Nugroz Botanical: The Hottest Bulk Vendor for Borneo Kratom

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Nugroz Botanical is an up-and-coming kratom business that has taken the international community by storm with a plethora of potent strains. Each of their powders are proving to be far stronger than those sold by many US-based vendors.

With bulk buying options and freshly harvested product, they are setting a new standard for global sales and sending some of their competitors into a panic. Find out why they have become one of the hottest new brands to hit the market and why they seem to have some serious staying power.


Nugroz Botanical is an herb shop located in Pontianak, Indonesia. This West Kalimantan company is run by Vince, a young native upstart who has managed to put together one of the finest catalogs of fresh OG kratom strains.

First established in 2015, they have only caught on with the Western world within the last year or so. In that short time they have left a lasting impression on those who are regularly on the hunt for the freshest and most robust Mitragyna speciosa leaf.

Every batch is carefully tested for both purity and alkaloid concentrations, ensuring that customers get items that are safe and strong. All of their kratom powders are sourced from local forest in Borneo.


They currently stock each of the following strains:

  • Green Nugroz
  • Red Nugroz
  • White Nugroz

Green Nugroz is a very consistent, premium green vein leaf with an invigorating fragrance and coffee-like attributes.

Red Nugroz is sort of a cross between Red Bentuangie and Red Aceh, coming as it does from the fertile, mineral-rich soil of the Indonesian rainforest.

White Nugroz is another name for their Jong Kong kratom which comes from old-grown trees and is finely ground to provide a smooth aroma.


This vendor is easily one of the cheapest options available with 1 kilo selling for a bargain basement $65. You can pick up 10 kilos for $450, 20 kilos for $800, 50 kilos for $1,700 or 100 kilos for $3,300.

Needless to say, this puts them at the top of any list for those looking to buy bulk kratom powder. They are definitely doing things right in the price department, to say nothing of their reliable potency.


Vince and his staff accept Money Gram, PayPal, Western Union or Wire Transfer. Alas, they do not accept credit or debit cards. However, you can inquire about alternate payment options when you contact them.

You’ll always know when you payment has been processed because Nugroz will send you an email confirmation with all pertinent information.


Orders are shipped via EMS International or DHL Express. EMS International generally takes 6-9 business days to arrive while DHL Worldwide Express takes an average of 3-6 business days to arrive. Folks who buy in bulk receive a discount on the cost of shipping.

Customers can contact Vince directly by dropping him an email or calling him by phone. Response time varies, but you can usually count on hearing back within no more than 24 hours.


One prominent reviewer on I Love Kratom has called their strains energizing and uplifting, writing, “The Quality is just about as good as you can get from anywhere. Every strain that I tested was just great & each one had there own unique effects.

“The shipping is the fastest that I have ever seen from Indonesia. Took only 7 days to arrive once it was shipped out. The Kratom was Packaged as well as you could pack it. It was so well packed that you could run over it with a Truck & it would still be ok.

“The Pouches were Vacuum Sealed but didn’t have any seal back with any Zipper so I had to put all the Kratom in my own Pouches & Label them. They could work on the Pouches & Labeling for sure. The Vacuum sealing is great. Not many Vendors Vacuum Seal these days. The Prices are Fantastic… I can very highly recommend Nugroz Botanical’s Kratom.”

A user on Reddit says, “Nugroz botanical has some of the best kratom we have tried to date!” Others seem to agree with that sentiment, most notably a member who called their Red Nugroz amazing.

The general consensus seems to be that all of their strains are spectacular, but that their MD is the far and away the very best.


After sampling their green vein and red vein I’m inclined to agree with the aforementioned reviewers. Each powder was smooth, pleasantly pungent and not at all bitter. The colors were soft and clean-looking, no burned stuff here.

More importantly, each of them had an average duration of about three to four hours. Neither produced any wobbles or nausea, and both went down easily using ye olde toss n’ wash method.

If I had to choose a personal favorite I’d go with the green vein since it was a slightly slower strain, but I’d definitely recommend both to anyone who’s checking them out for the first time.


  • Amazing prices
  • Bulk options
  • Dependable products
  • Accepts PayPal


  • Limited selection
  • Does not accept credit cards


Anyone who wants to order large amounts of fresh plain leaf at a low cost should consider visiting this supplier’s online store. You’ll be blown away by what you can get for a fraction of what you’d pay just about anywhere else.

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