Sacred Plant Life Review: Strains, Pricing and Discounts

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With a small but loyal following on social media and an iron-clad reputation among the kratom community at large, Sacred Plant Life has established themselves as a modest yet dependable online seller of speciosa and other botanicals.

The gorgeous homepage of their website draws you in with vibrant colors and handsome designs. But it’s not all style over substance with these guys. What you see is what you get—premium grade kratom at a cut-rate price.

As you may have suspected, I’m a big fan of this brand and I think you will be too. Don’t just take my word for it, though. The following post will show you what others have had to say about them. It will also tell you everything you need to know about their pricing, product line, and business practices.

Let’s jump into it!


Sacred Plant Life is a US-based kratom vendor that offers deep discounts, samplers, coupon codes, and more. They have been around since 2015 and at that time they have left quite an impression on those who have tried their product.

Each of their greens, reds, and whites are ethically sourced from indigenous plantations in Southeast Asia where experienced farmers harvest the leaves from OG Mitragyna speciosa trees.


Gary Brown and his team offer all of the following unique kratom strains in green, red and white vein:

  • Bali Halus Red
  • Bali Halus White
  • Dayak Horned Green
  • Hulu Kapuas Green
  • Hulu Kapuas White
  • Kaya Maeng Da
  • Kaya Red Horn
  • Primal Maeng Da


Each of their exotic strains come in either powder or capsule form with a 30 count bottle of kratom capsules selling for $16.99, a 60 count bottle going for $26.99 and a 120 count selling for $44.99.

125 grams of kratom powder will run you $46.99 while 250 grams will cost $69.99. Alas, for those of us who prefer to buy bulk kratom powder, Sacred Plant Life does not offer kilos. However, if this is your first time checking them out, you can take advantage of their affordable sample pack which contains 10 grams for $6.99.


This vendor understands that all customers deserve to reap substantial rewards. That’s why they’ve implemented a sitewide sale whereby consumers can punch in the promo code DOWN at checkout to receive 20% off their total.


Users have been vocal about their love of this brand with one user calling them a very solid vendor and adding, “I would recommend them to anybody who wants Quality Kratom at a good price.” This same user notes that Gary sent him a free measuring spoon with his order and that the powder was very potent.

Elsewhere, a Reddit user says, “I have found my vendor of choice,” writing, “The prices were great at $15/3oz, and the vendor was awesome enough to throw in an extra half oz in each package as well as an extra 10g sample of the White Vein Borneo. This caught me completely off guard and made me very happy.”


  • Exotic strains
  • Excellent reputation
  • Long-established business
  • Easy-to-navigate online store
  • Fast shipping
  • Promotional deals


  • Holiday delays
  • Limited payment options


For strength, convenience, and dependability SPL is a more than a feasible choice for the newcomer and the seasoned botanical enthusiast alike. Give ’em a buzz and see about getting a free sample today.

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