Tea Time Botanicals Review: Exotic Strains, Awesome Pricing and More

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In today’s review, I’d like to focus on a name you don’t hear often enough in people’s top 10 lists of kratom vendors. Tea Time Botanicals is an independently-owned company that has a whole helluva lot to offer, from their raw CBD hemp flower and edible lollipops to their portable key chain scoops and instant kava powder, these guys are changing the game when it comes to online apothecaries.

Shopping with Tea Time is like going to a first-rate paraphernalia shop—You go in for kratom and you leave with an electic swag bag of flasks, tinctures, lotions and more. Their online store is downright massive and we love ’em for it.

The following is an overview of their impressively outsize selection.


  • Brown Aceh
  • Chocolate
  • Gold Bali
  • Gold Kalimantan
  • Green Aceh
  • Green Asia
  • Green Baik
  • Green Banjar
  • Green Batak
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Bota
  • Green Dragon
  • Green Hulu
  • Green Indo
  • Green Jade
  • Green Kapuas
  • Green Ketapang
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Riau
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Vietnam
  • Red Aceh
  • Red Asia
  • Red Bali
  • Red Banjar
  • Red Bent
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Bota
  • Red DK Elephant
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Gold
  • Red Hulu
  • Red Indo
  • Red JongKong
  • Red Kali
  • Red Kapuas
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Maha
  • Red Pele
  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Thai
  • White Aceh
  • White Bali
  • White Banjar
  • White Bota
  • White Dragon
  • White Gold
  • White Horn
  • White Hulu
  • White Indo
  • White Kalimantan
  • White Riau
  • White Sulawesi
  • White Sumatra
  • White Thai
  • White Vietnam
  • Yellow Aceh
  • Yellow Banjar
  • Yellow Bota
  • Yellow Elephant
  • Yellow-Gold
  • Yellow JongKong
  • Yellow Sumatra
  • Yellow Sunda

They sell split strains, starter samplers and blends. Gift cards are also available, so now you can give your friends and loved ones the present they deserve.


  • Cherry Raw Flower
  • Elektra Raw Flower
  • Lifter Raw Flower
  • Purple Gas Raw Flower
  • Russian Automatic Raw Flower

Other products include CBD isolate, Ultra Enhanced Speciosa Tea and high potency CBD oil.


All strains of kratom powder start at $7 for an ounce and there appears to be no limit to how many ounces you can order at a time. Starter Packs are $3.50 per pack with a 500 Split 4 Ways selling for $59.00.


This vendor offers a Teatime Botanicals coupon code that’s good for at least 15% off your total at checkout. Check their Insta for their latest deal. All orders over $25 are eligible for savings when they roll out their promotions.


This supplier ships all orders safely and securely via USPS shipping. Packages generally arrive within 2 business days, but some lag time should be anticipated if you live far away. Tracking information is provided once your order has been processed.

If you have any questions or concerns, they deliver prompt customer support when you contact them through their online portal.


As you can see if you visit any Teatime Botanicals Reddit post, the public is proud to call this company their go-to brand. With hundreds of followers on Instagram and dozens of reviews on I Love Kratom, it’s evident that they have quite the social media presence.

Over on the Double M Herbals forums a user said, “I found Teatime Botanicals on our March vendor list. They had some unique stain names so I decided to give them a try. I’m glad I did.

“I picked up a sampler pack initially. TTB allows you to customize your sample pack freely. Initially i was looking for some strong greens and went with the G. Batak, G. Bota, G. Kapuas, G. Banjar and G. Baik. All of the samples were very good as well as potent. In fact, I had to dial it back my normal 4g dose to 3gs. Of the samples, I re-ordered 500gs of the Green Baik.”

Over at I Love Kratom, they have landed on the site’s approved vendor list with a trusted member writing, “I’ve enjoyed incredible customer service from them. They have multiple educated staff to answer questions on their Facebook page and the website. Those candies [they sell] say to only eat one! That is not possible in my words. Haha!”

Another user agreed, saying: “…hubby and I both loved all of them. got stuff you don’t just see everywhere. had white selawaski (sp?), jade, white bota, super indo. the only one that didn’t mesh well with me after the 3rd try or so was hallelujah, but it will still get used! if you email them they will send you a full description on all their strains.”


There are a lot of staff picks, but everyone around here jokes that they don’t even have to ask me for my staff pick because they already know I’m invariably going to say Super Green Malay. It’s long been my go-to strain for work and play.

Well, today I’m gonna make my colleagues eat their words because I am officially pronouncing Tea Time Botanicals’ Green Bota my staff pick of the month. This strain really blew my hair back with its smooth, anchored vibe, its bold aroma and its prevailing balmy quality.

For the sake of diversity, I will also highlight the rest of their collection by saying that their Russian Automatic CBD hemp flower is equally dope, offering hours of fun without the couch lock associated with other strains. Good stuff all around!


This trusted company is an expert at sourcing top of the line strains and a whole lot more. They regularly deliver deep discounts, exotic options and a variety of accessories. Visit them on social and see for yourself. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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