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One of the questions I get asked the most is, “Is kratom legal in Arizona in 2019?” Many people mistakenly believe that there is an Arizona kratom ban in effect. This is hardly surprising given that legislation was pushed back in 2014 that was supposed to regulate Mitragyna speciosa and its key alkaloid, Mitragynine.

What you may not know is that this legislation was passed in 2014…but an intent to ban kratom was absent from the bill. In subsequent years, additional attempts at regulation have been proposed and some have succeeded.

Earlier this year, State Governor Doug Ducey signed the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act into law, effectively prohibiting the sale of kratom products to minors and establishing requirements for product labeling.

This was good news for the future of Mitragyna speciosa and those who burn it as it forced vendors in The Copper State to be more transparent about the contents of their products and where their kratom powder was sourced from. It also mandates that they make no medical claims about kratom and its theoretical benefits.

Some users have thought about growing kratom in Arizona, but this is counterproductive. Granted, The Grand Canyon State does have the high temperatures that are necessary in order to maintain a live kratom plant outdoors, it doesn’t have enough humidity or rain in order to properly sustain or nurture said plants.

For this reason, and others, kratom wholesale Arizona has become a popular choice with lots of consumers turning to local resellers to procure their powder and/or capsules. What some forget is just how shady many tobacconists and headshop owners can be when it comes to pricing their inventory.

Although local options like a kratom vending machine have become a convenient choice for some, others aren’t always able or willing to drive to one. There are other things to consider as well.

With price gouging growing rampant among third party suppliers, it behooves the community to go online where they can find premium leaf at a fair market value. One of the top choices is, an e-commerce site with a wide selection and a commitment to quality.


Based out of Tucson, AZ, is an online vendor with a difference. The owners operate both an online store and a local brick-and-mortar establishment that’s billed as a natural goods store.

It bears mentioning that most smoke shops and kratom apothecaries opt to call themselves an herbal medicine store. Arizona Kratom wisely avoids this terminology in favor of a more accurate description of what they sell.

This five-star supplier is widely considered the #1 place to buy kratom in Tucson. They are conveniently located at 5069 E. 5th Street. For those of us who don’t hail from the “Old Pueblo,” their website enables us to order their fresh, high quality strains by mail.


These cats carry one of the largest catalogs of strains on the Internet. There are no fancy names or flashy graphics, just honest, old-fashioned goodness with a brief description of each strain’s unique aroma.


  • Green Bali
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Thai
  • Green Vietnam


  • Red Bali
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Hulu
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Thai
  • Red Vietnam


  • White Bali
  • White Borneo
  • White Horn
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Premium
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Thai
  • White Vein
  • White Vietnam


  • Bali Gold
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Yellow Vietnam


All of their powder is just 50 cents per gram with kratom capsules selling for $20 for a 50 count, $40 for a 100 count or $100 for a 250 count. Those who wish to place an order must call them by phone to complete their transaction.

The best part is, they will ship any amount of kratom powder you want, so bulk kratom is always an option. All sizes are provided at a fixed rate of 50 cents per gram.


This vendor accepts all major credit cards, but they do NOT accept checks. To inquire about other payment options, you can reach them via call or text using their Contact Us page.


Arizona Kratom ethically sources all of their thom leaf from Indonesia.


I tried these guys back when I was reviewing Tucson Kratom and I would definitely place them heads and shoulders above their main competitor. Their Bentuangie is on point, and their tea is finely powdered and never clumpy.

I really enjoyed their Green Kapuas as it reminded me of a really good Malaysian strain, only without the tingly quality that I sometimes get when burning Super Green Malay. Their Borneo was also very powerful and lasted much longer than Tucson Kratom Red Borneo Maeng Da.

My experience with the management was exceptional as they were all too eager to tell me all about their latest products and what they are good for. I must have spent upwards of 45 minutes just shooting the shit with them over the phone, and when I hung up I felt like I’d dealt with true professionals.


Those who want a local Arizona supplier who’s willing to ship to anywhere where kratom is legal in the United States should definitely research this company. The owners are really on the ball and genuinely care about their customers.

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