Etha Natural Botanicals: Fresh, Filtered, Heat-Treated Kratom Without the B.S.

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This year we’ve made a concerted effort to focus on ethnobotanical apothecaries as we believe them to be more honest and open about their product than your run-of-the-mill online kratom vendor. In the course of our research we have discovered a lot of terrific brands. We’ve also found our fair share of duds.

Etha Natural Botanicals ( is one of the former, a first-rate operation with a whole lot to offer.

In this Etha Kratom review we’ll tell you all about how this company has left a lasting impression on the community, why they’ve maintained their position in the contemporary marketplace and what makes them a viable option in an admittedly over-saturated industry.


Etha Natural Botanicals is the brainchild of Alexander and Victor Chung, a pair of enterprising brothers that are united in their love of the Mitragyna speciosa plant and its active alkaloids.

After suffering a series of injuries as an athlete, Victor found kratom and couldn’t believe how it changed his life. Alex had a similar experience, so the two got together to make sure that the general public would have access to pure kratom products.

They ethically source their wildcrafted leaf from experienced harvesters who package it fresh and ship directly to third party labs to ensure that each batch is tested for heavy metals and other prospective adulterants.


Not only do these guys provide customers with a host of fine strains but they also produce specialty blends that are fit for virtually any circumstance. As you’ll see in our comprehensive list, there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re looking to catch a couple Zzzs or optimize your visit to the gym.

Check it!

  • Etha ™ Premium Botanical Blend – Maeng Da
  • Full Spectrum
  • Green Pure Vein
  • MidDay Botanical Blend – Midday Gold ™
  • NightFall Premium Fermented
  • Recovery ™ Botanical Blend
  • Red Pure Vein
  • SunRise Premium Blend
  • Sunset ™ Premium Blend
  • Susan Ash’s Premium Blend – Endless ™
  • White Pure Vein
  • WorkOut ™ Blend
  • Yellow Fermented Pure Vein


The really beautiful thing about this brand is their sheer optimization. By that, I mean that each blend is composed of so many top notch strains that seasoned users will likely require less than half of their normal dosage.

In short, this is potent stuff that really kicks things up a notch compared to the average kratom powder. For instance, the aroma of their WorkOut Blend is such that I only need 2.5 to 3 grams to get the job done where I would normally use up 4.5 grams at any given time.

Etha is also notable for their micronized pressed tablets which make it much easier to take multiples in one sitting. This is just one of the reasons why dosing is simpler than with other brands.


For starters, let’s talk about the perks here. Free shipping is available on all orders over $100. That’s music to the ears of anyone who prefer to buy bulk kratom powder. All of their products start at $10 for 7.5 grams of kratom tablets or $17.50 for 30 grams of powdered tea.

75 grams of powder sells for $34.99 while 75 gram tablets sell for $54.99. 500 grams of powder goes for $114.00 while 500 gram kratom capsules go for $239.00.

A kilo sells for an industry high $159.00. Needless to say, there’s a significant mark-up here that makes this vendor seem suspiciously similar to a smoke shop proprietor, but considering the quality of their blends and the value of dealing with a legitimate company and the difference in price doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Bear in mind that these cats are transparent about their lab results, care about their customers’ safety, take pains to keep their product fresh and encourage consumers to participate in their affiliate program. Between this and their free shipping on eligible orders and you’ve got a gold star supplier who’s deserving of turning a profit.


With the Etha coupon code you’ll be able to off-set the upcharge on kilos by taking as much as 35-40% off your order at checkout. Check Google for verified promotional codes today and see how much you can save.


If you visit any Etha Botanicals Reddit post you’ll invariably encounter overly enthusiastic reviews from a wide cross-section of satisfied consumers.

One user writes: “It’s nice to see a vendor testing their kratom for contaminants and implementing best practices that help legitimize the image of kratom…they posted a nice little coupon code that allowed you to try…for free and you just paid $3 shipping. The site looked very professional and was easy to navigate…

“I selected the SunRise blend tablets and received a shipping notification not long after my order was completed online. Package was sent out promptly and from there it was in the hands of USPS who managed to be competent this time around.

“The packaging that contained the pressed kratom tablets was VERY PROFESSIONAL. I’ve ordered from several vendors now and while most are similar in their packaging, this was clearly on another level. It listed the batch, the mitra content, a link where you could see lab results, and just overall looked like something you could find at GNC. They also threw in another “travel packet” of the SunSet blend which was very generous of them.”


I have been profoundly satisfied with what I have sampled so far. I ordered their MidDay Gold and their Premium Maeng Da in the past and have found both to be exceptional. The aroma of each was delightful and the MidDay Gold vanquished my normal mid-afternoon slump.

I am particularly fond of their Maeng Da because it’s one of the strongest I’ve found in the last few years, exhibiting all of the attributes typical of MD with an extended duration that was worth every penny.

I’m very curious to try their Recovery ™ blend and am quite curious if it’s good for ridding one of a hangover after a long night of partying. But I digress.

My limited experience with this supplier tells me that these cats are on their way up in the industry and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.


Those who want to try something new without worrying about the risk commonly associated with newer brands should definitely consider contacting Etha. They are all too happy to hit you up with detailed info and a free sampler.

Considering that their product is heat treated and properly filtered after careful lab testing, you won’t have to wonder what you’re going to get. Be safe, be smart and be well.


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