.


  • Quality control
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy-to-navigate online store

In addition to being cleanroom packed, all of their products are carefully lab tested and securely packaged prior to being shipped to their loyal customer base.

Packages arrive within days via USPS Priority or Express Mail. Packages are mailed safely and discreetly in generic bags or boxes. Orders generally arrive within 2-3 business days or less.

Their website is ergonomic and it’s a piece of cake to find whatever you are looking for, whether it’s a particular strain or more info about how you can pay.


They currently stock an array of exotic strains including Green Domination, Red Dragon, White Domination and their Full Spectrum Domination blend. Their 3.2 MIT Extract has blown the barn doors off their hinges.

An Herbaldom sampler is also available and is perfect for the noob who wants to check this brand out before placing a larger order.


Although it is not in stock at this time, this vendor is infamous for their uber-potent Elephant kratom powder. Their Wild Green Elephant Thai is a deeply invigorating powder that continues to sell out fast, easily dominating (there’s that word again) their bestseller list.


Each strain starts at an industry low $7.50 for 28 grams with 250 grams selling for 30 bucks. Their MIT extract starts at $59.00 for 28 grams with 79 grams selling for $120. Those who are new to their store can try out their -100 micron sample pack for just 39 bucks.

They also provide a Clearance page where sale items can be reviewed. Whenever a batch is considered less than stellar, this supplier sells them at a deep discount.


Herbaldom accepts all major credit cards, but for the privacy-conscious consumer they also accept Amazon gift cards and Bitcoin. For additional payment methods inquire via their contact form to speak with a customer service rep.


In addition to coupon codes, these guys offer discounts of up to 73% sitewide. Special offers are regularly made available to their customers.


Herbaldom kratom reviews can be found all across the Internet with Herbaldom Reddit posts raving about their company. One zealous user gushes, “I cannot tell you how much I freaking love Herbaldom. Besides having the best kratom- they always find a way to make me smile. I’ve been buying up a bit more and I know all the vendors are crazy maniac level busy.

“I don’t know why I think it is so damn sweet and funny but I STILL got Chimes [Ginger Chews] in my order. How they find the time to even care about Chimesing people is beyond me! Even when it feels like things are unstable and nuts- Herbaldom still finds a way to bring the calm and give out kickass customer love.”

On one thread, a user writes: “Anything I’ve had from herbaldom has been great, and they have a good reputation on this sub. The Red Borneo I got from them recently is some of the best red I’ve had in a while.”

Another user agreed, saying, “Herbaldom has had above average leaf as long as I have known about them (@ 3years)…Their Plantation MD is one of my staples…I stocked up on a LOT of his leaf during the ban scare. Red Borneo, Bentuangie, Green Horn, Yellow Hulu, White Hulu…all very good…I highly recommend Andrew (the owner), and Herbaldom. Good, honest Vendor for sure. I need to try some of the new stock myself.”

Over at I Love Kratom, a reviewer notes their “awesome pricing” and calls them a “solid vendor,” referring to their White Horn as “very uplifting” and calling their Green Malay “excellent.” They go on to say that they are a decent vendor with “good quality Plain Leaf Kratom.”

Elsewhere, another user says, “I just got the Elephant & the Green MD Jong Kong Strains…They were both on Sale because they said the Quality wasn’t up to Par but I got to say it is pretty darn good.”


I placed an order on a Wednesday and received it that Friday. It was securely packaged and came in an easily resealable bag. Their Elephant was legit inspiring and I was extremely happy with the extended duration of its aroma.

I also picked up their Green Dragon and found it to be exhilarating, bringing out some serious fragrance and a robust experience.


Those who are on the hunt for plantation grade speciosa at a reasonable price are in luck with Herbal Domination as they deliver the goods, both in terms of quality and savings. Give ’em a shot today. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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