Earthshine Organics Review: Everything You Need to Know About This Vendor

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Earthshine Organics has one of the largest social media followings of any kratom vendor. With a presence on Twitter and Instagram, they have cemented their brand and curried favor with botanical enthusiasts across the country.

Unlike so many other brands they recognized the demand for product versatility and answered that call, filling their online store with all the items one could possibly expect out of an internet apothecary.

Of course not everyone has responded positively to what they have to offer. That’s why today we’ll be taking a look at the good and the bad so that you can decide for yourself whether this is the seller for you or someone you’d rather avoid.

Let’s take a closer look.


This North Carolina-based company is a BBB-accredited business with federally legal CBD hemp flower, kratom powder and more. Their mission statement makes it quite clear what kind of people they are and what they endeavor to do for the marketplace.

In their own words, “Earthshine Organics is committed to service, sanctity and integrity, and to operating an ethical and sustainable business that harms none and benefits all.” They have fulfilled this promise by ethically sourcing a clutch of herbs, extracts, oils and teas.

All of their Ayurvedic herbs are wild-crafted in villages and tribal communities throughout indigenous areas of Southeast Asia and beyond.


This supplier’s vast collection includes a plethora of tinctures, edibles, extracts, e-liquids, etc. They include hemp CBD vape, CBD oil tincture, hemp CBD hash, Dabritos CBD Nacho Cheese Chips, CBD Black Angus beef jerky (yep, you read that right), sugar-free Rasta Peanut Butter Cups, Hempy POPS Cannabidiol Lollipops, hemp wraps, mood and energy supplements and so much more.

Whether you’re looking to dab or to shag you’ll find some sweet swag on their site. In addition to kratom powder, oils and hemp crumbles they also have something that will appeal to the cinephiles among us.

How cool is this? While you’re picking up an ounce of speciosa you can stop by their vintage movie poster product page and snatch up an old school one-sheet of such B classics as Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, Blacula, Reefer Madness and so forth.

They currently stock multiple kratom brands including American Kratom and Experience K. The following is a full list of what they have in their catalog:

  • Green Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Kr8om Bali Extract Oil
  • Kr8om Maeng Da Extract
  • Kra Thum Kok (in powder and capsule form)
  • Kra Thum Kok Supreme (in capsule form)
  • Kra Thum Na Supreme (in capsule form)
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Yellow Thai


Prices range widely across a range of sizes and products. For instance, a 10 count jar of 20 gram Kra Thum Na capsules sells for $18.99 while a 70 count bottle of Experience Premium’s MD blend goes for $29.99.

American Kratom’s 30 gram plain leaf capsules come in a 60 count bag for $23.99 while their 50x extract comes in a bag containing 500 milligrams for $17.98. Customers can pick up a Kra Thum Na Supreme 10 count pouch that comes readily potentiated for just $8.99.


Earthshine provides users with a range of options at checkout. You can opt for standard USPS Priority Mail, Express Mail or Global Priority. Those who buy from these cats get tracking included, so you’ll know where your package is every step of the way.

You can hit them up via email, touch base by phone or fill out their online contact form with questions or concerns. Their customer service is sometimes slow, but you’ll always get an answer eventually. Customers with damaged or disappointing packages are usually offered something in the way of compensation.


Whereas many kratom vendors cannot take credit card orders Earthshine accepts both Visa and Mastercard.


This seller is located in Kitty Hawk, NC, and they maintain a P.O. Box where consumers can send payments, offer feedback or file a grievance. As an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to resolve any issues you have with this vendor.


Based on our personal experience with their catalog and the evidence we’ve culled from our research it would certainly seem that these guys are on the level. But we’re never satisfied to make a judgment call based solely on our own isolated encounters.

That’s why we’ve made it a point to talk to others and see what people have been saying on social media and elsewhere.


This brand has been called “fantastic” by a reviewer on I Love Kratom. In their post, they write, “They seem to have a good variety of Kratom. They do have Excellent Quality but I just could never afford this kind of Kratom because I am on a Budget all of the time. Customer Service was ok & had no issues there. Shipping took about 3 days which was very good.

“Their little Pouches were good & were labeled very good & sealed good enough. I only tested 2 Strains but from those 2 Strains there Kratom seemed to be Pretty Potent in my opinion. In my Scoring out of 100 anything over 50 is good. Anything under 50 & it’s not good. Everything was good except for the Prices. If you have the money then you will be getting some Quality Products here.”

As I mentioned earlier, not everyone has been so kind when it comes to this seller. One user on Reddit alleges that he emailed them due to questions about their legitimacy and received a reply that said, “Go away, thanks.”

Others have said that their hemp flower is the “worst” flower with one user writing, “Bad CBD Earthshine Organics beware.”


In the interest of full disclosure I will say that I have had limited contact with these guys. I never ordered any of their hemp CBD flower, so I can’t speak to its quality. I will say that for a wholesale kratom business with a selection of smoke shop brands they are better than most.

The difference between good headshop labels and bad boils down to what’s in the bottle. Plain and simple. American Kratom and Kra Thom Na are solid products that are high in quality. The Red Vein Thai is my personal fave.

Their edible collection alone is worth exploring as they have a lot of fun items that you aren’t likely to find on other e-commerce sites. I loved their beef jerky and highly recommend the cotton candy flavored CBD lollipops.

If there’s one complaint I can agree with it’s the lack of affordability. This seller could definitely learn something from the glut of awesome online shops that have taken pains to drive down costs and keep prices low.


If you’ve got money to burn and you want to try a supplier with a ton of variety then this might be the place to be. Just don’t visit their site expecting to spend anything less than $100 if you want to get a lot of bang for your buck.

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