Blue River Wellness Review: Coastal Kratom Refined

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The other day we posted about the Coastal Kratom brand and how many people mistake it for Coastline Kratom. What we learned after publishing our review was that Coastal Kratom is a now-defunct company that has since re-branded as Blue River Wellness.

The name may have changed…but did the quality change with it?

Let’s talk about that!


Blue River Wellness is a Colorado-based kratom vendor with a host of unique botanicals and a yen for cutting edge growing techniques. Their new name comes from their location on Blue River Pkwy in Silverthorne, just outside Charleston where their LLC is registered.

Unlike some other companies, this supplier only ships within the United States. If you live in Canada or elsewhere you’re S.O.L., I’m afraid.

Their customer support, great products and easy ordering has earned them a devoted following, most of whom praise their reliable and prompt service as well as their awesome product line.


Blue River Wellness Maeng Da and Blue River Wellness Bali are among their top strains with customers ordering them by the bundle. But that’s just the usual suspects, these cats have far more exotic leaf to peruse at their online store.

A verified vendor on I Love Kratom, Blue River have gone above and beyond to differentiate themselves from other “mitra” brands. And that’s the thing—you won’t find any mention of kratom on their website. That’s because all of their speciosa powders fall under the Mitra category, for your protection and theirs.

Some of their most unique Mitra blends include Tropic Blast—a juicy aroma, to say the least—and their notorious Blue River Wellness Bright Eyes blend. This mixture is a consummate concoction that gives you the best of greens, reds and whites in one pouch.


  • Elephant Indo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Private Reserve Maeng Da Micronized Powder
  • Private Reserve Maeng Da, Crushed Leaf
  • Ultra Maeng Da
  • Ultra Green Malay, Crushed Leaf


  • Red Vein Sumatra
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Ultra Premium Bali
  • Ultra Premium Bali, Crushed Leaf


  • White Vietnam


  • The Bright Eyes Blend
  • Tropic Blast


Like many of the best vendors in the current marketplace, Blue River Wellness offers an ounce of mitra powder for $10.99, an industry standard price. Unfortunately for those who prefer to buy in bulk, these guys are a bit expensive.

A mere 32 ounces costs $175.99 which is well above the industry average which tends to fluctuate between $100 and $135 per kilo, depending on which online supplier you deal with. In fact, many users who buy direct from a local vendor get bulk kratom powder for around $75 to $80 before tax.

If you’re not great at conversion, I’ll put this in perspective for you. There are 35.274 ounces in a kilogram. That means that you’re paying almost double what most people pay for a kilo…for less than a full kilo.

This supplier now stocks CBD products as well, but they, too, are far more expensive than their competitors in the space.


Not only does this company provide loyal customers with a rewards program but they commonly give out promotional codes. You can check out their social media accounts or head to sites like Free Coupon Codes to get your discount today.


Blue River Wellness kratom reviews have been almost unanimously positive with one user pointing out that they have been around a long time and have given a ton of money towards keeping kratom legal. Another user writes, “They have really good leaf. It’s still way over priced though. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the burn though.”

Over on ILK, a member said, “This is seriously the best place to get kratom from. Their Meang Da strains are freaking awesome! And their prices, quality and customer service, as well as their efficiency with delivery gives all those bull**** websites a run for their money…

“…I’ve ordered from a lot of different websites and have been disappointed in 90 percent of them. This site is legit. And I’m really grateful for it.”


  • Wide variety of botanicals
  • Quality Mitragyna speciosa powder


  • Web pages take forever to load
  • Overly priced kratom
  • Limited payment options


Although they are far from fair or reasonable with their pricing, most consumers agree that their product is well worth the price of admission. Sample their Mitra today and let us know what you think. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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