Herbal Realm Kratom Review: Low-Priced Strains, Specialty Blends & Quarter Kilos

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The Mitragyna speciosa leaf and its key chemical components are currently legal in most all areas of the Sunshine State. Florida has yet to place restrictions on the possession or sale of kratom products, save for Sarasota County where it was banned in 2014.

The Herbal Realm is Florida’s most popular source for leaf powder, offering a number of strains in kratom variety packs in addition to their Herbal Realm kratom capsules. They stand out from other vendors by virtue of their specialty blends, rewards program and daily spin deals.


The landing page of their website features a pop-up virtual wheel of fortune, for lack of a better term. Visitors can click the screen to spin this wheel which will land them anything from a 15% off discount or free shipping to 2x reward points redeemable toward their next purchase.

You just punch in your email address and full name, agree to their terms and conditions, and you’re automatically eligible for any of these—and other—fantastic prizes.


Herbalrealm.com offers no fewer than 22 exotic strains which include gold, green, red, white and yellow vein leaf powders. Their greens tend to be very nootropic and pack an aroma with an extensive duration.

IMHO their Bali Gold is the least pleasant as it often leads to a case of the dreaded “wobz” (wobbles). Their Yellow Banjar is the better option for fans of lighter leaf as it is more relaxing and tailored to noobs who are having their first experience with speciosa’s potent aroma.

The following is a full list of the strains they have in stock. I think you’ll agree that this is pretty damn expansive and few online stores offer this many choices:

  • Gold Bali
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Elephant
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green JongKong
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Elephant
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • Red MD
  • Red Thai
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Bali
  • White Borneo
  • White Elephant
  • White Hulu Kapuas
  • White JongKong
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Thai
  • Yellow Banjar

Additionally, they sell a kratom extract and five proprietary blends—Gold Reserve Enhanced Blend, Green Monster Enhanced, Red Devil Enhanced, Social Butterfly and White Wolf Enhanced, respectively.

Their variety packs include a 15 strain capsule sample pack, a 5×20 capsule pack, a Maeng Da capsules pack and a quarter kilo pack powder pack.


This is where things get truly exciting! Herbal Realm may just be the most affordable option in the current marketplace with 25 grams selling for a mere $2.49. That’s significantly lower than just about anyone else around.

50 grams goes for just $8.99 with 100 grams selling for $14.99. Alas, this is not the source you’ve been looking for if you’re on the lookout for bulk kratom as they do not appear to sell full kilos. However, you can mix and match with their quarter kilo deals and get the same results.


All orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service (USPS) with Priority Mail Express available at checkout. USPS Signature Confirmation ™ is also made available to customers, and free shipping is offered to all who place an order in excess of $99.

Packaging is safe, secure and discreet with a generic business address appearing on the slip and nothing explicit written on the same.

If you need to specify any instructions about your transaction or if you want to ask a question about a product you can use their online contact form to reach out. Customer support reps generally respond promptly with any information you might require.


The Herbal Realm now accepts both E-checks and Bitcoin with a 10% off discount on every Bitcoin transaction. This is good news for the hundreds of privacy-conscious patrons who would like to buy kratom online without sacrificing security and discretion.


There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this seller over the course of the last year. One user on Reddit wrote, “I’ve been buying their caps for about 6 months now. They do have some great stuff. Their red banjar is fire!”

Another user echoed this sentiment, saying, “Yee! I’m glad someone else has herd of them. I signed up for their newsletter which is awesome by the way. Yeah I totally forgot how I even discovered Herbal Realm but they indeed have good caps…”

Elsewhere an experienced reviewer weighed in, writing, “Herbal Realm has some fast shipping. Took only 2.5 days to arrive once shipped. All the strains had unique effects different from most other strains that I have tried over the years. Their Kratom is of above average quality. Customer Service was a little slow to Reply sometimes but had no problems with them.

“The little pouches did their Job in keeping the Kratom contained & sealed. They have a very big selection of Strains to choose from. You should have no problem finding a Strain that you would like. Prices are good at $40 for 250 grams. They also have 1 gram capsules to choose from which are $20 for 50 Capsules or 50 grams. I would recommend Herbal Realm for anybody looking for a good reliable vendor that has good Kratom.”

In a post about a user’s first sampler from these cats, they talk about the tremendous value of the brand and how they have since become a longtime customer who loves their caps.


I really dig this company and their stuff. They are easily one of the cheapest brands to not drop in quality just to drive down their prices. They always deliver interesting blends, ample strains and informative newsletters. Indeed, there is a scarcity of suppliers who can do all three, but they seem to do it with ease and generosity.


Whether it’s their once-great chocolate kratom capsules or their famed elephant kratom capsules, users seem to be unanimously in favor of this fresh choice for fresh botanicals. Click on any of their copious goodies and I’m sure you’ll find something that’s right up your alley.

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