Kratom Depot Review: Things to Consider Before Buying

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Mississippi is known as the Hospitality State, so it only makes sense that kratom should be among the amenities available to you when you visit the birthplace of the Delta Blues. If you currently reside in MS and are looking for quality Mitragyna speciosa then you need to know about The Kratom Depot.

There are 20+ smoke shops and filling stations selling kratom in the state, but few have the reputation of this Moss Point mainstay. Here’s why…


The Kratom Depot is a four-star herbal medicine store located in the Southgate Shopping Center. They have been providing the public with a multitude of strains for several years now and they show no signs of slowing down.

Many users have said that this is the shop for the discerning kratomite who craves awesome prices as well as authentic quality. The Kratom Depot has been called the cheapest and best Kratom around and, also, the closest to southern Alabama.

But are they really an affordable option? Let’s talk about that.


In terms of volume and variety, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice than KD. They currently stock well over 50 strains including Green Indo, White Malaysian, Yellow Elephant, White Bali, Red Borneo, Yellow Bumblebee, White Cambodian, Rainbow Cambodian, Vietnam, Matcha Red, Yellow Thai, Ultra Enhanced Chocolate Bentuangie, Ultra Enhanced Cambodian, Alligator and White Maeng Da.


On the face of it, these cats seem super-cheap with each kratom powder offered for 70 cents per gram. After all, their loose leaf sells for $21.35 per ounce and they provide customers a point system by which they earn rewards towards future purchases.

Alas, the serious noot nut will be disappointed to learn that their kratom kilos sell for a staggering $430 after tax. That’s highway robbery, plain and simple. Considering that kilos generally go for anywhere between $75 and $135 online, it is hard to reconcile this kind of price gouging.


I can’t speak for others, but I can share my rather lackluster experience with this vendor. When I called to inquire about their strains and pricing, the clerk I spoke to belched loudly in my ear, copped an attitude and made it clear that he was annoyed by having to rattle off the various names of their products.

That being said, they have scored major points with locals who have left positive reviews on Google and elsewhere.


Opinions about Kratom Depot vary, but at least one customer agreed with my assessment of their price point, writing, “Prices for HALF a kilo is the most expensive I have ever seen it in ANY state in the country! As someone who takes advantage of the benefits of kratom and has been to places in almost every state including other stores in Mississippi the price of $350 for HALF a KILO is absolutely absurd!!!

“Typically a FULL kilo can be purchased for $120 to $200 and the $200 range is usually top shelf in quality in MOST smoke shops and kratom RETAILERS all over the state and country. But I suppose the supply and demand being on the border of Alabama allows some places to price gouge. There is NO KRATOM ever grown worth paying 10×over retail for. These are the most unreasonable prices I have EVER come across in 3 years!!”


  • Wide selection
  • Quality kratom powder
  • Reward point system
  • Convenient location for Mississippi locals
  • Supporters of the AKA (American Kratom Association)


  • Rude staff
  • Outrageous prices
  • Mixed consumer reputation
  • No website


Despite their massive catalog, this vendor is simply too overpriced to warrant any real attention from the community. If you’re in the area and you want to pick up a quick ounce then they might be right for you, but bulk buyers beware. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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