Maui Wowee Kratom Review: The Hydroponic Farmer Who’s Turning Lots of Heads

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Maui Wowee Kratom represents the future of the Mitragyna speciosa leaf. As the first vendor to offer hydroponically-grown kratom, they have taken the science of the gestation process one step further than their competitors.

As Maui County’s premier head shop for ethnobotanicals, they serve as the island’s exclusive connection to the Ayurvedic herb. By utilizing a mineral nutrient solution as their method for growth, Maui Wowee enables their kratom leaf to increase its natural reserve of indole alkaloids. This results in a highly concentrated product that is both potent and pesticide-free.

In today’s review we’ll talk about what makes them special and why you should seek them out. But first, let’s talk a bit about the legality of this tree from the coffee family of plants.


As an increasing number of men and women flock to kratom for its unique aroma questions begin to crop up regarding its legality. People want to know if it is protected by law in their area.

As some states have begun passing legislation to ban kratom it has become imperative that users keep themselves abreast of changing policies. That’s why it’s always advisable to check with local government agencies to ensure that your right to this herb has been preserved.

Fortunately for those residing in Maui, there are no laws limiting the sale, possession or use of kratom products. However, restrictions could be proposed at any time, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open, lest you find yourself in possession of a controlled substance.


As I mentioned earlier this brand offers hydroponic kratom which has been grown using special cutting-edge techniques that part with the traditional means of growth and harvesting. Plain leaf is dried and/or fermented once it has reached peak maturity.

If you want to buy kratom locally in Maui you’re in luck as this seller operates shops in both Lahaina and Kahului, HI. Customers are in love with their selection which also includes bamboo water pipes and other accessories.

Their online store is currently under construction, so stay tuned for updates as they will likely be uploading their full inventory in the near future. For now you can contact them at their 1-800 number to place an order.

If you’re a Maui County native or you’re visiting for business or pleasure you can stop by and have a look for yourself. They allow their customers to visit with their dogs and have a convenient parking area for bikes and scooters. Validated parking is also made readily available to all who visit.


Joey and his team are adept in all things agricultural and have brought this knowledge to bear on Mitragyna speciosa, proudly growing the first Maeng Da leaf in the island’s history. Thus far, Joey has grown two crops of fine MD kratom.

They now stock green, red and white vein strains, all of which are OG Maeng Da strains that are finely powdered and securely packaged in resealable pouches.


This vendor charges $12.99 per ounce with a kilo selling for an industry low $75.00. That means that you’ll be getting 1,000 grams for at least $45 less than what most online sellers charge.


This vendor currently accepts all major credit and debit cards. Alas, they do not accept cryptocurrency, so those looking to pay with Bitcoin are S.O.L.


There has been much conjecture about this supplier online with many suggesting that, perhaps, Maui Wowee is a scam operation.

Luckily for Joe and his wife there are those who are true friends, the kind willing to stand up and vouch for the little man. One such individual writes, “I have lived here in Maui for 40 years. I met Joe at a farmers market in Hiku 12 years ago. I have known and respected him since that day. His tree farm is real his trees are transplanted from the green hpuse/ hydro and also sold live too.”

Another user said, “I’ve seen the threads. I’ve read every derisive remark. I can’t confirm whether or not this company has an exclusive, state of the art, kratom plantation in Hawaii. Tell you what though. . . dude’s got some damn good kratom.

“I recieved generous samples of his Red, White, and Green powder. The Red in particular is worth mentioning. This is as good as a Red gets, and I’m saying this coming from a recent(very good)experience with Hill Country’s Red Kalimantan.

“I can’t decide which I like better, but I do know that they’re my top two. The White might be a bit energetic for me, but it’s strong. The Green, balanced. Lots of euphoria there. But the real star of this show is the Red. Since he didn’t give it a name, I’d call this one, Red Maui Kapowee.

“I just want to add. What caught my eye with this vendor is when he made his announcement, people came at him guns a blazin. He never blinked. Just said, oh yeah? Then try it. See for yourself. Confident. Unflappable. I liked that.”


After looking at all of the conflicting information about Maui Wowee on the Internet I decided to check them out for myself. After all, they say never to believe the hype.

As I suspected, there was no cause for alarm as the product this seller is peddling is the genuine article. While I have no way to confirm nor deny whether it was grown indoors before being transferred to an outdoor facility I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is strong!

Their green and red strains are both powerful powders with a protracted aroma that doesn’t quit. This is definitely legit leaf that seems to have been enhanced, either by hydroponic means or something else.


If you’re a doubting Thomas, I strongly recommend you reserve judgment until after you’ve sampled the goods. I trust you’ll find that all the hate was for naught.

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