Mitragation Solutions Review: Kratom You Can Count On

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Mitragation Solutions has only been around for a short time, but they have already attracted a fair amount of attention on social media platforms with their generous samples, special offers and superior kratom extracts.

In this short but sweet review, we’ll tell you all about why they are poised to become a contender for the #1 spot and what they are doing to get there.


Mitragation Solutions is a Missouri-based kratom vendor operating out of St. Louis. Like Krulabula before them they are going above and beyond to keep their customers happy with quality products.

It is the sheer extent to which they are willing to go to ensure that quality that makes them stand out like a prize-winning hog in a pig sty.

This commitment to excellence is reflected in a 2017 Reddit post in which the proprietor of the brand writes, “Ok so on my recent resupply of extract my supplier sent the wrong stuff. I ordered 50:1 but he sent 10:1. It just isn’t the level that I expect and want to sell on the site.

“However it is still very useful. So that being said for the first 20 purchases of at least $20 before shipping you will receive 5 grams of 10:1 extract. Just select the free 10:1 extract product.”


As you may have noticed if you’ve visited their online store, Mitragation Solutions sells a number of unique items, from their handcrafted aromatherapy candles to their Premium Agmatine Sulfate tablets. The latter is available in a 60 count bottle.

Agmatine Sulfate is a supercharged substance which is said to possess a range of nootropic effects including cognitive enhancement and more. It is also believed to promote healthy circulation due to its production of nitric oxide.

This vendor is currently in the process of stocking new products including fresh batches of Mitragyna speciosa powder. Their many exotic strains include all of the following:

  • Darkside HK (Hulu Kapuas)
  • Gold Bali
  • Green Bentuangie
  • Green JongKong Maeng Da
  • Premium Red JongKong
  • Premium Red Sunda
  • Red Bali
  • Red Elephant
  • Red Horn
  • Super Green
  • Super Red
  • White Borneo
  • White JongKong Maeng Da
  • Yellow Sunda

Due to technical issues many products are not showing up on their site at this time, so be sure to inquire about anything you may be looking for.


All of their strains are offered in 250 gram pouches for a flat price of $20.00. There are no hidden fees and customers can contact them about buying in bulk. Kilos are not currently listed on their website, but you can inquire about pricing by filling out texting the owner at 314-495-7607.

A 60 count bottle of Agmatine Sulfate is available for 50 bucks while aromatherapy candles sell for $20.00. All orders of 250 grams or more qualify users for a free sample that will be added before you item ships. Shipping is free on all orders of $25 or more.


People have called this brand “awesome” with one user writing, “This is a good dude guys.” Another user added that OP [the owner] “is an amazing person with high quality product.”

Elsewhere a user said, “I have his premium green md and it’s stellar.” To which yet another user responded, “Mitragation is a very good vendor. u/jjspkd is extremely accommodating, as well as knowledgeable about the products he carries – he’s good at answering questions backed up with personal experience and has been around for a long time.

“With that being said, all of his premium Maeng Da strains are absolutely fire – my personal order goes something like PGMD, PWMD, PRMD.His yellow elephant is also very very good.”

Others have called their herbal tea “soft and fluffy” with one customer saying, “Today I got the Premium Green Maeng Da. I am Super Pleased with it!”


  • Cheap prices
  • Awesome variety
  • Free shipping
  • Solid consumer reputation
  • Offers custom blends


  • Technical difficulties
  • Payment processing problems


Although you are unlikely to find too much information about this seller where “official” reviews are concerned, they are a member in good standing with the Reddit community where users have embraced their product line and vouched for them in the past.

Those who are looking for a dealer who cares about potency and customer satisfaction should give OP a shot. He’s working diligently to improve the industry 24/7.

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