Mayan Kratom Review: What You Need to Know About This Brand

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As with almost any other kind of lucrative business, the kratom industry has attracted more than a few shady grifters. Whether we’re talking about smoke shop wholesalers that cut their product with dangerous chemicals or off-label brands that are contaminated with bacteria, there have been several incidents of shoddy vendors taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

One company that has drawn a lot of negative attention is Mayan Kratom, a U.S.-based operation that has been serving the public since 2014. Consumers want to know the truth about these kinds of brands which is why we’ve made it our business to gather as much information as possible.


According to their own statistics, this company is the third largest Mitragyna speciosa vendor in the United States. Whether these figures are accurate is anyone’s guess as no sales records have ever been disclosed.

The business is located in Florida, but they use a distribution and processing center in California, which is just one of the many head-scratching details about their operations.

Although Mayan Kratom is stocked by many reputable retailers including Kratom-K, there are mutterings that this is little more than a bogus headshop fixture. Some users have been reluctant to deal with them after it came out that this seller was facing criminal charges.

Much of the hesitation is due to the sketchy business practices of its CEO, one Wesley Todd who has claimed to be selling FDA-compliant supplements and alleged that kratom saved his life after battling a prescription drug addiction.

As most in the community already know, kratom is not approved for medicinal use by the FDA, nor is it acceptable to make such bold claims about kratom’s benefits.

The fire was stoked further when it came out that Mr. Todd had a criminal record which extended well beyond a grand theft charge. Yet another questionable aspect to Mayan Kratom is the lack of transparency on their website.

Most trusted speciosa suppliers are all too eager to share detailed information about their strains with the general public. This information typically extends to vein color, effects and origins (,i.e. where they source their product from). Mayan’s online store provides no info about their sourcing methods, the locations from which their strains hail from or even the method by which it is harvested.

So, is it really worth doing business with a convicted felon? And is Mayan Kratom really quality plant matter?

Let’s take a closer look.



Mayan Kratom Maeng Da Supreme and Mayan Kratom Premium Bali are among the top picks on their site. Customers have also gone kratom crazy over Mayan Kratom Green Malay, although there are other strains here for the serious noot nut…just not a lot of ’em.

This vendor gives short shrift to those who are in the market for something exotic. Their store is limited to five different strains—Green Malay, Maeng Da, Maeng Da Supreme and Red Vein Bali.

Mayan Kratom capsules are this seller’s bread and butter, although they also stock powder. It is Mayan’s kratom caps that have become a mainstay at many smoke shops. They have a number of resellers across America, most of whom run small tobacco stores, paraphernalia shops or filling stations.

A Mayan Kratom free sample is available upon request and should introduce first-timers to the allure of their product line.


This is another aspect of this company that should give users pause. Unlike the vast majority of online stores, Mayan Kratom does not disclose the price of their products on their website. They do not list pricing or size options either. Instead, users are urged to call their 1-877 number to place an order.

The average price of their product is $25 per ounce which is definitely an industry high for such a small amount of leaf. However, their Red Vein Bali normally sells for about $11, give or take. Prices tend to fluctuate over time, so don’t expect these figures to stick.


Mayan Kratom is a smoke shop brand with little to no detailed information provided on its packaging. The CEO of the company is a convicted felon who once had a hit put out on him by a competitor in a bizarre murder-for-hire plot involving undercover DEA agents.

As far back as 2014, it was revealed by an anonymous source that their CEO had served three years in prison and had been convicted of everything from grand theft auto and witness intimidation to burglary and illegal possession of a concealed weapon.

Furthermore, this company has been blacklisted by the Kratom Association forum. They are not a member in good standing with any legit organizations such as AKA (American Kratom Association) or the Botanical Alliance.

One Reddit user even accused CEO Wesley Todd of being involved with an international drug syndicate that was caught smuggling illegal drugs into Jakarta. These drugs included methamphetamine.


Those who wish to buy kratom in the United States should always be mindful of who they are dealing with. A fair amount of research should go into your purchase. You always want to know what the owner’s background is, where they source their product from, whether it has been lab tested for purity and if they are willing to offer a free sample. Don’t end up with bunk product from a bad actor. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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