Speciosa Pro: An Elite Example of How to Do Kratom Right

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Speciosa Pro deserves its bold name because the proprietors of this kratom company understand the widespread demand for cheaper health and wellness solutions. They are one of few kratom vendors who have kept prices low and freshness high without compromising purity or quality.

If you are well-versed in the factors that should be considered before buying kratom online then you already know that strong customer support is of paramount importance to the discerning consumer. Speciosa Pro have always served their customers well, providing swift answers to all inquiries and making sure that interested parties get the information they are looking for.


Speciosa Pro Botanicals is the Pacific Northwest’s premier kratom vendor. With facilities in both McMinnville and Yamhill, OR, they are one of the largest suppliers in the region. They are a local favorite for their famed Thai strain.

They have differentiated themselves from the pack by picking and choosing who they work with. Unlike other brands that sell to just about anyone, this seller periodically shuts the doors to the general public, opting to not take on any new clients.

In this way they have been able to better serve those return customers who have grown accustomed to their superior crushed leaf and powder. This is just one way that they ensure proper quality control and customer satisfaction.


When you visit their online store you will find an extensive collection of plain leaf, proprietary blends and even kratom extracts. At the time of this writing they are currently stocking nine strains, 24 blends, three extracts, five starter packs and 10 bulk deals on kratom kilos.

The latest addition to their store is a bulk deal on Indonesian Gold which sells for $145.00.


This week brings us BBB Triple Bali Blend which starts at $11 for an ounce.


This vendor regularly offers their members deep discounts on select items from their massive catalog. As of this moment they are giving users 17% off Emerald Thai, 15% off Green & Gold Lightly Enhanced Blend, 15% off Green Maeng Da, 13% off Sun Gold Enriched Blend and 11% off ISOL-8 Dark Extract.


This brand has a multitude of bestselling powders and blends, but the top three are undoubtedly their Gold Reserve, Green Bali and Red Bali, respectively. These three strains represent the full spectrum of Mitragyna speciosa’s aroma.

Anyone who’s tried Green Vein Bali can attest to its value as a tool for focus, pacification and inspiration. This is seriously creative leaf that just may leave you feeling compelled to create.

Red Vein Bali is another veritable powerhouse. A “fast” strain that’s perfect for social engagements and rainy days alike, it has remained a bestseller here at Kratom Crazy for ages and it’s easy to see why it’s risen to the top of the heap for Speciosa Pro as well. Their leaf is finely powdered, fresh smelling and long-lasting.


This seller enables Internet-savvy and socially engaged consumers to earn points toward future orders by simply blogging or posting on social about their many exquisite products. It’s an ideal option for those who enjoy creative writing as much as they enjoy that “thang.”


Those who order from this vendor invariably end up coming back for more. Of those who we surveyed for this review, the overwhelming number of people we talked to said that they had been dealing with this brand for over a year.

What’s more, since their inception in 2009 they have received nearly 3,200,000 requests for their services, many of which were fulfilled in record time thanks to their expedient order processing and exceptional customer care.


Speaking of expedience, members always get their packages in record time by virtue of their numerous shipping options. They offer FedEx, USPS Express and USPS Priority Mail shipping to all members who sign up with them.

Their customer service staff are scholarly, well-spoken and gregarious, providing detailed information about each of their blends and offering answers to even the most difficult of questions. When they are closed to new customers—as they are at the moment—the public can still drop them a line and inquire about how to sign up.


This supplier accepts both Bitcoin and cash orders, but does not appear to accept checks, credit cards or postal money orders. To ask about alternative payment methods you can contact them at SP@speciosapro.com with the Subject Line: Membership Inquiry.


One longtime user at I Love Kratom said, “…that this vendor has been one of my favorites for several years.”

Over on Reddit another user exclaimed, “I am in love with the red vein thai…I can buy 4 times as much thai kratom from speciosa pro.”

Another user agreed, writing, “Speciosa Pro has been my go-to vendor for the past 5 years and Red Vein Thai has been my go-to strain for the last 4 of those years. The Red Horned Thai is definitely not the same as his Red Vein Thai.

“He is currently out of the Red Vein in bulk but he still carries it in smaller quantities. I’ve tried almost every single type of kratom he has and believe me, it’s all good quality. His grind is awesome BTW and he always gives you free samples.

“On top of that, he offers free shipping which means I always get my order (from Oregon to Texas) in 2 days flat. Over the year, I’ve been able to count on Levi and his staff to deliver and wanted to put that out there for anyone else hesitating to order from Speciosa Pro.”

Elsewhere a member of the community raved about all the goodies he got from this seller, saying, “Speciosa…is sick, gave me free samples…Just wanted to brag on Speciosa Pro a little bit as a thanks for tossing in the extra free kratom, I ordered 25gs of 2 different kinds, and they gave me 3 10g bags of 3 different kinds, was so happy to see that. 25gs are on average about 10$…”


Although this company is not currently taking on new customers, noobs should not give up. Keep your eyes peeled for an update and don’t be afraid to reach out and see about becoming a member. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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