Herb Research Kratom: An Exclusive Brand with Astounding Test Levels

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The owner of Herb Research has been described as a mad scientist for his masterful concoctions and expert selection of rare kratom strains. It’s a bold endorsement, but it’s one that he has certainly earned. The Herb Research brand is unequivocally one of the most unique and varied in 2019.

This vendor demonstrated their staying power after they were forced to shut down in the wake of DEA scrutiny and a potential kratom ban, easily bouncing back better than ever. After re-opening their doors to the public, they imbued their online store with a clutch of new and improved products.

In this review we’ll dive into their full product line, consumer reputation and much, much more. As you’ll see, there is a reason that this brand has enjoyed such longevity.


This supplier is a U.S.-based company operating out of bucolic Corvallis, OR. Specializing in raw materials for applied research, they stock a vast array of enhanced strains, root powders and extracts. They have been serving the community for several years, steadily expanding their catalog and improving on existing plant matter.

As a Members Only dealer HR is an elite brand that is only open to a select amount of clients. This is just one way that the owner manages to maintain quality and ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Their kratom is lab tested and the results show concentrations of Mitragynine that best damn near any online option in the marketplace.


This vendor sells everything from Cordyceps and liquid alkaloid to Dendrobium Nobile Stone Orchid Stem and Guarana and ISOL-8 Full Spectrum Extract. Their Herb Research Kanna and Black Power Mitragyna Alkaloid Fraction are fan favorites that have consistently sold out.

Their many outstanding kratom strains include all of the following:

  • Enriched Cerah Malay (E-KM)
  • Gold Reserve Enriched Leaf
  • Green Kali
  • Jade Queen Malay
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Kali
  • Super Green Malaysian
  • White Jade
  • White Sumatra

Other products include Blue Lotus, Devil’s Club Root, Lotus Heart Alkaloid and Pedicularis.


All of their speciosa tea sells for $10-18 per ounce with bulk deals available to their loyal return customers. Kilos are not always available since many of their strains are limited to a finite number of lots.


This seller cannot ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Sarasota County, Vermont or Wisconsin. Additionally, they cannot ship to countries where kratom has been banned such as Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia or Sweden.


Yes, the Mitragyna speciosa leaf and its innate indole alkaloids remain unregulated and legal in the Pacific Northwest where residents regularly buy and sell it in powder and capsule form. It is readily available in a number of dispensaries and may be ordered from online shops.


People have gone gaga over Herb Research and its strains with one user saying that their Maeng Da should be graded as “Pimp KING” quality, saying, “It’s superb!”

“The other strain from HR that people rave about is Jade Queen Malay,” said one Reddit user, adding, “It is a difficult strain to get. I have tried the Cerah Malay and it was a solid strain. It is a green that leans more towards a red.”

Elsewhere a reviewer explains, “Herbresearch set up the first standard method for HPLC testing of Mitragynine percentage eight years ago…So, while many vendors claim to have amazing quality kratom, he actually will back his up with honest HPLC results.

“Not only to test for Mitragyna content, but for molds and other harmeful bacteria that can be found in kratom occasionally. HR also was the original creator of “Gold Reserve”, “Gold Standard”…and countless other amazing extracts. Plus, he coined the name “Sundanese”, that you see so many other vendors using nowadays. The dude is the OG of kratom. Sells only the highest quality stuff.

“Herb Research only takes in a few members, as it is a “member only” type of vendor. You can always try to email him and ask to be on the waiting list. Took me over a year, but finally got in!!! Worth the wait, if you are a true connoisseur of kratom.”

Another user echoed these sentiments, saying, “I have been allowed entry into their (exclusive) membership recently. I had asked about two months ago and received the ok to join two weeks ago. I had been curious to know if the quality met with the hype.

“I ordered 2g each of the Maeng Da & Jade Malay 1.8. The MD has a clean, smooth feeling to it that I appreciate and haven’t noticed with any other MD from other vendors. Not yet tried the Jade Malay 1.8 yet but am looking forward to it…I almost forgot to mention that they sent me samples of the Isol-8 & White Gold extracts. The Isol-8 is amazing…”


I have reached out to them regarding membership back in April and recently received approval. Thus far, I have only tried their Maeng Da, Red Kali and Super Green Malay.

I got the Maeng Da as a sample after inquiring about it in an email. It was every bit as potent and distinct as others had claimed and I ended up using it all up in under two weeks which is odd for me because I’m not as big of a MD fan as the average bear.

The Red Kali possessed all of the comforting qualities I’ve come to expect of red leaf with the added bonus of some much-needed sociability (hey, I’m a writer, we tend to be introverts). The aroma was smooth and the taste was pleasant, gracing my palate like a finely ground chai tea.

The Super Green was the perfect work brew, making for a fun and focused afternoon at the computer, plowing through research and banging out projects with ease and enhanced motivation.


If you’re someone who can practice some patience it’s worth signing up to join this exclusive vendor. You’ll be unlocking the highest concentrations of Mitragynine that you are likely to find on the Internet or at your neighborhood head shop.

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