Coastal Kratom: Don’t Let the Name Fool You

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Kratom has ballooned in popularity to such a degree that many vendors have sprung up to sell it under similar names. In recent memory, there was the confusion over who sold Garden of Eden kratom due to the existence of no fewer than three companies using the Garden of Eden imprimatur.

Then, of course, you have companies with the word “botanicals” in their name—Kat’s Botanicals, Gaia Ethnobotanicals, Meridian Botanicals and so forth.

Needless to say, all this variety and similarity can be fairly perplexing, especially to newcomers to the kratom community. One recent example I’ve observed is that of Coastal Kratom. When someone asked me about them recently I didn’t know what to say.

Are they any good? How are their prices?

I didn’t have an answer. That’s because I’d never heard of them before. This impressed me as much as it eluded me. How had I managed to miss out on this seemingly famous brand?

As it turns out, I hadn’t…because Coastal Kratom doesn’t exist. At least that’s what my research is telling me. After scouring multiple search engines and asking around, it became clear that customers and reviewers are simply getting the name wrong.

Confused? I don’t blame you. Let me break it down into an easy to digest equation:

Coastal Kratom = Coastline Kratom.

Regular visitors to this blog no doubt recall the love I’ve got for Coastline Kratom. As someone who divides his time between the North coast and the East coast, I’ve long appreciated Coastline Kratom’s expedited processing and shipping time.

But let’s explore these cats in more depth so that you’ll understand exactly why they’re worth checking out for yourself.


Based out of South Carolina, Coastline Kratom is a long-established U.S. Kratom vendor with a surplus of special strains and exceptional deals. Like all the best suppliers, Coastline Kratom offers a money back guarantee to their customers…but you’ll hardly need it since their high quality Mitragyna speciosa powder is always on point.

Often confused with the inferior Left Coast Kratom, Coastline Kratom has been around longer than most other Southeastern vendors. This is due in no small part to their purity, potency and dependability.


The better question is, “What haven’t they got to offer?” Of all the suppliers online—and believe me, they are plentiful, numbering as they do in the hundreds—Coastline is definitely one of the most fully stocked online stores around.

In addition to Bali, Borneo, Horned Leaf, Maeng Da and Malay strains, they also stock live kratom plants. This enables seasoned users with green thumbs to grow their very own Mitragyna speciosa trees at home using their very own growing methods.


  • Green Vein Borneo
  • Green Vein Malay
  • Ultra Enhanced Green Malay


  • Red Vein Bali
  • Red Vein Borneo
  • Red Vein Horned Leaf
  • Red Vein Maeng Da
  • Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo
  • Ultra Enhanced Red Horned Kratom
  • Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da


  • White Vein Bali
  • White Vein Horned Leaf
  • White Vein Maeng Da

Each of their kratom powders comes from the leaves of Southeast Asian Mitragyna speciosa trees which grow in a number of exotic regions across the area including Riau, Bali province and other parts of Indonesia and beyond.

Their live kratom plants come with fresh soil, a humidity dome, pot and growing instructions included. Customers can choose between a Malaysian plant or a Rifat plant, both of which contain high concentrations of key alkaloids.


Traditional strains start at $15.99 for 25 kratom capsules and cap off (pardon the pun) at $57.99 for 100 grams. Granted, that’s more than a little expensive, but compare this to what you pay in your neighborhood smoke shop and I think you’ll agree that it’s not a terrible deal.

I always follow the age-old adage—You get what you pay for. With Coastline, you know that you’re getting premium grade speciosa that’s been tested for purity and high alkaloid content.


Like all responsible suppliers, Coastline Kratom cannot ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, San Francisco, CA; Jerseyville, IL; Sarasota County, FL or any country where kratom is still illegal.

All orders ship via USPS First Class Mail and typically arrive within 2-3 business days once they’ve been processed. Consumers should anticipate a window of 24-48 hours for their order to be processed given the sheer volume of users who place orders with this company.

If, for some reason, your package does not arrive within 3 business days, these cats are easily approachable, providing a mailing address, phone number and email on their site.


This is probably the only real con to all of their pros—they only accept major credit cards and do not make any mention of Venmo, Bitcoin or Zelle. That being said, it never hurts to reach out and see if they’re open to other payment methods.


Consumers have been vocal about how awesome they think Coastline Kratom is. One user wrote, “I recently got green vein malay from coastline kratom and this stuff is great…This is absolutely what I’ve needed…”

Forum favorite Madmaxnightrider posted a review of their products on I Love Kratom, saying, “I have to say Coastline has the Best Quality Kratom that I have ever tried in all my 8 years. It could be my body chemistry but two of their Strains were damn near perfect.

“You just couldn’t want anymore from Kratom. Shipping was fast at just under 3 days. The only negative I see is that the Prices are very high but so is their Quality.”

He goes on to list them as one of his top five all-time favorites which is a ringing endorsement from such a seasoned kratomite.


With a wealth of strains to choose from and some excellent sample packs, Coastline is one high-priced choice that’s worth every penny. Give ’em a go and let us know. Be safe, be smart and be well.

* Since initially posting this article we have learned through an anonymous source that Coastal Kratom is, in fact, an old kratom vendor who now goes by the name Blue River Wellness. For those who are eager to learn more about Coastal Kratom’s new business stay tuned for an update.

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