Mana Kratom Review: A Vendor That’s Raising the Bar

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“Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact.” Those are the words of one William S. Burroughs, author of the enduring prose-poem Naked Lunch and longtime resident of Lawrence, KS.

This quote is fitting since Lawrence is the site of Mana Bar, an exotic beverage lounge that celebrates art in all of its myriad forms. This extends from its vast collection of local paintings to the spirited concerts it hosts and, yes, the culture of kava, kratom and kombucha it promotes.

Their drink menu is a veritable cornucopia of ethnobotanical concoctions that are every bit as delectable as a Starbucks offering without the shame of a sugar crash. From their signature Mana Layered Latte to their proprietary speciosa cocktails, Mana Bar has been providing an atmospheric space for Grasshoppers to have a hip night out for the better part of six years.


ManaBar is an alternative lifestyle lounge located at 1111 Massachusetts St. in Lawrence, KS. They offer a low-priced assortment of cocktails and a full tea bar where customers can enjoy a plethora of herbal libations for a fraction of what one would pay for the average night out.

After making a name for themselves as a nightspot they launched, an e-commerce site specializing high quality “Kratom Foliage as well as Peace of Mind when ordering online.” In 2017 the site went live and swiftly gained attention from the kratom community.

Unfortunately their homepage now reads, “Mana Kratom is currently not accepting new orders. Please check back soon. Thanks!” This reflects the overwhelming number of orders they have been flooded with since their inception.


In addition to their full line of kava kava and kombucha drinks they sell aromatherapy products, organic resin incense, local artwork, minerals, musical instruments, sage bundles and indie lit.

After making a name for themselves as a nightspot they launched, an e-commerce site specializing high quality “Kratom Foliage as well as Peace of Mind when ordering online.”

This vendor stocks seven unique strains at competitive prices. They include the ever-popular Deep Jungle Sumatran, Emerald Super Indo, Premium Bali, Ruby Red Super Indo and White Zen Thai. Other products include an Earl Grey Kava Kava Tea, kratom extract and more.

Unlike many other vendors, Mana Enterprises has significant deals on bulk kratom powder and regularly offer samples to inquiring parties. They also give out promotions to regular customers.


Not too much. On the contrary, this vendor frequently has flash sales on kilos where you can get 1,000 grams for as little as $80.00 with free Priority Mail shipping. Their willingness to avoid price gouging has paid off in substantial repeat business, so much so that they have been imitated by others. For instance, a bar recently sprouted up in Florida that calls itself Manna Tea and Kava Bar. Needless to say they sell kratom, kava and kombucha.


People have been beyond pleased with this proprietor and their wares with one user writing, “Mana Kratom is by far the best Kratom supplier I have ordered from. They know their product and the customer service is great! Also, the shipping is pretty fast compared to other companies. The website has come a long ways since I first ordered from them online and is a lot easier to use now. You can really tell that these guys have a passion for this stuff.”

When kratom came under fire with the FDA and DEA, many vendors were forced to close up shop out of fear that their products would be seized by customs. Mana Kratom was one such company and they suffered because of it.

Some users accused them of being greedy with their prices and called them out for shutting down their site. Ever the gentleman, the owner explained that they strive to offer the lowest prices but that his eight loyal employees deserve to earn a living wage.

The fact that Mana Bar and, by extension, Mana Kratom remain in business is testament to their fortitude and resilience. Over the last year they have continued to grow, ushering in new strains and doing all that they can to keep consumers happy.


As I said earlier, they frequently run flash sales on kilos and deliver deep discounts to new and return customers alike. This includes coupon codes that are redeemable for as much as 35% off your order at checkout.



All orders automatically receive free shipping via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Most orders are eligible for expedited shipping as well, so be sure to reach out if you’d like to upgrade. Shipping is fast and packages always arrive safely, securely and, above all else, discreetly.

This business is renowned for its next level customer support with reviews raving about how nice the staff are and how easy it is to get the answers to any and all questions.


In the interest of full disclosure I should say that I’ve only ever ordered from these cats once, but the experience still stands out in my mind. Their Emerald Indo arrived a day earlier than I anticipated and I received three grams more than I paid for. What’s more, my package also contained a free sample of Red Bali.

The Emerald Indo earned its name by boasting a vibrant, lush green color and an aroma that was as rich as any rare gemstone. It gave me a nice clean boost throughout the day, making for the ideal daytime strain.

The Bali leaf was a tad bitter, but a little honey and fruit juice fixed that right up and the aroma was on point in all other regards. I found myself really coming out of my shell after drinking a cup and a half (about 4.5 grams). All inhibitions melted away and my evening was awesome. Definitely a slow but steady nighttime choice, to be sure.

I was dismayed to see that their site was not taking any more orders at this time, but I’m resting easy knowing that they will definitely be back. You can’t keep a good dog down.


This vendor is a top notch choice for anyone who appreciates companies with a genuine passion for the Ayurvedic herb and an authentic love of their patrons. All things considered I’d say that it would be worth the price of gas, food and lodging to visit Lawrence, KS just to stop by the Mana Bar.

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