Green Lea Herbals Review: A Brand of Questionable Intent

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We’ve explored a lot of worthy kratom vendors on this blog, but every once in awhile we find out about a brand of questionable intent. That’s when it behooves us to share this info with the community, so that the more inexperienced among us don’t fall prey to a bad batch or a shady source.

In today’s review we’re sending out a warning to anyone who’s been thinking about buying from Green Lea Herbals. This Florida-based operation has been leaving a bad taste in our mouths for awhile, that’s why it is incumbent upon us to clue our readers in on what makes them a poor choice and why you should avoid purchasing from them.


Green Lea Herbals Kratom is located in Tampa, FL. Their online store serves as a one-stop shop for CBD, coffee, kratom and other herbs. Whereas most online suppliers cater to inquiring minds with eloquent About Us pages, all-encompassing FAQs and incentive-based affiliate programs, GLH provides only a minimal Contact page and a gimmicky blog.


GreenLeaHealth offers an assortment of botanicals and dubious kratom strains. Their products include Shilajit Resin, Garlic supplements, Yogi tea, kratom shots and more.

They currently stock the following strains in a variety of sizes:

  • Green
  • Green MD
  • Red
  • Red MD
  • Sunny Red
  • Super Amo
  • White
  • White Maeng Da

These strains are available in powder or capsule form at varying price points. What’s problematic for the discriminating consumer is that there is no clear distinction between them, nor are they properly labeled.

Their Green and Red kratom does not bear a name that gives potential customers any information about their origin or aroma. For instance, Green could be Malaysian…or it could just as easily be a Thai strain. There’s really no way of knowing, and the company behind it is not forthcoming with details.

It is fundamental protocol for trusted vendors to provide honest and comprehensive information about kratom. The very best in the business tell you where they source their product from, how it was harvested, what region it hails from and how their powder was prepared.

We get none of this with Green Lea Health, a brand that neither confirms nor denies having their product tested by a laboratory for heavy metals or other prospective contaminants.


100 grams of speciosa tea sells for $22.99 with 250 grams going for the over-inflated price of $42.99. 500 grams will run you $63.99 while a kilo will cost you $105.99.

As anyone who’s ordered via the Internet can tell you, that’s not bad for a kilo. Granted, there are some bulk kratom sites that deliver 1,000 grams or more for just 80 bucks, but they are few and far between.

That being said, it is not advisable to purchase Mitragyna speciosa powder if you don’t know anything about its origins. Since GLH refuses to divulge any particulars about their powders or capsules it would be counter-intuitive to pick up any of their products, regardless of perceived savings.


Users can often find promotional codes on sites like Reddit. These coupon codes are good for about 10% off their purchase, although it is not uncommon to find better deals if you do some digging.


Despite their spurious business practices, this brand has managed to attract some love from select members of the kratom community. One user writes: “So far I’m more than pleased, it’s a great aroma and the best quality I’ve had post ban scare. If anyone is looking to give a new vendor a shot I would definitely recommend them, anyways that’s all I got have a great day everyone…”

This same user goes on to say, “The last few packages I received from other vendors have been in either regular ziplock bags that are half open when received or in strange paper like ziplocks that will not close after opening for the first time. Green Lea Herbals was sent in a foily type ziplock that was properly sealed and gave me zero troubles resealing, super happy about the packaging and wanted to touch on this as well.”

Another user on Reddit had equally positive things to say, writing, “When you place orders you are quickly given tracking(but the business is getting alot more interest so don’t be surprised if it slows things down a bit). If you have questions the owner is quick to respond and very interested in helping the community as he is a part of it.

“I asked to purchase a sample and he quickly made arrangements for me to get a 100 gram package of the Red Thai and his Green MD.”

Elsewhere a user said, “Right off the bat, my experience with this company has been awesome. Great customer service and super fast shipping. Order Monday and it’s here Wednesday. Anyways, the product. Now I’ve had many of their strains but this Red Bali has been one of my favorites. I decided to burn some before and was very impressed. It started to work within about 30 minutes or less…”

Of course, one should bear in mind that these reviews were all posted in 2016 and 2017, respectively. There has been little to no chatter about this vendor since then and you will not find them on I Love Kratom’s list of trusted vendors, nor will you find any talk about their strains on sites like Double M Herbals.


Newcomers to Mitragyna speciosa should always be mindful of a few key factors when they’re thinking about making a purchase, whether it’s over the Internet or at a local establishment.

Always look for a reputable company with a website that supplies visitors with complete data on all of their wares. The origins of their leaf should be clearly displayed on each product page and all orders should be scrupulously labeled.

If a brand makes bold claims about their merchandise, claims that can’t be backed up by concrete evidence then they are likely in it for the money and nothing else.

The best of the best stand by their product 100%. That means that they’ll guarantee every order. Look for a satisfaction guarantee and a detailed refund policy.

Those who value their customers and really want your business will encourage said business by delivering free samples so that you can become acquainted with what they have to offer. If a site doesn’t sell sample packs then they should likely be avoided.

Here is a short list of brands that we recommend in 2019:

  • MitraGaia
  • Kats Botanicals
  • Coastline Kratom
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Pharmacy Dropout

These sellers have been carefully vetted and found to be of superior quality to the hundreds of competitors in the current marketplace.

Do your due diligence and research them yourselves for further information. It’s always wise to scroll through reviews on social media and see what people are saying about their experiences with these brands and others.


Before placing an order with this company or anyone else you should always ask some important questions. If you can’t get an answer then you’ll know that you should continue to shop around. Be safe, be smart and be well.

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