Atlas Kratom Review: What You Need to Know About This Vendor

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There is a growing number of places where you can buy kratom locally. In 2019, it has become quite common to pass strip malls and see signs advertising Mitragyna speciosa in storefront windows.

Kratom is currently legal in the state of Missouri, but it’s faced a lot of scrutiny with some legislators calling for it to be classified as a controlled substance. In McDonald County, native residents have been divided on this Ayurvedic herb.

Nowhere has this been more obvious than in Jane, MO, where Jeremy Mercer, a former drug addict, opened Atlas Kratom. Billed as an herbal medicine store, Atlas Kratom is a hole in the wall establishment that has been faced with criticism and even threats of arson with some locals saying they would burn the building down.

So, what’s the story with this modest speciosa shop?


Mr. Mercer has gone on the record, saying, “This is helping people.” But not everyone agrees with him.

A review on Yelp claimed that Atlas is more overpriced than their competitors in the space. “Nearly double the price for mediocre product,” the reviewer writes. “Owner is a jerk. Doesn’t know how to treat customers. Not recommended for quality product at good prices. Go elsewhere. 4+ year kratom user, I drive twice as far for better prices & product quality.”


This vendor has stocked green, red and white vein kratom strains over the last few years. Strains vary based on availability. Common strains include Chocolate Bentuangie, Green Malay, Red Vein Bali, White Maeng Da and more.


Customers can pick up an ounce for an industry high $15, but if it’s bulk kratom you’re after you’re S.O.L. This vendor does not offer reasonable prices for kilos or split kilos. As one user on Reddit said, you can get a much better deal online.


Although some have talked a fair bit of smack about this independent proprietor, others have been more positive. One user noted their family-friendly environment while another user said, “The customer service is top notch! So is the product! Best place in the state of Missouri!”

Of course, not everyone agrees and plenty of seasoned users have found themselves disappointed. One naysayer writes: “The most expensive place to buy “Tea” there is. The owner Jeremy, won’t answer any questions. Could care less if anybody buys his products or not. Looks like a crack house. It’s worth the drive to Earthly Mist to get better prices, amazing buying experience & clean establishment.

“Earthly Mist is $13 Oz plus 20% off with reviews vs $20 Oz@ Atlas. You do the math. & No, I don’t work there. I just hate bad attitude. Springfield sells for $8 oz!”


Fortunately, residents of the Show-Me State can shop around as there are several terrific establishments offering kratom in the region. Here is a short list of the top spots for Mitragyna speciosa in Big Sky Country:

  • Let’s Vape & Smoke Shop (Kansas City, MO)
  • Kratom Joplin Mo, LLC (Webb City, MO)
  • The Shanty (Fenton, MO)
  • Mr. Nice Guy (St. Louis, MO)
  • The Cave Smoke Shop—Kratom, CBD & E-Juice Superstore (Fiorissant, MO)
  • Greatest Shop Ever (St. Peters, MO)


With a bad reputation for ignoring consumer inquiry and notoriously high prices, it’s no surprise that Atlas Kratom has lacked the brand recognition of other shops like Artisans Apothecary or Up In Smoke.

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