Precious Mitre Kratom Review: Cheap Kilos, Splits and Blends

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Precious Mitre is among a handful of kratom vendors who are walking a tightrope between legitimacy and gimmickry. Their slogan is “Leading you to better health,” a bold claim by any standard but especially where the Mitragyna speciosa leaf is concerned.

So, do they really deliver the goods or are they just another shameless group of hucksters pushing bogus product? In today’s post, we’ll talk about who they are, what they’ve got and why you should be paying attention to this relatively new seller.


Founded in 2015, PM is a company operating out of the Bay Area of California. They took their name from the notes of Dutch botanist Pieter Willem Korthals who likened the shape of the kratom leaf to a bishop’s hat.

This NoCal supplier specializes in pure, unadulterated kratom powder. They have a reputation for consistency, quality and fair pricing.


Two of their most talked about strains are Precious Mitre Green Malay and Precious Mitre Red Bali, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this vendor. They are also famous for their Precious Mitre Stem & Vein and Mitre Magic. The latter is the name of their line of proprietary blends which includes a mix of Green Malay and White Vietnam.

Their blends have been called fantastic…not just by customers but also by vendor himself. Fantastic is a mixture of green and white strains. Users have praised its high quality and extended duration.

Other products include their Odds & Blends Sampler Pack (1 oz.), White Stem & Vein and Precious Mitre Red Fusion and Precious Mitre Trifecta.

In the past, they announced that they were even lowering their prices by selling kilos for just $75 and four-way split kilos for $80 if you use the coupon code “split” during checkout.


  • Safe and secure website
  • Industry low pricing
  • Quality powder
  • Unique full spectrum kratom blends
  • Expedient shipping


  • Does not disclose source of their leaf
  • No third party lab testing
  • Questionable slogan
  • Wonky website


This seller offers a variety of shipping options including APO, FPO and DPO. That means that even active duty military personnel can order from them. For more on the legalities of military kratom see our handy guide.


A Precious Mitre coupon code is often made available. Their $60 kilo flash sales come with a 20% off promo code that saves a small fortune off your total.


Their blends have been called excellent all across social with one user writing, “Right off the bat I can say that Precious Mitre is already one of my Favorite Vendors. They have been in business for over a year now. They have everything that a Vendor needs. They have Excellent Quality with Awesome Prices.

“I really like their pouches. Very easy to open and close back. Just a quality vendor all around. Shipping took around 3 days which is very quick to me. Customer Service was super. They always responded very quickly back to me.”

Unfortunately, he also points out that their site is difficult to navigate, saying, “It is hard to find their Mitra on their site though. Their Prices are some of the best of have seen anywhere in the US. A KG is just $70 which can’t be beat for the Quality you are getting here. 250 grams is just $25 & 125 grams is just $14. They have an Excellent Selection to choose from with over 20 different strains.”

Over on the Double M Herbals forums, a user who goes by the oh-so-subtle net handle BallzDeep9 said, “Precious Mitre is legit 🙂 Jeff sources some really fine leaf – search Reddit for reviews a year ago Green Malay and White Vietnam are standouts.. He’s also known for stocking some of the BEST Stem & Vein product of any US vendor. Has just 3 blends and they’re fantastic.

“Again you can search Reddit a year ago, everyone raving about his ‘Magic Mitre’ mix. I ordered his Trifecta blend (He does identify what strains go into blends) and it’s strong with S&V in there. His Maeng Da’s are excellent too.”


Despite a hinky online store and a lack of social media presence this company has proven that their product is of true worth and that its value is incredible when compared to their competitors. Definitely worthy of more attention from the community.

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