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At, it’s all about finding your muse. This West coast kratom vendor wants their patrons to find the strain that’s suited to their personalities and preferences. That’s why they regularly roll out special deals that enable first-time users to sample something new without investing in bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules.

By providing a vast array of enhanced and exotic strains they have kept things fresh, both literally and figuratively. As you’ll see in the following review, there’s more than meets the eye with this particular supplier.

WHO ARE THEY? is a vendor operating out of Fullerton, CA. They offer a wide variety of premium grade kratom powders and caps at fair market prices.

The name Online Kratom might seem rather simple and generic, and for good reason. The company was founded by a gentleman who had a simple mission—to deliver pure, powerful OG Mitragyna speciosa leaf to the masses.

The COO was the person who recommended kratom to the founded after he suffered a Myocardial infarction which severely depleted his energy levels. Once he saw that it actually helped him, he made it his business to partner with his friend to bring the Ayurvedic herb to market.

Through their commitment to R & D, they were able to source the finest kratom they could find. By submitting each batch for third party lab testing, they have been able to ensure that each crop is clean, pure and strong.


There many exotic kratom strains include all of the following:

  • Crimson Veda Extract
  • Kali Green Indo
  • Kali Red Indo
  • Krishna Green Malay
  • Mitra Green Borneo
  • Mitra Red Borneo
  • Mitra White Borneo
  • Parvati Green Thai
  • Parvati Red Thai
  • Parvati White Thai
  • Premier Kali Green Indo
  • Premier Kali Red Indo
  • Premier Krishna Green Malay
  • Premier Mitra Green Borneo
  • Premier Mitra Red Borneo
  • Premier Mitra White Borneo
  • Premier Parvati Green Thai
  • Premier Parvati Red Thai
  • Premier Parvati White Thai
  • Premier Shiva Green Maeng Da
  • Premier Shiva Red Maeng Da
  • Shiva Green Maeng Da
  • Shiva Red Maeng Da

Other products include their Online Kratom Gift Box which contains 100 grams of kratom powder, 50 grams of kratom capsules, 25 grams of their proprietary Kratom Fusion blend, 2 grams of kratom extract, an OK T-shirt, a kratom travel tube and a branded mug with scoop spoons.

Their specialty blends include all of the following:

  • Brahma Bali Kratom Plus
  • Devi Fusion
  • Devi Fusion Plus
  • Dharma Bali Fusion
  • Durga Fusion
  • Ganesha Fusion
  • Indra Fusion
  • Premier Vayu Fusion
  • Samsara Fusion
  • Surya Fusion
  • Varuna Fusion
  • Vishnu Fusion


This vendor’s strains start at $6.50 for 15 grams with 25 grams selling for $11.00, 50 grams going for $21.00, 100 grams selling for $40.00 and 200 grams going for $76.00. That’s pretty steep for 200 grams, especially when one considers that the best bulk kratom sellers offer 1,000 grams (1 kilo) for around $90-130.00.

Although their traditional plain leaf is a touch on the expensive side, their proprietary blends of enhanced kratom powder are actually very reasonable. They range from $7.10 to $13.20 for 15 grams with the average pouch of 25 grams going for $21.20.

If you’re looking to buy big you can snatch a 200 grams of, say, Indra Fusion for $151.10 or purchase 10 grams of their Crimson Veda Extract. Trust me, it’ll last a lot longer than you’d think.


Online Kratom accepts major credit/debit cards such as American Express, Mastercard and Visa. They also accept checks, money orders and e-checks. Unfortunately, they do not take Bitcoin or any kind of crypto at this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes in the near-future as the industry continues to embrace altcoins and the like.


This supplier offers a wealth of shipping options including USPS Priority Mail, USPS Express Mail, FedEx Overnight and more.

Their customer support staff make it easy to resolve any issues that might arise as they respond promptly to questions or concerns that are left on their online contact form. You can also reach out by phone to speak with a representative.


  • Wide selection
  • Lab tested products
  • Potent strains
  • Proprietary blends
  • Free samples
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Fast shipping
  • Free samples
  • coupon code
  • Easy-to-navigate online store


  • High prices
  • Does not accept Bitcoin or Zelle


The response to this vendor has been largely positive with one reviewer writing, “First off their Customer Service is the Best. Their Shipping is the Best that I have ever seen. I recevied the Samples in less than 48 hours from 1,500 miles away. WOW!”

Elsewhere a user shared their experience with three of their samples. “I started off with 5 grams of the Durga fusion and it felt like the first time I had taken kratom. Their fusion mixes are multiple plain leaf powders with extract.

“It took about 45 minutes for it to kick in which is a little longer than normal for me but once it did I was good for rest of the day, I didn’t even need to redose like I typically do. The shiva green MD was also very good…The duration wasn’t as long as the Durga fusion but still top quality leaf.”

This same user goes on to say, “If you are looking for another vendor and something new and fresh I would highly suggest checking these guys out. Online kratom is now on my top 3 vendor list.”


For all my kratomites who are craving something different it’s definitely worth a visit to Online Kratom’s site. You’ll find a clutch of new blends that are crazy good and way fresher than what many of us have come to expect from the Internet. These cats mean business.

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