Hemptations Kratom Review: A Solid Choice for Ohioans

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Hemptations owner E.R. Beach has made news by defying local CBD laws and rolling out an ever-growing number of ethnobotanicals in the Greater Cincinnati area. With four pipe stores in Dayton and beyond, he and co-owner Nic Balzer have taken the market by storm.

What differentiates them from other vendors is that they practice what they preach. Mr. Beach is always decked out in hemp clothing, whether we’re talking about his jeans, his sandals or even the hat which gives him his signature look.

But Hemptations is more than a supplier of CBD hemp products. They are also infamous for their exotic kratom strains, many of which have outsold their hemp line by leaps and bounds. The following is an exploded view of this exciting chain of supply stores and their outstanding product line.


Hemptations is a tobacco shop that’s keeping the State of Aviation high…on the map, that is. They are Ohio’s largest CBD and kratom vendor, featuring a catalog of items versatile enough to leave the keen consumer drooling.

They currently have shops in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northside and Sharonville with each store fully stocked and staffed by knowledgeable pros.


Their selection includes bath and body works, edibles, pet supplies and swag, among many other exciting items. Unlike other shops these cats have been around for more than two decades, serving the public with valuable items like their Hemptations detox and industrial hemp.

Some of their bestsellers include MedCBD CBD mints, organic rolling paper, handmade jewelry and their very own Hemptations lip balm which comes in a variety of flavors including Blueberry Moscow Mule.


Their many kratom strains include CBD Infused Maeng Da, Green Malay, Traditional “Pimp Grade” Maeng Da, Red Thai and so forth. They typically have about a dozen different strains in stock at any time in powder form with additional options available as kratom capsules and liquid kratom extract.


All of their kratom powders come in 30 gram pouches for approximately $15 before tax. Unfortunately for the bulk buyer they do not offer kilos at this time. However, this will likely change in the future as the demand for Mitragyna speciosa grows in the region.


Earlier this year the state was strongly considering a kratom ban, but in August the Ohio Board of Pharmacy delayed their decision until they could review this Ayurvedic herb further. However, it is important for state residents to keep themselves apprised of legislative efforts as the board’s inevitable decision could leave kratom regulated as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

As we’ve seen in the past, the FDA has made their feelings known about the plant and its indole alkaloids. After a Salmonella outbreak occurred in 2018 they issued a warning, urging the public to avoid kratom use.

And they’re not the only ones—the DEA has seized shipments of kratom in recent years and many top lawmakers have been vehement opponents of Mitragyna speciosa. In the last decade alone, a number of states and counties have placed restrictions on the sale and/or possession of kratom.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has been considering the law change since 2018, but after opening it up to public opinion they were flooded with approximately 6,600 comments from Ohio natives and they realized it should be removed from their agenda.


On the downside, this shop does not accept crypto like Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin. With that said, anyone who wishes to pay with a credit or debit card is in luck. They have been processing credit card orders since 1995.


Reviews have been roundly positive for this chain retailer with one user writing, “Hemptations is one of my favorite smoke shops, specifically for the great selection…”

More than 90 customers have left reviews on social media, each of them espousing Beach and Balzer’s string of shops. One reviewer writes: “First time in the store. Super helpful informed service, great variety of products! Will definitely be back!”

Another user says, “They have wonderful items…they even have toys for dogs. The merchandise is high-quality. Everyone can find something in this ecclectic shop.”

A number of users on Reddit have said that this is their go-to store for kratom and other botanicals. Of the three main stores that stock powder and capsules in the state they are widely considered to be the very best.


While visiting some old friends in Brooklyn Heights I decided to stop into their Dayton location and see what was good. I picked up some Red Vein Thai and Green Malay. The former was a doozy! After tossing and washing just 3 ½ grams the aroma hit me.

Hemptations Red Thai is unlike others in that it has notes similar to a strong Red Bent. I felt a general sense of well-being and I was way more sociable than I am normally. It definitely kicked things up a notch…and then some.

The Green Malay reminded me of Super Green in that it gave me a boost and carried me through my day, except it didn’t induce any nausea. This is worth noting because Green Malay is commonly associated with a loss of appetite and bouts of possible dizziness. Not the case here. This was a clean experience that left me hangover-free and having a blast.

The best part of my experience was the price. Although I’m accustomed to paying around $10-15 for 28 grams online, I have witnessed firsthand how smoke shops price gouge. It’s not at all out of the ordinary to find sketchy shops peddling “premium” powder and capsules for ridiculously lofty prices. I was happy to find that Hemptations offers their stuff at a baseline that hasn’t changed in quite some time.


If you’re truckin’ around Cincy or Gem City and you want to score some choice “thang” Hemptations is the place to be. This joint’s got all kinds of goods to keep you enthralled and you won’t get burned on the price.

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