Stan David Botanicals: Strains, Split Kilos and Special Deals

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Stan David Teas have taken the market by storm with Stan David Super Duper Green fast becoming a buzz phrase among members of the kratom community. Like Teatime Botanicals before them, they have brought a score of superior quality herbs to the forefront of their e-commerce site.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at this exciting online seller and their internet apothecary. I think you’ll agree that they’ve got the goods…but do they have the prices to match?

Let’s find out.


Founded by Stan David Peirce in 2016, the eponymous botanicals company is a Virginia-based kratom vendor operating an online store which specializes in exotic teas, extracts and enhanced strains. Stan David International Teas has built a loyal following via social media and has optimized his catalog by carefully experimenting with a range of herbs.

They have carved out a niche not only by offering a variety of unique herbs but, also, providing special deals on tropical forms of speciosa. This includes the always in-demand Elephant and Bentuangie.


Mr. David Peirce and his colleagues ask the question, “What are you looking for?” Customer feedback has helped him to determine exactly what to stock and where to source it from. Products include CBD isolate, Moringa leaf powder and more.

The following is a full list of their kratom strains:

  • Bentuangie
  • Brown International Coffee
  • Elephant Tea
  • Enhanced American White
  • Enhanced Bataik
  • Enhanced Green Shrek
  • Enhanced Red Maeng Da
  • Enhanced Kratex Tea
  • Green Bali
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Crushed Leaf
  • Green Horn
  • Green Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Thai
  • Green Vietnam
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Chocolate
  • Red Crushed Leaf
  • Red Horn
  • Red Kali
  • Red MD
  • Red Malay
  • Red Sudden
  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Thai
  • Red X
  • Super Duper Green
  • White Borneo
  • White Kali
  • White Kapuas
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Magic
  • White Premium
  • White Riau
  • White Silver Queen
  • White Sumatra
  • Yellow Borneo
  • Yellow Gold
  • Yellow Sunda
  • Yellow Vietnam

They also carry Kava and Shilajit, and they offer sampler packs to those who want to try out their different strains for the first time.


There’s a lot to like here, but for my money you can’t beat their Red X, a lucid form of powdered leaf which is bold, robust and brimming with good vibes. I dig it because it lasts long, it comes on mild and peaks down the line. It’s an all around powerhouse with a distinct aroma.

Users also enjoy their Yellow Sundanese and White Silver Queen, although Super Duper Green is undeniably the bestseller among all of these.


  • Enhanced Fibro Blend
  • Enhanced Golden Gate Bridge Blend
  • Enhanced PULSE Blend


All of their kratom powder starts at $5 for an ounce with eight ounces going for $35, a 16 oz package selling for $55 and a kratom kilo selling for an industry low $110.00. This supplier offers a 1-4 way split on kilos and has sales on pounds.

A split pound sells for $55 while a split kilo sells for $110.00. Enhanced blends are not eligible for a split price. Their 50x Red Maeng Da kratom extract is just $30 for 10 grams or $65 for a full ounce. They also make K-concentrate which starts at a mere $4 each and users can pick up a 10 pack for $30.00.


This seller has a social media following numbering in the thousands, and visitors to their Facebook profile can score regular coupon codes good for as much as 15% off their order at checkout.


  • Wide variety
  • Awesome pricing
  • Quality product
  • Miscellaneous botanicals
  • Now accepts e-checks


  • Slow-loading web pages
  • Poor navigation
  • Does not disclose source of Mitragyna speciosa
  • No FAQ page
  • Lack of transparency


Users all over the internet have been extolling the virtues of this top shelf supplier with one user writing, “I would HIGHLY recommend Stan David. His Yellow Vietnam and Yellow Gold are outstanding – mellow and chill and wonderful. His Red Kali, Red Malay, and Red Chocolate are also very nice, and his Green MD, and Super Duper Green are fantastic… I’ve actually never had a bad experience with anything from him.”


This vendor’s Fibro Blend worked wonders for me as did their Red X which was a smooth burn that kicked in within 15 minutes and lasted about three and a half hours completely unabated. In both cases, there was no kratom hangover and I slept like a log.

Their green strains are some of the best around and, without a doubt, some of the cheapest I’ve found for the level of freshness and sheer potency. I would definitely order from them again and have already begun referring friends.


Those who want bulk kratom powder with competitive prices and a multitude of buying options should try Stan’s brand. It’s crisp, finely powdered and fine as all get out. Give ’em a go and let us know what you think. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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