Tea Santana Style: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve heard about Tea Santana Style but can’t find a website for them don’t be surprised. The former online kratom vendor is no longer in business. But that doesn’t mean that the kratom community is safe. Users need to beware of the now-defunct company’s owner.

Paul Santana closed the shutters on his store after causing widespread concern in the industry. However, he has since opted to become a wholesaler, a fact that is particularly upsetting when one considers the sheer volume of potential locations that his product could end up in.


It all started with an ill-advised YouTube video in which Mr. Santana demonstrated his method for preparing Mitragyna speciosa tea. In said video, the disgraced proprietor is seen posing in front of a large basin of kratom powder wearing blue latex gloves that do not appear to be food grade.

Clothed in a sweaty T-shirt and baseball cap without a hair net, Mr. Santana invites his “helpful” feline companion—a fat cat—to nuzzle up against his gloves, thereby potentially contaminating them and, thus, the batch of powder he is working with.

It is obvious at once that this work space is not up to code because it lacks any temperature or humidity control and is, in fact, nothing more than a crowded bedroom with filthy walls and dusty vents.

When the community called him out for his actions, his wife and Tea Santana Style co-owner Paula Santana harassed them in Direct Messages, even going so far as to create a fake account to do so. In these messages a person alleging that their name was Danielle Taylor said that they never claimed to be compliant when it comes to testing their product for contaminants.

This is wildly disconcerting as much of the stigma surrounding kratom has to do with the prospect of powder being contaminated by salmonella. As you’ll remember, 2018 saw an industry-wide salmonella outbreak that led to the FDA recalling products from several vendors.

2018 was also the year that Mr. Santana decided to become a wholesaler. It is also the year that a vendor named Ali posted to the Kratom Scammers FB group about Mr. Santana stiffed him on a shipment of $100,000 worth of powder.

The irony? Paul refused to fork over the 100 grand because he said the powder was contaminated, but as we’ve already seen Paul does not submit his products for third party laboratory testing.

The case of Tea Santana Style illustrates the problem facing the speciosa space and reminds us why it is of paramount importance to find a trusted vendor who implements quality control.


There are some fundamental factors that should be taken into consideration prior to buying from an online store or local headshop. You want to buy a brand that is clearly labeled, complies with state laws and discloses the source of their speciosa leaf.

The best suppliers offer 30 day money back guarantees, full refunds, kratom coupon codes and detailed info about how they have sourced their product. The following is a short list of trustworthy kratom vendors that sell powders and capsules online:

  • Kraken Kratom
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Mitra Gaia
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Pharmacy Dropout

Each of these brands are prepared by honest, hard-working independent artisans who pride themselves on quality, transparency and purity. When you place an order with them they provide tracking information, dedicated customer support and much, much more.


When dealing with online dealers always make sure that you know who you’re doing business with. Check their consumer reputation on sites like Reddit and I Love Kratom. Talk to your friends who burn kratom and see what they think of the brand. Do your due diligence and read online reviews. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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