Beleafer Kratom Review: The Best of Benni Botanicals

November 03, 2019 Articles

There has been much debate over the last two years about Beleafer, the Facebook kratom vendor who was selling directly over social media. Many questioned this tactic, but over time this indie operation branched out and has since become something of a powerhouse in the current marketplace.

Still, there are many who are skeptical of any brand that doesn’t bother to set up an online store of their own. That’s why we’re taking a look at this company and their products, so that you’ll know once and for all whether they are a safe and effective option.


Little is known about this US-based vendor aside from the fact that they have negotiated sales via Facebook messenger and private emails. Their social media profile appears to have been deactivated. Either that or they have been buried by profiles with similar names.

A Google search produces three prominent Beleaf FB pages—Beleafers, Beleaf in You and Beleaf Melanin, respectively. None of these have anything to do with Mitragyna speciosa or its indole alkaloids. On the contrary, one is a sports-related profile and another is a community for women.

Beleafer now has a prominent place in Benni Botanicals’ catalog. Benni Botanicals is a trusted supplier with headquarters in Chicago, Ill. They are GMP compliant and advocate for the future of kratom by supporting the AKA (American Kratom Association).

With a solid social media presence across platforms like Twitter and the Zuckerverse, these cats are doing their part to keep kratom legal and of legit quality. By all accounts, they are a pleasure to deal with.


Benni Botanicals sells a massive collection of ethnobotanicals and legal hemp flower cultivars. Their in-house kratom strains include Dark Side of the Bent (Bentuangie) and Benni Batak. They stock four Beleafer strains including the following:

  • Dank Elephant
  • Green Horn
  • Red Borneo
  • Yellow Malay

Other strains include Smiley Time’s Green Monster, Red Smile, Stem & Vein, Super Green Borneo, Super Green Kali, White Smile and Wild Green.

Their own strains include Benty Bali, Gold Bali, Green Sumatra, Green Vietnam, Milk Chocolate Bent, Red Crushed Leaf, Sweet Baby Bent, Super Green Nugroz, Super Maeng Da, White Cambo, White JongKong and White Maeng Da.


My personal fave is Dank Elephant. This one is #1 with a bullet IMO as it encompasses everything I have come to expect from a slow strain with the added bonus of being especially potent and long-lasting.

A close runner-up would be their Yellow Malay which reminds me of an extra strong Super Green Malay. It provides a steady and invigorating aroma that doesn’t quit. Best part: No wobbles or kratom hangover.


Each Beleafer strain starts at just $12 for 100 grams. Whole kilos sell for an industry low $85.00. Samples are also made readily available, making it easy and convenient for first-time customers to try them out without breaking the bank. 25 gram samplers cost a mere $4.00.

Military personnel, veterans and educators receive deep discounts on all orders they place. Free samples may also be made available from time to time. Curious parties can follow them on social to see about snatching up a Benni Botanicals coupon code.

Those who spend $60.00 automatically receive 20% off their total at checkout.


Packages are shipped via USPS Standard, USPS Express Mail or USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is calculated during checkout and Priority Express is guaranteed.

Email confirmation is provided once your order has been processed and it’s a breeze to get in touch with them via email since their customer support representatives respond promptly.


One user at Double M Herbals wrote, “Took the Yellow Malay about 45 minutes ago. Started feeling it about 20min in. It hasn’t peaked yet, and I can already tell this is very potent and very good.”

Another user said, “Good leaf overall. The grind is a bit coarse, not as bad as sosa string dried ive tried but definitely not baby powder consistency. The taste is very very fresh, it taste like what a fresh leaf would taste like if that makes sense.”

Elsewhere a user writes: “Beleafers is fantastic! Especially since they will do an 8 way split. I ended up getting way too may greens which do not help me at all. The reds and whites and pink elephant are great!…I would order from them again for sure.”


If you’re ordering their powder from Benni Botanicals because you live in the Chicago area, keep in mind that there are a number of terrific vendors in and around the Prairie State. Click here to check out our list of the best local kratom vendors in Chicago.

Some of the top examples include the following:

  • Diffused Galleria
  • Chicago Vapor Zone
  • CBD Kratom

As you’ll see, there are some excellent online stores as well such as Gaia Ethnobotanical, Coastline Kratom and Kats Botanicals. Original Harvest Kratom also enables you to buy kratom in Illinois at a fair market price.

With all of that being said, you are unlikely to find better prices than Benni Botanicals’ if you’re looking to buy bulk kratom powder.


I have ordered Beleafer strains three times now, each time from Benni and I’ve never once been disappointed. They always arrive safely and discreetly in secure pouches with clear labeling. The powder is always fresh and never clumpy.

The aroma is pronounced and the duration is extensive. Each one unlocks its own unique attributes and they’re all worth every penny. If I had to pick my favorite Chicago kratom vendor it would definitely be Benni’s, not least because they regularly stock several batches of this stuff, ensuring that you will become a loyal Beleafer.


For all the cynics who say you can’t trust so-called social media speciosa, I have to say, “Never say never.” Beleafer has consistently proven themselves to be an excellent source for exceptional mitra tea. Don’t stop beleafin’.

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