One Stop Herbal Shop Review: Low Prices, High Quality

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One Stop Herbal Shop is a fully functional apothecary that’s based in Oklahoma. Residents of the so-called Sooner State probably already know that the local Bureau of Narcotics attempted to pass legislation that would have placed a ban on kratom.

Apparently sooner sometimes means later because the bill—initially proposed by the bureau in 2014—failed to pass and this Ayurvedic herb remains legal to possess and distribute in the state.

This is excellent news for the hundreds of Oklahomans who wish to purchase kratom powder. Actually purchasing it is another story as sourcing quality plant matter can be tough with so many bogus brands popping up every day.

Fortunately “sooners”—and the rest of us—there is a viable option on the market and we’re gonna tell you all about it in today’s post.


Located in Poteau, OK, One Stop is just what the name would suggest—an online store for all of your botanical needs. Offering everything from crystal gems and extracts to custom blends and kava kava paste, these cats have a cornucopia of treats for just about anyone who’s nuts about nootropics.

Their illustrious array of kratom strains includes all of the following:

  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Hulu Kapuas
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Sumatra
  • Yellow Elephant

They currently stock one specialty blend, The Whole Shebang (Greens, Reds, Whites and Yellows), which sounds like a curious combination if you want to experience the full spectrum of aromas.


Those who are looking to buy bulk kratom powder will be very pleased to find that OSHS sells kilos for just $75 which is well below the industry standard. Even a kilo of their custom blend is only $10 more at a price point of $85.

An ounce of tea is a mere five bucks with 250 grams going for $25 and a half kilo selling for only $45.00. A two-way split is 80 bucks flat as are sampler packs.

Interested parties can also contact them about procuring a live kratom plant when they are available.


All orders automatically receive Priority Mail via the US Postal Service unless the customer indicates otherwise. Anyone who buys from OSHS can request USPS Express Mail, FedEx or UPS at an additional cost.

Those who wish to pay with COD can opt to request USPS Collect on Delivery for an added fee. Packages typically arrive within two to three business days.

Their online contact form and email address make it a peace of cake to touch base if you need to find out any vital info or if you have concerns or grievances about your order.


This vendor accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin which enable users to preserve the integrity of their personal information and maintain privacy when shopping. As stated above, they also accept C.O.D.


Consumer response to this vendor has been largely positive with one user writing, “Their prices are low, but not the very lowest (they’re a bit more expensive than SoCal, for example). They had a coupon for a free oz if you ordered at least two oz. The order was shipped promptly and arrived in 3 days. They are known on reddit for their green Horn and it did not disappoint. I love green Horn…

“…They sent a free oz of a strain just called “green Vein” and it’s decent too. Their packaging is only ok. Not as professional looking as some vendors, but still very competent. Each strain is double bagged in case of leakage. All in all, this is one of the better vendors I’ve tried. The quality is as good as Happy Hippo, for example, but with much better prices.”

Elsewhere people said that the owner is a great guy and the business is good. One user chimed in, saying, “One stop is great IMO, green bali is some of the best I ever had.”

Yet another user wrote, “I got my oz of green horn, included with an oz of red horn as part of the free oz giveaway. I encapsulated both bags in small bottles, and started with the red horn first. I didn’t eat for a few hours, nor had any kratom before, and burned 2gs. Very strong and smooth is how I can describe it. Very dense feeling…Very nice burn, and it lasted a good 4 hours.”

This user also noted the fast shipping, great product and awesome giveaway.


Dealing with these people was a genuine pleasure every step of the way. Their site is easy to use and pages are quick to load. After selecting a 2-way split kilo I realized that I had selected a certain strain in error. I meant to order Green Hulu Kapuas and White Sumatra, but I had accidentally chosen Yellow Elephant instead of the white vein.

After contacting customer support and failing to receive word back I hit them up via email and Kristen was quick to respond, resolving my issue in seconds flat and assuring me that my package would be expedited.

When I received it two days later she had thrown in an ounce of Yellow Elephant free of charge. I don’t normally enjoy yellows, but like an elephant, I will never forget theirs. The quality was exceptional across the board.

I have placed two orders since then and both have arrived promptly and securely, to say nothing of their discreet packaging and double bagging. Awesome brand. Period.


Considering the overwhelming glut of overpriced brands run by shady individuals it’s nice to see a company whose owner is committed to caring for her customers and keeping prices low. One Stop Herbal Shop may not be the only one-stop shop on the internet that’s worth the price of admission, but they are definitely one of the most reasonable.

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