Mood And Mind Kratom Review: What You Should Know About This Vendor

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Kratom vendors come and go these days with many ending up closed due to local restrictions and pressure from government institutions. Others go out of business because of poor consumer reputation.

One company that has stood the test of time is Mood and Mind, a fully stocked online botanical store that’s famous for its quality kratom powder.

As the times have changed so, too, has their website, leading to some confusion among the kratom community. Today we’ll talk about where they’re at in 2019 and what customers need to know.


Established in 2008 by Paul and Jen Sturgis, two North Carolina residents with a passion for natural ingredients and holistic supplements, Mood & Mind grew into one of the first and most successful e-commerce sites for organic remedies and aromatherapy products.

They are one of the only suppliers to have successfully sold kratom on Amazon and to terrific results. Reviews were almost unanimously good with customers calling them “excellent” and praising the quality of their speciosa powder. In fact, they were even called the “king of amazon kratom sales.”

A lot of people were under the misconception that Mood and Mind stopped selling kratom in 2017, but it’s actually not that serious. As it turns out, you can find all of their Mitragyna speciosa strains by signing up as a registered member and searching for “Tom’s Tea.”

That’s right, Mood and Mind are putting the Tom in Thom, and their strains are as potent as ever.


This ma and pa company has rolled out a lot of unique strains and proprietary blends over the years. Their Premium Maeng Da has left quite the impression on consumers as has their Mood & Mind Blue Lotus 50:1 Extract Powder.

Their Red Vein Super Grade Herb has been particularly popular with one user calling it “amazing.” Their Mood & Mind Tea is now available in a customizable gift set where you choose the strains you want.

Mood and Mind Kava is known to be some of the most high-end kava powder on the market. It is considered deeply restorative by users and has garnered positive reviews on third party sites.

Mood and Mind Kanna is equally powerful and normally comes with a free sample of Mood and Mind Blue Lotus.

This vendor also stocks superfoods, drops, shots and spa goods as well as herbs like Chuchuhuasi, Maca Root powder and Yerba Mate.


One of the reasons why this vendor has maintained a solid reputation over the last decade is because of their extremely low prices. For instance, 28 grams of Maca Root 4:1 Extract Powder cost a mere $2.98 while a 30 count of 500mg capsules goes for just $12.95.

Their customizable Tom Tea gift set costs $17.72, and customers are advised to stock up on bulk kratom tea by using a coupon code that enables them to save $20 when they spend $200+.

Ounces of Tom Tea start around $10.95 and cap off at $13.95 for Ultra Premium Maeng Da. Their Red Vein Thai Enhanced (+ Blue Lotus) is $12.95 per ounce.


This company regularly hands out deep discounts that are good for anything from their online store. Mood & Mind discount codes are available which are good for 35% off your order at checkout.

In the past, they have offered promotional codes that took as much as 75% off customers’ totals, adding extra incentive to their already awesome options.


This supplier comes highly recommended with one user writing, “…they have some of the best kratom I’ve ever had. They’ve had the same supplier for 5 years and have excellent quality control. The Red Vein Thai is my favorite and the Golden Bali and Bali Private Reserve are top shelf as well.”

Another user said, “They are a little pricier, but to me their quality is so so worth it! I have tried crushed leaf from so many vendors, but nothing compares to mood and mind.”

Over on I Love Kratom, an expert boarder called them a great provider, adding, “great customer service and low price. Follows all the guidelines.”


After sampling their Enhanced Red Vein Thai, I can definitely say that these guys are worth the cost. It was a moderate, tempered strain with a tranquil aroma that lasted long and instilled me with a genuine sense of serenity.

I burned 3.5 grams on an empty stomach and the aroma came over me after only 20 minutes. It was like a gentle wave had washed over me, one that I was awash in for a good six hours.


Jen and her husband are wonderful people with a real interest in keeping things pure, organic and inexpensive. Although their kratom prices tend to fluctuate, their quality never does. They are dependable, strong and satisfying.

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