Krulabula Review: An Honest Overview of this Missouri Vendor

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Missouri is famous for its nickname—the Show-Me State. So it is only fitting that local kratom users should expect a lot from their kratom vendors. KrulaBula is one vendor who is showing off all the goods, offering their customers deep discounts and cool merch on top of exotic strains and rare concentrates.

In today’s review we’ll take a look at their full collection, fine packaging and value in terms of price point. As you’ll see, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to this online seller. We’ll also discuss the problems that people have experienced with this brand and the signs that suggest they may be on their way out.

I feel it is incumbent upon me as a thorough researcher to test out product myself so that our readers will get a fair and honest write-up that’s free of bogus lip service or biased opinion. That’s why I’ve prepared this KrulaBula kratom review with toss and wash, so I can describe the true quality to each and every one of you.

Let’s jump into it!


Located at 2025 Zumbehl Rd. in St. Charles, the ninth largest city in the state, KrulaBula is a supplier that’s become famous for its colorfully named kratom powder, extracts and tie dye T-shirts. They operate both a brick-and-mortar botanical shop as well as an online store.

At the moment, they are running a 20% off sale on all kratom products including their liquid kratom and concentrated powder. For those living in the St. Charles area it is a no-brainer to check these guys out as they have demonstrated their ability to deliver top shelf pouches with a vast assortment of unique strains.

Unfortunately for the rest of us their online store appears to be down or otherwise disabled. When you punch in their web address you are redirected to the following URL:


After speaking with the store I was told that the website should be up-and-running shortly. In fact, Nichole, the co-owner, seemed completely surprised that the site had been suspended, saying, “Wow! I don’t know, it was working just the other day. I’ll have to take a look.”

She assured me that they are still fully operational and encouraged me to come down and visit their physical location where they now offer first-time customers 25% off their first order and sell a host of specialty “sober drinks” with their kratom and kava bar serving a friendly local crowd who enjoy their pool table, kratom shots, CBD and more.


The following is a short list of their most popular strains:

  • Cajun Fire
  • Green Carrera
  • Green Tsunami
  • KS26 Platinum
  • Monster Green
  • Red Batak
  • Red Pane
  • Red Rocket
  • Super Red Gold Kratom
  • Tesla Dragon
  • White Batak
  • White Moon

This is just a few of the powders and extracts that are in regular rotation at their shop. All strains are offered in both powder and capsule form.


Prices vary depending on what you are purchasing as all of their items are offered in a variety of sizes, starting at 50 grams. For the bulk buyer, they don’t normally sell full kilos, but the proprietor assured me that I would only pay $100 if they have enough in stock to spare.

Not only do the noobs automatically receive 25% off their initial order, but they also give their return customers punch cards so that they can earn a free kratom drink in exchange for their repeat business.


In the past this seller has frequently doled out promotional codes to customers, most of which were good for 10% off your total at checkout. However it is unclear if they are currently offering such specials since their site is down.


This is where things get a touch iffy if you’re the cautious sort of consumer. Users have publicly complained about the issues they’ve encountered with this company. One user contacted co-owner William Orth and inquired about lab results.

Mr. Orth was forthcoming with said lab results, but it was evident from the documentation that his kratom powder had tested 10 times higher than the AHPA standard for coliforms. Many have suggested that Mr. Orth’s decision to distribute such a batch with full knowledge of its coliform results was unethical.

What’s more, Mr. Orth claimed to be packaging his product in their kava bar which is a big no-no if you know anything about the potential for contamination in such a setting or the quality control standards expected of trusted vendors.

As I’m sure some of you already know, Mitragyna speciosa powder should be prepared in a secure facility with proper equipment and stored in a cool, dry place that is free from mold and other forms of bacteria. The very best companies can demonstrate that they prepare their packages using rubber gloves and masks to prevent against E. coli and other life-threatening substances.

There is a relative scarcity of customer feedback with only four reviews on Google and little else. As a matter of fact, one of the only users to post about them on sites like Reddit was Nichole herself under the net handle @CajunChix.

That’s not to say that’s a bad thing so much as it seriously limits their exposure to the kratom community at large. On the plus side, Google reviews have been largely positive with one user praising their “Super fast shipping” and calling their kratom “strong and potent.” This same user says, “…you won’t find a better over all complete Kratom Vendor! Thanks Will for all the free samples, I really love getting my surprise packages!”


As I mentioned earlier, I tossed and washed my KrulaBula kratom samples in an effort to truly size up the quality and texture of this brand. I’m happy to report that their stuff is finely powdered, does not stick to the roof of your mouth and isn’t unbearable to the taste buds.

The aroma was most definitely strong and it lasted for upwards of three hours completely unabated. Perhaps more importantly, I didn’t have an unpleasant comedown and never developed one of those dread kratom hangovers.


Despite a lack of consumer presence on social media and a number of technical issues I can say with certainty that these cats are doing the damn thing. They’ve got good stuff to offer and are lovely to deal with. Check ’em out! I trust you’ll walk away with a smile on your face.

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