Buy Natural Meds Kratom Review: A Cut-Rate Austin Vendor with Variety

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Buy Natural Meds offers what they call all-natural superior Kratom powder, caps and drinks at wholesale prices. Exactly how superior their products are is something that is up for debate.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of kratom vendors cropping up on a constant basis it can become an arduous task to distinguish the true masters from the mere money-hungry types. There are dozens and dozens of dubious brands that claim to be the best, but few of them deserve to carry that title.

The easiest way to evaluate the veracity of such claims is to compare a seller’s product line and business model to those of the top sellers on the market. That’s why we’ve vetted this wholesaler and studied where they measure up when compared to their competition.

Let’s take a closer look.


Buy Natural Meds is a West Texas kratom vendor operating out of the state capital of Austin. They sell a variety of items including CBD, nootropics, kratom shots, kanna powder, mushrooms, vape juice and more.

It is their assertion that their loyal customers have said that they have the highest quality at the lowest prices and that they have moved more than 10,000 packages across the country. This may be accurate, but it does not verify their level of quality or purity.

This wholesaler proudly discloses their third party lab results, so visitors to their online store can ascertain whether their product is unadulterated without investing in a kratom testing panel.


Yes, kratom remains legal to purchase, possess and sell across the Lone Star State. Those who buy kratom locally in Austin, Dallas, Houston or one of the other metropolitan areas comprising Texas should do so with caution.

Smoke shops are notorious for price gouging and often stock sketchy brands, some of which may be contaminated or cut with synthetic chemicals. That’s why it’s better to purchase online where you can thoroughly research a brand prior to plunking down your hard-earned dollars.

If you live in Austin it may seem silly to place an order from a website belonging to a local business, but it’s always a better idea to buy through the mail than to purchase kratom in-person from a proprietor who has no genuine knowledge of his inventory’s contents.


In addition to their kratom powder and capsules Buy Natural Meds offer Akuamma, Alpha-GPC, Kanna, Kava Bliss Extract, Phenibut, 50x extract powder, Premium Kratom Liquid Extract and so forth.

The following is a list of their kratom strains:

  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Elephant
  • Hulu
  • Indo
  • Maeng Da
  • Malay
  • Thai
  • Vietnam

Each of these strains is available in gold, green, red or white vein powder with many offered in capsule form as well.


All of their kratom powder start at $15 for 56 grams and caps off at $1,700 for 40 kilos. That’s a meager $42.50 per kilo which is well below the industry standard. Granted, vendors can procure kilos for as little as $20 from the natives of Southeast Asia, but for the average consumer or retailer this is a more than reasonable price.

To put it into perspective, we’ve surveyed some of the most well-known brands and come back with the following figures. is one of the most popular bulk sellers online, but their kilos start at $60 before shipping. Alternately, Yo Kratom charges $99.99 before shipping for one of their Green Borneo kilos.

By contrast, some of the most recognized names charge an industry standard $135 such as The Kratom Syndicate. This illustrates the price point most casual consumers are accustomed to paying when they order online.

What’s more, Buy Natural Meds Kratom is provided at an added incentive for those who purchase serious bulk. Retailers who pick up 100 kilos get each kilo for just $32.00. You are unlikely to find that kind of savings anywhere else on the Internet.


All orders receive Same Day Shipping if said orders are placed before 3PM CST. They generally arrive within 2-3 business days and arrive safely and securely.

Those who have questions about their purchase can quickly get in touch by calling their phone line or filling out a brief contact form. Their customer support staff are punctual and helpful.


This vendor currently accepts major credit and debit cards as well as Bitcoin, although you may inquire about additional payment options if these options do not suit your needs or preferences.


As a relatively new supplier, there has been little chatter about on the Web, but this is poised to change as more users discover their affordability and wide selection.

Of the few who have acknowledged the site, the overwhelming number give them major points. As one person wrote, “Great prices and quality is 5 stars.”

Another user said, “Received my order for 25 grams of 30% mitragynine!!! in 3 days after placing order!! And on top of it l received extra and it was sparkling and great consistency…i think I found my go to extract vendor after trying a lot of them and price is unbelievable…”

A third customer writes: “Great product! Fast delivery and they keep you updated on how your order is going.well satisfied customer here!”


I have only ordered from them on one occasion, but I’ve been back to their site a number of times to marvel at their versatile stock and awesome pricing. My initial impression is one of authentic awe. This is real value from a homegrown business.

Their Hulu Kapuas is fire and their kratom extract really knocked my socks off. I’d highly recommend both, especially when it will cost you far less than it would elsewhere.


For savings, selection and sheer potency these guys really can’t be beat. This is the place to be if you’re buying in bulk. This goes for anyone who likes to stock up, especially those of us who don’t like to open their purse for any old thing.

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