Kaleidoscope Botanicals Review: Blends and Assorted Ethnobotanicals at an Affordable Price

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In yesterday’s post we talked about how Inland Botanicals had left a lasting impression on the kratom community with their richly unique proprietary blends. In today’s review we’ll talk about Kaleidoscope Botanicals, another kratom vendor that stands out from the crowd with their distinct combinations of exotic strains.

Of particular note is their Butterfly Blend, a stack of seven distinct forms of Mitragyna speciosa that’s unlike any other mixture I’ve come across. But that’s just the tip of the proverbial ice berg when it comes to this Virginia-based brand.


Kaleidoscope Labs was founded by a Veteran with a desire to share the rejuvenating properties of speciosa with the masses. Based out of Virginia Beach, they are dedicated to delivering fresh leaf of the highest possible quality.

Through careful quality control and regular expansion they have assembled a wide selection of Ayurvedic herbs and other all-natural ethnobotanicals. As any seasoned kratomite will tell you, variety is key to making your mark in this industry and consumer demand for new blends and strains is always high.

This seller has met that demand and then some, rolling out a vast array of specialty mixtures and more. The following is a comprehensive overview of their product line.


Kratom is but one of the many compounds on display at their online store. Kaleidoscope CBD oil has also become a bestselling item. Their CBD bubble gum and CBD chocolate bars are two especially tasty additions to any user’s personal stash.

Strains include Batak, Coffee Kratex, Elephant, Green Chocolate, Green Focus, Red Dried Bentuangie, Yellow Gold Gem, Mellow Maeng Da and Red Relief.

Blends include their Alert Mix (A.M.), Flow Blend (Red, Yellow), the Honey Dew Blend, the eponymous Kaleidoscope Blend (Green, Red and White), Knockout (K.O.) Blend (Red, Bentuangie), Nana’s Mix, Red Stampede Blend, Shamrock Blend, Stars & Stripes, White Lightning and their Zippity Doo Dah Blend.

Other products include Akuamma seeds, Black crystal extract, black seeds by the ounce, a CBD syringe, kratom extracts, green flavored empty capsules for the DIY kratomite, Green Apple Candy Vape Juice, Iris CBD Gummies, Moringa, Shilajit, Silver Spoon Tincture,


All of their products have been deeply discounted because this vendor is committed to driving down prices to keep their customers satisfied. All of their kratom powder starts at $8 for an ounce with eight ounces available for $55, one lb selling for $75 and a kilo going for an industry standard $130.00. They also offer a half kilo special at the moment that costs $87.99. First-timers can snatch up their Beautiful Beginning Package for 75 bucks.


This supplier regularly offers special deals on all of their products. Promotional codes can be found on verified coupon sites or via their newsletter. They have also given out exclusive coupon codes to those who leave positive feedback on forums.

At the moment, they are also providing a 10 ounce special with a monthly code that’s good for 20% off your total at checkout.


All orders are eligible for Same Day Shipping at checkout with a cut off time of 12 Noon EST Monday through Friday.

Customers are given a number of options for getting in touch including an email address, PO Box and phone number. Customer support is always prompt and all of your questions will be answered in a timely manner.


This vendor publishes a blog with posts about the latest in kratom news and more. It serves as a nice companion piece to their newsletter which enables you to get updates, discounts, special offers and so forth.


Over at I Love Kratom one review said, “I love the style of this vendor. They are certainly new. They are also kicking off with a strong sense of style. Their website is very cleanly presented, and the concepts behind their products as well as what it delivers in their aromatherapy is laudable.

“I am excited to see what Kaleidoscope will continue to offer. Definitely recommended to give a shot for whatever caters most to your needs.”

Kaleidoscope Botanicals Facebook page boasts four-star reviews from a number of loyal customers who have praised Stacy’s generosity and commitment to consistency. There you will find information about what makes them so special, why they’re a solid choice for blends and how terrific their pricing is.

One Reddit user mentioned their Red Relief kratom, writing, “I had some awhile ago. I really liked it.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer gave a shout out to Stacy, raving about her “awesome customer service.” In their post, they write: “Last week I went to Virginia Beach to visit family for a week. The evening before I left, I placed an order to kaleidoscope as they are located close to my parent’s house. I believe only a mile or mile and half away. I used google pay.

“After 5 days including the weekend of being there, I hadn’t received my order. I emailed Stacy and she said the payment just went through. I was leaving the following morning so I asked if they could re route the package. She said it would be no problem.

“This is where she came through. I ordered 1 oz of green focus and 2 oz of K.O (Bentuangie). She hooked me up with 3 oz of green focus, 3 oz of k.o and 1 oz of Kaleidsocope blend. Each strain was a winner.”


After sampling their 7-strain Butterfly Blend and Mellow Maeng Da I have to say that these guys are the real deal. Stacy is a sweetheart who cares for her customers like a world class pharmacist. Her strains are consistently potent and her combinations are always one-of-a-kind.


Anyone who’s excited to try something different should definitely give Kaleidoscope a go. They’re peculiar, powerful and pleasant. You’ll get unique goods at a great price with every order prepared with tender love and care.

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